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Mage and the Beanstalk (Quest: Jolyne)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Mage and the Beanstalk (Quest: Jolyne) Empty on Tue 8 Jan - 9:09

Jolyne Atreides

Causing people to become sick means this thing has to come down, even if it’s only crime is growing up in the wrong place Jolyne thought placidly as she reviewed the orders again. Besides something that grew that fast in town was just a bad idea in the first place and would no doubt bring chaos to the place. That was something she wished to avoid, the populace had enough to fear and plants should not be on that list, at least in her opinion.

This had to be the work of something unnatural as it grew around the same rate as her own magic enhanced plants according to the orders, this was a bit concerning as it implied that an outside force was at play here and that was never a good thing. Still Jolyne was determined to see this thing through as the more green parts of nature seemed to fall under her domain especially, she felt as though most of the world was her garden and that it was up to her to make sure that the thorns there did not hurt anyone. While this was impossible to do everywhere, she would have to strive to make sure she did her tiny part and hope that others would do hers. It was all that she could do as an individual.

While nobody had been able to chop it down, perhaps a controlled burn could fell the thing though honestly Jolyne was rather concerned about the stalk falling to the earth and crushing building and potentially people beneath it. The very idea made her slightly sick to her stomach and she would prefer there be a safe way to remove the thing even though it seemed there may not be.

For now it seemed she may have to just find solace in the fact that while there were those that got sick after coming into contact with the mysterious weed, none had yet died. This was a blessing, even if some would not see it as so. To Jolyne some danger could not be avoided and the miracle there was it not damaging you as much as it should. This philosophy had helped her make it through many a difficult time.

“Inspector Nilan, Jolyne, Page of the Rune Knights at your orders” she fell to one knee and bowed her head until she heard Nilan laugh in disapproval. After telling her to stand he began to speak more on the situation that had befallen the town. While he thought that it was possible to keep the plant as a tourist attraction even he admitted that his hopes were a bit dashed about that after people started getting sick after touching it.

"And thats why I want you to cut it down"

"Has not every other attempt failed? Will I not get sick?"

"You're a mage, you can find a way" the last remark was not intended to be cruel but instead coming from a place of faith and thus bolstered Jolyne.


#2Jolyne Atreides 

Mage and the Beanstalk (Quest: Jolyne) Empty on Tue 8 Jan - 9:25

Jolyne Atreides

After this Nilan gave Jolyne a bit off supplies to gather a sample from the weed to see if they could form some sort of medicine to ward off the sickness. While it may be a pipe dream, it was a noble one and so Jolyne was more than excited to do it and accepted the supplies with glee. Now she was even further determined to help out and further push the boundaries of what she knew about plants, perhaps it could even help with her magic after all. That would be the cherry on top of the pie that was helping others, to her, helping others had been ingrained at an early age but with the hypocrisy of only those who help you.

She cut that out and replaced it with stop helping those who hurt you instead. To her this was a much more sound philosophy.

Jolyne’s muscles in her arm twisted and bulged as she swung the axe besides herself almost skipping with the sharp tool in her hand but stopping herself just short and sending it around like it was a stuffed animal instead. As dangerous as this may be Jolyne had the strength to move the axe as though it was an extension of her arm, it was times like these that retaining her muscle mass came in handy. Besides she needed to only be beholded to her own view of herself, not others.

Thanks to her glee it did not take her long to get to the location where the stalk stretched into the sky and passed the clouds, luckily it was not exactly in the middle of town like she had imagined and the old stone ruined looked like they would easily tank the stalk landing on them, breaking the green matter apart instead like paper mache thrown at a wood chipper. Smiling to herself Jolyne realized it had been quite some time since she had physically expressed herself and vowed for this to be a dance of the ax. She whirled around for the first blow dropping the supplies the Inspector Nilan had given her early in a smooth motion and striking the stalk with both hands on the axe her forearms helping her fingers grip tightly and transfer the kinetic energy from her shoulders down and into the edge of the blade, this left a giant line which was soon intersected at a forty five degree angle by another one which caused a wedge to appear in the plant itself. This caused the thing to fall far quicker than Jolyne expected and so she quickly skittered to the side, grabbing the equipment as she did so.

Thanks to this not only did she survive but she saw the beanstalk explode into millions of tiny pieces releasing it’s moisture everywhere in a watery explosion. She giggled like she was still a little girl, it was moments like this that made life worth living. Gathering a sample, Jolyne then made her way back to the Inspector to finish her quest.


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