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Hargeon to Orchidia[foot travel; Kazimir]

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#1Kazimir Seiryu 

Hargeon to Orchidia[foot travel; Kazimir] Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 1:43 pm

Kazimir Seiryu
It had been an eventful arrival back in the streets of Hargeon. Two years spent redefining his magic and he was ready to take on more duties as a Rune Knight. He had not expected it to come so swiftly though thinking back on the day as he packed his bag for the travel ahead of him.

He returned to Hargeon only to discover the cold case he assisted with was re-opened due to crimes fitting the same pattern occurring again. This wasn’t the only surprise, however, as a group of Phantom lord goons attempted to jump him in an alley. Luckily, they weren’t very skilled this time. With the help of a familiar face, he made it out. Hatsuharu had appeared, the same man he worked with on the case before.

After filling each other in, they worked to get to the bottom of what was happening. Their leads took them to the Turning Tide where they got another piece of the puzzle. The real culprit was headed to Orchidia, which became their next destination.

Kazimir pondered over the events as he began the long trek toward the flower festival city. Haru had spoken of his time as a pacifist and that seeing the world and being in the knights changed all that for him and that life faded away. He adopted a more martial stance on things. Something that Kaz currently struggled with.

He lost his defensive magic and instead was given something to cause destruction and he trained to find ways of using it to protect. Perhaps though, the best way to protect people was by stopping the source.

Working those low-level quests showed him that everything is connected and that the work there contributed to the well-being of others. But, what if those people were attacked. Would he just be postponing defeat if all he did was cast barriers? Regardless he had already begun to walk down this new path and had to see it through now.

He looked onward down the long path that led back to Magnolia. A part of him wanting to see how things had changed there but work was to be done beyond that place. He only heard stories of Orchidia from the fellow pages. It sounded like a beautiful place and would be one of the few cities in Fiore that he will have seen.  

He eased around Dhalia once more approaching magnolia but passed it without stopping. He had enough supplies with him still. He entered the first set of mountains that sheltered the headquarters of the rune knights. He stopped in to resupply briefly and was out again.

Before long he was weary of the constant walking and ready to be there. His fatigue subsided as he passed by Crocus. It was the dazzling capital of Fiore, and he was a little amused that he had yet to see the capital for himself. Perhaps it would end up being last on his list. It seems he only ever followed work, and one day he hoped it would lead him here.

Beyond the capital was yet another land his boots have not walked. It was mountainous and rugged. The final stretch before arriving in Orchidia. “Why are there so many mountain ranges,” he muttered with a sigh. Tightening the straps on his bag he climbed up the small rockface leading into the winding path. It was quiet moving through the boulders and jagged edges of the mountain.

Eventually, it overlooked the land, for miles out. He could still see Crocus from where he stood near the top. An amazing sight to see and one that merited a pause. He took out his lunch and carefully laid it out. It was a simple one but easy to pack. He sat on a rock that touched the edge. Feeling the wind on his face. A fine time to play a bit of the flute as he slid it out of his robe.

The music was less a hobby now and more a way to meditate and sooth himself. Something that reminded him of the simpler times alongside those he had lost. A bittersweet memory. He spent some time there before realizing if he didn’t move now he would lose the sunlight.

Gathering all his things together he finally arrived in Orchidia. Now it was time to deal with the pressing issues at hand. A hidden threat to the people and the emergence of demons. What would Haru decide to do he asked himself looking to the Knight as they met at the gate.

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