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Pizza Delivery (Quest: Jolyne)

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

Pizza Delivery (Quest: Jolyne) Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 12:17 pm

Jolyne Atreides

“I wanna deliver the pizzas mistah Issir” Jolyne said in the most stereotypical Fiorian accent while moving her arms in and out and pinching her fingers together.

“Thena you gotta baka da pizzas” the giant barman said outdoing Jolyne in both accent and arm flailing.

Having already talked about the situation the two had soon devolved into poking good fun of each others cultures and a bit of rough housing, it was refreshing for Jolyne to find someone she could relax around as that so rarely happened in her life, more often than not she would have to careful check and dance around with her words so as not to create perceived offenses in others. Such was often the nature of court, this was no different even for tribal governments.

“So what are the orders for chief?” Jolyne asked falling back into her regular speaking tone, habit and pace.

“We gots two meat loveahs, five flava chickens, one chicken no sauss, and the unholy of unholies a pineapple pizza pie” Issir shuddered at the last one and Jolyne joined him, while their cultures did not have much in common neither would think of putting something so clashing on a pizza, it was almost like putting a shoe on the wrong foot. You may fool some people but over the course of a day the inner pain would bring you down, your falsehood would always be apparent to yourself.

In any case this meant that Jolyne would have to prepare dough enough for nine pizzas first, then she could worry about the things such as toppings and what sacrifice would need to be made in order to ensure that creating the pineapple pizza did not hasten the arrival of the demonic rift.

Flour, eggs, milk, sugar, spice, and...chemical x, no wait just flour, milk, and eggs went into making the dough and after beating it with a whisk and then a spatula Jolyne soon after brought the dough onto the large wooden cutting board where she separated it into nine different balls, set eight aside and began work on the first. She would then repeatedly hit the dough flat with her fists before then reshaping it, she did this roughly twelve times with each ball before beginning to spread them out into the shape needed for pizza. Using flour on her hands she could ensure that the thickness was even throughout so none of the pizza would burn in the oven when she put them in.

From there it was time to apply the toppings so that the baking sheets would not have extra ingredients on them that would create more of a mess inside of the oven to clean up later. One of the rules of a kitchen was to clean as you went and if not, to at least reduce the amount of waste and mess you produce. So first she placed the sauce upon all nine of the crusts, two then got assorted meats like sausage and pepperoni. Six then were topped with chicken, and the last with...pineapple and ham...

Next came cheese and only one of the chickens was not covered before the pizzas were put in the oven to ensure they were cooked, Jolyne set a timer to ensure they would not be over or underdone when she removed them from the oven. As she waited she reviewed the locations for delivery again, luckily for her it seemed that there were only three locations to stop at. One had a meat lovers, and three chicken, the other had a meat lovers, two chicken and a chicken without sauce and the last one had a pineapple pizza...

The last house would undoubtedly be the worst house.

What drove a person to madness? What drove someone to eating pineapple pizza?

Would she get there and find someone forced by threat of violence to order it? Would she find some degenerate? Would it be a prank? She simply did not know, and was hesitating to find out.

The first place was some kind of business that while good at displaying their name, was not good at displaying what they did. Jolyne spoke with the receptionist and received payment while handing over the warm pizzas, hopefully the customers would enjoy them. From there it was a bit more tricky as the next place was a home that was far on the outskirts on the other side of the town. This was only a problem because of the time and heat lost while traveling with pizzas in the cold, luckily Jolyne was quick and already had a winter of slipping everywhere under her belt. Now she had adjusted to the frozen water and it’s slippery grasp, and thus she could easily traverse it now.

The home was built with new material in one of the old ruins and that brought a smile to Jolyne’s face, she enjoyed seeing the creativity of man in this way where the new was built atop the old reshaping it into something different than the two styles would be on their own. Synergy had and would always fascinate Jolyne Atreides.

The family thanked her profusely and this made Jolyne even happier, she was running on sunbeams on her way to deliver the dreaded pizza. It might not be that bad after all.



In the end she was attacked by the customers dogs, grandmother and grandchildren as well resulting in minor injuries and to top it all off there was no tip given. Not much time would be given in thought here Jolyne thought to herself as she left mentally erasing the experience before going back to Issir and his pizzeria.

“Hope you continue to be in good health Issir!” Jolyne said handing the money over to the man as they embraced and the Atreides left to go help out more people, and put down more problems. There was a lot going on in Orchidia these days.

Still Jolyne was certain that the outcome would bring hopeful seeds to grow for the future.


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