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Alessandra Arcuri

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#1Alessandra Arcuri 

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Alessandra Arcuri


Name: Alessandra Arcuri

Age: Forty | 18th February, X747

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Minstrese

Class: Warrior

Race: Human

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Holy Knights

Tattoo: Back of Neck | Golden Orange

Face: Teresa Claymore - Claymore


Height: 5' 10" | 178 cm

Weight: 137 lbs | 62 kg

Hair: Pale-Blonde

Eyes: Silver

Overall: For being forty years old, Alessandra still remains a very attractive and fit woman. She stands taller than an average woman, and her erect and regal posture only accentuates that above average height. She is extremely conscious of her appearance and believes it affects how people perceive her authority. Therefore, the woman takes care of herself to ensure she always looked flawless. Her hair is seldom out of place, her clothes are always pressed, and her skin is smooth and unblemished. Alessandra walks with her head held high, with a kind smile on her face at all times. She typically wears white silk robes with golden borders, signifying her allegiance to the church. With her administrative position within the faction, she rarely gets into combative scenarios. However, in case she needs to, she can be found equipped with the Holy Knight heavy gear.

Extra: A large gash across her back, starting from the left shoulder down to her right hip.


Personality: Born and raised in an extremely orthodox Illuminian family, Alessandra had grown up to be a woman obsessed with her God. Having spent almost all her life preaching and spreading her religion, she believes there is no other greater devotee to Illumin than her. Alessandra considers Illumin to be perfect, and therefore by extension, anything he creates must also be perfect. Therefore, in her eyes, the world is a perfect place and everything that happens within it happens for a reason under His will. She asks not for an explanation as to why, for such knowledge is unfathomable by a mere mortal. And of course, she chastises anyone else who dares to question His will.

Alessandra lost her husband to a terminal illness and blamed his suffering on his lack of faith. Her daughter sinned by breaking the vow of chastity, for which she exiled the sixteen-year-old out of the country. Alessandra believed Illumin had ensured she lost her entire family so that she dedicates her life entirely to his service. And thus began her quest to attain the position of Divine. The woman is completely obsessed with that goal and single-mindedly chases it, doing anything and everything necessary that would bring her closer to her dream. Completely convinced that it is His will that she achieves that title, the woman had embraced the path of ‘end justifies the means’.

Hypocritical is an accurate one-word description of Alessandra. She hates those who feel entitled, but she herself feels entitled to the position of Divine. The woman despises those who claim they suffer for no reason and calls them ignorant, but she believes those around her conspire to take away the title she deserves. She believes nothing in the world can be imperfect, as they were all created by Illumin, but also constantly attempts to convince everyone she meets that they are sinners, which implies imperfection. And if someone tries to point these contradictions to her, they are blasphemous. There is just no opening the eyes of this mad woman who has taken the teachings of Illumin rather literally and refuses to see the nuances.

Despite all these traits, at first glance to anyone, Alessandra will seem like a kind and gentle woman. She is the kind of woman who would go out of her way to help a struggling farmer, but deliver that help only after forcing him to confess that the lack of rain that season was due to the sins he committed. So, while she looks an angel from afar, anyone who had had the misfortune to deal with her personally, will know her for the twisted monster that she is.

Alessandra seldom finds the reason to engage into combat. She finds the idea of physical conflict barbaric and a method employed by those who are at the lower end of the evolution chain. The woman would much rather use her wits and eloquent persuasion to manipulate her enemies. However, her hypocrisy shows up here as well, as he has no qualms praising those who fight for the church and using them to further her goals. In case she ever needs to fight herself, she prefers covering herself with heavy armour that offers her most protection and defend with sword and shield, while stalling for reinforcements.


  • Illumin: She lives to praise Illumin and spread his teachings. Nothing brings her more pleasure than to see another person who shares that same love. However, she believes no one else can be a better devotee to Illumin compared to her, and takes pride in it.

  • Confessions: Alessandra is under the strong belief that people get what they deserve. So, in her eyes, those who are unfortunate or poor are equivalent to sinners. She enjoys condescendingly convincing them to confess to sins and accepting that their terrible fate was their own doing.


  • Entitlement: She hates anyone who thinks they deserve more than what they have. Illumin is perfect and would never let unfairness to exist, which means everyone has what they earned, and anyone who believes otherwise is a lazy whiner trying to leech away the resources from those who deserve it.

  • Heresy: To Alessandra, anyone who speaks against the teachings of Illumin or denies his existence is due their departure to hell. She doesn’t go around hunting down the heretics, but if she happened to find one, she is more than happy to purge the world of their existence, which she considers to be their only redemption.


  • The Divinity: Alessandra is obsessed with becoming the Divine. She believes it to be her right and the only way to come closer to Illumin and his teachings. The woman will not hesitate to do anything so long as she believes that act will bring her closer to her goal.


  • Hell: Committing an unforgivable sin and ending up in hell is Alessandra’s biggest fear. It is not hell itself and the horrors within it that she fears. What she truly fears is the fact that her presence there would mean she failed Illumin and his teachings.

  • Neglect: Alessandra cannot handle being unrecognized by the church and its Order for all the tireless work she does in the name of Illumin. She constantly worries that she would be irrelevant in the grand scheme of things planned by the more influential, and always strives to prove herself to those above her.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Clarisse and Silvestro Rivelli were a match made in heaven. The Minstrel woman and the Fiorian man came together in the bond of marriage not because they were in love with each other, but because both were obsessed over Illumin and the preaching of his church. Having been raised in an extremely orthodox family, Silvestro followed the tradition and worried more about the family’s appearance to the outside world rather than fostering love and inculcating values to his children.

Alessandra was the middle child and the only daughter to this seemingly perfect couple. She had two brothers. All three children were raised with one thing drilled into their head. ‘To not sin.’ That message found its way into every conversation within the household. Alessandra never realized what her two brothers did eventually: their preaching’s true intent was not to make her an inherently good person, but to ensure the world thinks she is a good person. As time went by, she embraced her parent’s philosophy as her own, while her brothers pounced on the first opportunity to leave the country, escape their grasp, and visited once a year. Her parents simply boasted to their neighbours about how their sons had found respectable jobs overseas, covering up the resentment and tension in their relationship.

Alessandra had no reason to leave her parents. She loved and idolised them, and they returned the favour by controlling every action of hers to ensure there wasn’t the slightest blemish to her character around town. She was taken to the church almost every day, and it was no surprise to anyone when she opted to work for the church the very same day she turned eighteen. Her parents were proud. Soon enough, Clarisse and Silvestro found a ‘suitable’ man for Alessandra and she was married off to Ottaviano Arcuri when she was twenty-one.

Ottaviano was a mysterious man. On the outside, he was everything that a typical Illuminian family would want to see. He had a respectable job, a spotless behavioural record, and he was found going to church every week. However, the man was in fact not a fan of Illumin and was simply following a routine to avoid being shunned by his community. This became quite apparent in the first few months of the marriage. Alessandra did what any young Illuminian woman in her shoes would have done. She buried the secret and never let a whisper of it to be heard outside the house. The differences in their beliefs killed what little spark the arranged marriage had brought between the two. However, both did give in to their carnal desires, bringing a baby girl into the world.

When Alessandra was twenty-two, she gave birth to her daughter, whom she named Lucrezia. Alessandra was as controlling of her daughter as her parents had been to her. She forced her faith and belief into the young one and made her believe everything bad that happened around the girl was because of her sins. The woman knew to love her daughter only through the cycle of inducing guilt and forcing repentance. As this went on for years, it came a shock to her when her daughter began to rebel in her teens. She couldn’t fathom Lucrezia’s behaviour; after all, she never rebelled against her parents. Not once.

Raising Lucrezia fell mostly into Alessandra’s hands as Ottaviano fell sick of an incurable disease and eventually died because of it. Of course, she blamed his lack of faith to be the reason why he contracted the disease, and made sure her daughter believed that as well. After Ottaviano’s death, Alessandra was consumed by her desire to attain enough influence within the church to make herself a potential candidate to be the Divine. Lucrezia’s rebellious acts didn’t help with her ambition. She feared the others who were vying for the same position would find out that she had no control over her daughter and use it to deny her what she deserved.

Things got completely out of hand when Alessandra found out that, not only was Lucrezia romantically involved with a man, but was also pregnant with his child. Having no other option, Alessandra shipped her daughter to Minstrel, where her mother lived alone in a secluded farm house. She was ordered to never return to Fiore, and no one will know of her blasphemy. As her young pregnant daughter walked out of the house in the middle of the night, Alessandra was not worried for her safety or livelihood, but was most concerned about whether her neighbours were watching the scene. After Lucrezia left, when people questioned her absence, Alessandra simply said her daughter willingly travelled to Minstrel to take care of her sick grandmother. Her community commended her for the sacrifice she had made for the good of her mother, and she scored more votes in her favour.

With her husband literally dead and her daughter practically dead to her, Alessandra’s obsession to become the Divine had only taken even deeper roots. Convinced that there is no one else who is as worthy of the title as she is, the woman deems any means necessary for that final goal. In her head, all her actions—no matter how cruel—are warranted, because it is Illumin’s will that she becomes the Divine. Therefore, according to her, anyone who comes in her way is defying Illumin himself and needs to be purged for their ignorance and irreverence.

Reference: Hatsuharu's Alt #4


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This character application is approved.

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