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Juni Anastos


Name: Ylva

Age: . January 24th, X768

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father:  Sevese
Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Hierophant

Race: Human

Rank: D

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Inside of the left ankle, black

Face: Rem - Re: Zero



Weight: 110 lbs

Hair: Sky Blue

Eyes: Ocean Blue


Ylva MsutJng
A delicate yet blossomed flower, Ylva has a purity to her that stands out in her features. Standing at an even five feet her body holds no noticeable muscle definition. Her figure is dainty yet holds noticeable womanly curves which stand out against her petite frame. Her pale skin gives away the Icebergian blood that comes from her mother's side, who's features she takes heavily from. No cuts, bruises, or blemishes mar the rather supple skin that she possess. She is careful in her movements causing her to seemingly glide when she walks, her posture always kept proper in order to minimize accidents or trips that would otherwise harm her.  

Upon Ylva's heart shaped face, a pair of ocean blue eyes shimmer with the vigor of youth and innocence. thick, short lashes bring out the color of her eyes even more as the pop against her pale skin. More than once a person gets lost in her eyes, the sheer vibrancy of them pulling them in, drowning them in their gaze. Atop her head what feels like sky blue silk falls just above her chin which frames her face. Because she keeps her hair short she hardly has to style it, but does add hair pieces to it for just a little pizzazz. A small nose, plump naturally pink lips like the petals of a rose, and ears that hide behind her hair completes the face that most people see before they take a look at the rest of her body.

Extra: N/A


Those that know Ylva have known her to be a selfless individual who would happily put the needs and wants of those she loves over her own. This is in fact true and as good as it sounds it's also something that has turned her into sort of a doormat. She dislikes confrontation and easily buckles under stronger personalities. Her upbringing has placed her in the mindset that women are inferior and should be seen and not heard. This sort of ideology has caused her to bottle up her problems no matter how minuscule they are. They say a closed mouth won't get fed, and Ylva will starve before she ever speaks a word of what she wants. She'll smile through almost any pain in order not to be a burden on those around her.

Without knowing it Ylva is actually quite a strong person to take on so much without breaking. She can carry the world on her back and keep moving. Her fear of confrontation makes her observant and at times clever as she does what she can to avoid it. Those that are lucky enough to gain her trust find they have someone dedicated to them fully. She will do whatever it takes to protect what is precious to her because her fear of losing them overshadows every other and replaces it with unmovable, unshakable determination.  But when Ylva finds someone to dedicate herself too she becomes blind to their actions, nothing that person does can be seen as bad or evil in her eyes. Call her an enabler at that point but  loyalty like that is something that most people lust after.

Still Ylva is a kindhearted individual and usually does not hold malice towards others, even when a wrong has been done against her. She does not judge people on their past actions and is very welcoming to others. She has a soft spot for children and animals knowing that they are the most vulnerable and need the most help, which makes her feel useful. And really that's all she wants, is to be helpful and useful to someone, to be appreciated and loved. She tries to avoid lying unless it's to protect herself, she won't use dirty tactics against others to get a one up over them. She would rather avoid a fight than start one and if she ends up in one the goal is to survive.


  • Cleaning:
    The activity of cleaning brings her a sort of peace. It's relaxing to sweep, mop, and scrub as it allows her to empty her mind and focus on a task, a task that ends in a cleaner, better, completed space.

  • Children and Animals:
    Both children and animals need help the most. In order to feel useful she usually surrounds herself with animals and is almost ecstatic to be around children. Not to mention both of these creations are down right adorable at times and pulls at her motherly strings.


  • Being Alone:
    Growing up in big family has never allowed her " alone time ".  Sometimes it's nice but mostly she rather be around others, especially when in a new place.

  • Conflict:
    Ylva is more or less a passive individual. She does not do well with conflict and does even worse when she can't get it under control. It shows just how weak she is when it comes to standing up for herself.


  • Find her Mother and Sisters:
    Due to some traumatic experiences she has lost her mother and sisters. She does not know where her sisters are as they have been sent out across the world in order to maintain their safety, and her mother she hopes is still alive back in her homeland. Eventually she wants to be strong enough to find them or at least learn what has happened to them.

  • Building a better life:
    Ylva was sent away from her home in order to maintain her safety. She doesn't want to waste the opportunity given to her. Making something of herself would make her mother proud and having something to show her family when or if she finds them is her goal.


  • Midnight Cult:
    She has learned the reason for her broken family. The cult has taken her mother, is hunting her and her sisters, and has killed her father who was once a member but left due to his newfound love in her mother. They haunt her dreams and cause her to look over her shoulder constantly.

  • Losing her family, permanently.:
    The thing that haunts her on a daily is the thought that she will never see her mother or sisters again. She fears she won't be able to ever see them or worse find out they have died due to the hands of Midnight Cult or some other disaster that took them before their time.


Magic Name: Blessed Springs

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description:
Waters blessed by the gods. Purified and strengthen to help the individual using it to preform feats in their name. Blessed Springs is superior at healing others but not oneself. As it is a magic to be used for other's sake rather than ones own. It does well enough in buffing other's strength and providing supplementary skills. Not a magic of violence it does poorly when providing an offensive skill set and doesn't fair as well in the debuff and defense department either.

  • Superior: Healing
  • Normal: Other-Buff, Supplementary
  • Inferior: Offensive, Defensive, Debuff


Ylva has not always been Ylva. She was born Juni Anastos, the youngest of a quadruplet set of girls. Her mother Hailed from Iceberg and her father was a man from Seven. For most of her life growing up Ylva and her family moved around quite a bit under her father's command. She was raised that a woman's place was in the home and that she should be seen rather than heard. Amongst her sisters she was the least rebellious and the most likely to cover for her sisters if they did something wrong. Because the family moved around so frequently Ylva picked up bits and pieces of different langauges. Although it wasn't enough to speak them fluently it was certainly enough to get by in the places she and her family stayed in. For the most part Ylva lived a good chunk of her life between Iceberg and Seven while also living in Bosco, Stella, Joya, and Minstrel. Her father would never tell the family why he moved them around so frequently, but soon It came to light that he was on the run from a group who called themselves Midnight Cult....

Ylva's mother loved her children dearly. She was a good wife, an obedient wife who only wanted to live a happy life. She knew her husband, the man who saved her from a raid that was happening to her village, she knew he was a good man. But it was clear that something from his past was not quite right. Teaching her children everything she knew and some things she thought might help them survive, she prepared for the day when the worst would come. She prayed to her gods for a sign as she noticed the increase paranoia in her husband, and the gods sent her a vision of his death and her own demise. With this knowledge she sent each of her children far, far away teleporting them to a different location with the use of her own magic. Of course she hadn't known where she sent them, her magical abilities weren't refined enough to send them to an exact location, but she knew in her heart that they would be safer wherever they were as long as it wasn't there.

On her nineteenth birthday Ylva awoke to the smell of the sea, and the rocking motion that reminded her of a boat. She couldn't see anything and she knew she was alone she just didn't know where. Of course panic set in, but she quietly found her way around and as she thought she was on a boat filled with people. She didn't know who these people were but she set out to find her family, which she did not find after some time. Sadness set in and tears began to fall as she tried to piece things together. One moment she was sleeping in a large bed with her three other sisters and now she was on a boat to Fiore from what she could piece together from the bystanders. It wouldn't be long before she found a piece of paper in her pocket, it was written by her mother and explained everything that happened and what was happening currently. She was to never go by her birth name again, and on the paper her mother gave her a new name, for the new life she had to live. Ylva had never been to fiore before, she hardly knew the language, and what she did know was taught to her from her father. A feeling of despair loomed over her, and she could only wait until the ship docked in the new land that she had to traverse and make a new home until she had the strength to find her family....

Reference: N/A.

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