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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  Empty Sun Jan 06, 2019 2:41 pm

Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110

Гlouie wore his gray suit, a white button-down shirt underneath, and his navy blue tie to compliment everything-else. he stood at a higher level view of the guild almost as if he was scouting out recruits for something or just waiting for something to happen, guessing that this was the best view to experience it. his shoulder leaned onto the wall, as he crossed his arms and twisted his legs like a ballet dancer. he was not too good with staying still and so...




went the sound of his shoes as he slapped his toe onto the wooden floor numerous times out of impatience. louie was suffering from not having doing something in so long and it was starting to show that he was becoming bored. he was an adventurous person and so being in the guild watching people do nothing but get a long was bothering him.

"don't get me wrong, i'm not no loner..." he thought to himself.

louie didn't consider himself a loner, he just didn't know how to start off conversation with people that he wasn't sure if they'd have anything in common with him. rejection wasn't easy to handle for anyone, especially louie. he was a great person and wasn't like one of those stuck up formal people. when most people saw him they first think that he is from the blue pegasus guild, but he was to edgy for a guild like that. sure he was a candy in a wrapper, but he had too much spice in his life to waste it in a guild like that, which he stereotypically would believe was unexciting.

louie wanted to put himself the position where he could be the best, even if it meant breaking out of his accustoms. to be known, was his motivation, to bring fame on his na..--

as he stood there, his thoughts were broken by the voice of his guild master. he was instructing everyone of the new task they had which included that they carried no weapons or used any magic. TSKK...went his teeth and he replied to himself, "never needed magic to carry my own anyway.." it brought a smile to his face as he was finally getting the opportunity to leave the guild which an official task. it was almost as the guild master felt his pain, or was that the effect guilds had on the people in it. despite the excitement he was feeling, louie didn't want to travel by himself. he noticed everyone leaving and scoped out the area. his eyes would fan pass a green-haired woman, but then quickly adjust back to her.

"yup that's the one.." he insisted that she be his partner and so he came up with a master plan. walking down the stairs, he would look away and carelessly purposely attempt to bump into her so that she would have no choice but to come in his aid to help him get up so that they could engage into a conversation. louie was so manipulative and deceiving, but he didn't know any other way.

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  Ok10
#2Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
Why was she getting roped in to this? How on earth did she, after joining Lamia Scale, get roped in to being lumped in with everyone else for their lack of training over the past few months, when she had only just arrived in Fiore recently? Her eyes went a little narrow, Kyam had mentioned the guild was filled with strong mages and everyone was more than friendly to each other. But, based on what she had heard earlier, the words may have been false advertising, or it was just a bad day, but, she knew to err on the side of caution for these kinds of things! And she would be having a strongly worded conversation with Kyam when she saw him again, if he wasn't so scary. She just shivered at the thought of getting on his bad side if he wasn't smoking one of those fancy cigarettes.

But, rolling back a bit, in the guild hall, Fibi was enjoying a nice glass of sparkling water, sipping on it softly when the booming voice of the guild master rang out to everyone in the guild hall. Listen up, maggots. I don't know what you have been doing ever since Aguero departed, but it sure as hell hasn't been training. It's time to get back into shape, otherwise I can't leave this guild behind in good conscience. Your bodies will probably stop functioning halfway through the training, but as long as your minds stay focused you will overcome these weaknesses and become stronger. The sudden appearance and booming voice of the guild master just made her choke and spit out most of her water on to the counter while she pounded on her chest, her eyes watering up in the process.

Arguero? What's that? "I, uh, well, I wasn't really her-yes sir!" She looked for the right words to excuse herself, but, she caved in and planted her feet on the ground and threw up a hand to smack her forehead in a salute. Her viridian eyes staring at the man. He would take everything they had, well, she didn't have anything but the clothes on her back, and her red scarf. Nothing that provided any sort of a benefit to her person whatsoever. So, she could keep the scarf right?  Just as she was thinking of heading out to the forest, someone had bumped in to her, and, instead of watching the man topple to the floor with her, she toppled with him.

It was like one of those cheesy novels, where the guy and the girl bump in to each other, and the guy would wind up on top with the girl on the bottom. A brief moment of silence would follow before Fibi would be nose to nose with this fellow guild mate, and she would have a small freak out, and a knee jerk reaction, aimed right for his sweet meats between the legs.

She would feel sorry for him, but, not for what he was hoping, she would offer her deepest apologies, "I, I'm so sorry! You just, you came up out of nowhere, and, you scared me! And, I'm sorry! I'm sorry!" She said the whole way to the first of the four training sites, deep in to the forest, her natural habitat, though she herself didn't know it.

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110

Г"I mean who'd want to go training all by themselves?" he said to himself in his thoughts.

louie didn't mind being a loner, but company was best in times like this, especially in a guild-related task. he needed someone to be witness of his wilderness skills of survival. he wasn't fond with the whole nature and forest idea, because that usually involved dirt and critters rubbing their slimly trails across his suit without him even being aware due to their small size. what made this task even more worst was it still was technically in the town itself, where was the excitement?

yet he still managed to be grateful to have something to do, rather than nothing.

louie didn't have much connections in the guild, so the one he was simply making now, would hopefully be a long one. as he successfully bumped into her purposely, they'd both fall, with her on top of him and heads inches apart from one another. that moment of silence they both experienced, almost brought an awkward feel to the whole situation. just when he was about to let his soon to be new companion feel comfortable about their current predicament, "I mean sitting here is perfectly fine, bu...."


a spark right up his chicken nuggets, that would travel to his stomach throughout his body, giving him a tingling sensation of pain. fortunately for her, he had been in this predicament before, except without anyone laying on top of him. he quickly rose up and pointed on the back of his heels to get rid of the pain.

he glared at her for quite some time, giving her a piercing stare. then his daunting stare would turn into a big smile, followed by loud laughter that almost the whole guild hall could hear. she apologized so much, that he had to cut her off in the middle of her own sentence.

"sorry is so cave-man, don't you think? seems like you owe my biscuits and I, a solid?" he was implying that she come with him to complete the task given to him, as he pointed his index finger out towards the guild hall doors. sure enough, they were on their way to one of the first locations designated by their guildmaster. louie wasn't picky with who he shared his friendship with, but their was always a natural connection with guildmates. the sun would shine on his glasses, and from the corner of the eyes, he'd observe her nice green hair, which really caught his attention the moment he saw her.

"hey you have some nice hair, the color is really? how do I say it?..attention grabbing, I forgot your name, you think you could tell me it again?" he said knowing very well, they never even exchanged names.

walking into the forest almost felt like a terrible dream to louie, but its fresh air reminded him so much of his foster mother when she would invite him into her greenhouse. it brought him warmth, he appreciated it for its smell. appreciative yes he was, only if his shoes had a mind of their own, they would scream "YOUR GETTING ME DIRTY JERK!"

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  Ok10
#4Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
It was quite the predicament that she was in. Not only had she assaulted someone new to the guild like herself, but, she caused them such a discomfort that she was now honor bound to make up for it, according to his words. She wasn't the most well versed on Fiore customs, so the Bosco girl would just nod with teary eyes along the way out of the guild, agreeing to the terms of a solid, whatever that mean. Her accent coming out as she gave one more apology, "of course! I'm sorry, you just surprised me is all!" She said, trying to convince him.

On the way through the town, she was wringing her wrists side to side, nervously thinking about what she had done, but, tried to get over it. Though, she just couldn't no matter what, she just couldn't get over it, not yet, not until he forgave her. Fibi just sighed as they walked through the streets and to the outskirts of the town where they would be heading off and in to the forest. At least here she would have a better sense of calmness over the whole situation.

SHe wasn't sure what it was about forests, or nature in general, but, she always felt an odd sense of calm in places like this. The moment she was outside of Orchidia, and her first foot touched the soil of the border of the forest, she picked up in her step.

She was in a brown jacket with long sleeves. On the elbows of her sleeves were green tweed like stitching patches. The front of the jacket had one big connected pocket, you could stick your hand in one side and out of the other. On the front of this big pocket was a big green X designed in to it. On her legs were a pair of drab colored shorts that stopped halfway down her thighs. A pair of knee high socks on her legs that went down to her shoes over her feet.

When she was asked for her name, she would respond, "Fibi Hoenheim, and, thank you." She said with a Boscosi accent, giving away where she was from. Once they were in the forest, alone, together, she could be a little more at ease. "I was wondering, what was your name again? I didn't quite catch it, I'm sorry."

After getting his name, it was time to make a plan, after they headed further in to the forest. Fibi didn't seem bothered by it at all, other than the thought of bugs that could eat through wood crawling on her. Just, one of those irrational fears everyone had, right?

"So, what do you think we should do first? Food? Water? Shelter?" She asked while turning around, a big smile on her face while they had stepped in to a clearing within a thicket of trees.

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110

Гit was actually nice getting some fresh air after so many days glued to the guild hall and in one place. it almost made louie insane not having anything to do. louie had not that much connections built in the guild and he assumed that it was time for a change. his guildmate seemed so kind and had compassion, which he took note of. sometimes it was best to have events like this, because it would decide whether or not they would be a great pair in critical situations.

she continued to apologize, for something louie really wasn't that bothered by. he decided that he would give her closure and respond, "it's okay, don't worry about it. I've been told my grapes are attention grabbing." when he referred to grapes in this situation he referred to his testicles, trying to make a joke out of this whole scenario in order for her to feel less guilty. if it was the last thing he wanted was for her to feel guilty.

the fresh air would breeze through his hair and he would look up above to the sky. the tree's would make shadows across his face as he admired the color and silence for just that split second. everything about his foster mother would cross his mind, every thought he had of her would flash through his mind about her. she treated him as a mother would to her son. louie felt guilt, he felt guilt for leaving her the day he did. he could see her face everything he looked to the cloudy skies pass the branches that blocked one third of his view.

his thought would be broken as he heard the name of his green-haired guildmate. "Fibi Hoenheim" as the name rang through his head multiple times, so that he could process it. louie would look at her with the slight turn of his neck and smirk at her. "louie is the name.. yup just louie, no surname included." but what really caught his attention besides her name was her accent. he wanted to ask so bad what was her ethnicity but then it happened...

it was a beehive, one that louie had paid no attention to, and then suddenly he stepped on it.


he stopped and looked up to notice a swarm of bee's were now coming towards him.

"uh oh, that doesn't look too good." he said while turning his hip to start jogging away from the bees.

louie was messing up his nice suit, and at this point there was no turning back. if he could just zap them it would be so much easier, he was regretting his words from before about not needing anything. "I don't suppose you have any way to lose a bunch of angry bee's off our trail, do you?" he said to Fibi while running. why of all things, did he have to encounter a bee's, how'd they handle it with no magic? he had no idea. this wasn't the type of problem he was good at solving.

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  Ok10
#6Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
Louie? Just one name? That was, odd, to say the least. Weren't family names something special? Weren't they supposed to be something that everyone had? How could you go on in life with just one name? Not even a family name? Sure, she had met some odd people in the shop back home before all of her family drama went down, but, no one with a single name, unless it was like, a code name. And even those code names were silly like Knuckles, Tiny, Bigs, Smalls, it just made Fibi ponder, was Louie who he said he was? Like some sort of a visual novel, Fibi would remember that.

She was focusing too much on the name thing. Mostly because she didn't want to focus on the whole, 'grapes' analogy thing, but, as she thought back about it, she had to start thinking of anything else. That nice guy who introduced her to Lamia Scale, Kyam. Or the other nice guy who saved her from starvation. Or the amount of horrors she had to go through, just to get to Fiore! JUST. DON'T. THINK. ABOUT. LOUIE'S. ANALOGY! ...You're still thinking about it Fibi! Stop!

Crunch. That sound brought her out of her stupor as she was busy trying to think of survival tactics for the forest.  Fibi just turned to look as Louie was running from bees himself.  Fibi instead just blinked and started to bolt off ahead, away from him. The best strategy to avoid bees, was to let them sting someone else!  Sorry Louie, but, you better keep up with Fibi who had a small head start! "How did you even step on a beehive? Those are supposed to be in a tree!" SHe shouted while running on ahead, trying to find something, anything. They couldn't really climb a tree, they could fly, the bees that is.

They couldn't hide in a bush, bees could still get to them there. "I have an idea!" She declared while running deeper and deeper in to the forest while trying to focus on her breathing, making sure her lungs were not going to start burning from the mad dash.  Just as all seemed lost and they would be getting stung, Fibi heard it, rushing water.

It might not be the best choice for Louie's suit, but, Fibi would brace herself for a fraction of a second, and put her hands together before she leaped, and dove hands first, together like a knife, in to a small river with enough depth for people to dive down in.  They would be carried down the river a little bit, and hopefully far enough for the bees to give up, if not, they had to splash fight the damn things whenever they surfaced for air. And then go back under until the winged terrors gave up, that was, if Louie even joined her in the water.

And when they got out, it was a matter of trying to find some warmth next, and making sure they dried their clothes. Oh god, this was going back to the grapes already in her mind!

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110

Гlouie never wanted to come to the forest again well especially not without any magic or weapons. there was so many things and so many possible encounters that could not be avoided.

the wind would blow through his hair, as he sprinted away from the bees. louie wasn't terrified by any creatures, especially not any insects, but to get stung by one is not the way to go. being chased by yellow and black winged insects with needles on their little butts was not included in the task description. after all of this louie had planned to have some words with the guildmaster to discuss these ridiculous missions.

louie looked at fibi as she ran ahead of him and was as far as she could be. "hey, don't leave me !" he shouted. it almost looked like she wasn't running from the bees, but instead she was running away from louie. she was smart, but that didn't stop the fact he still was being chased. he needed a plan, one that would get himself away from the bees and back with fibi. just when he was thinking of an idea he noticed fibi looked like she had just had thought of an idea.

louie was very appreciative of people he ran into, they taught him things that he would never consider. his guild was filled strong and intelligent people, so many that he had yet to meet. fibi would be the first, he hadn't known what her magic power was, but she seemed to have some i.q on their predicament. he found it pretty attractive when a woman knew her way around the wilderness. just when he thought the chase would never end.

louie sight on fibi would become smaller as she disappeared into the bushes. running towards her direction, louie could hear it and smell it from anywhere.

a stream of water...

as good of an idea that was, louie had no intention on going in with his suit on. he had to choice his suit or getting stung, he'd argue with himself while biting down on his teeth.


he finally had reached close enough, and a bright light would appear as he would approach the river. taking off his jacket, and buckling off his pants. leaving him in only his boxers and white t-shirt. with ease he'd place his suit down refusing to damage it. turning his back to the river so he could face the bees. "well wont-cha look at that? seems like that's my queue." he grinned and put his two fingers up in a see you later gesture. falling backwards into the river, a big splash would erupt, as he dove in. the best way to do it was to do it in style, and that's exactly what he did.

louie would rather leave his suit behind than have it wet and spoiled by the river. if it was one thing he cared about what his own neatness, and found it important that people saw him as a very sophisticated person. after a long period of swimming till they could reach land. louie wish it could've been less of an hassle trying to get away, but in fact, he was having a lot of fun. once they reached shore, he'd crawl his way to a tree, to put his back against it. he was soaking wet, with his glasses lost in the river somewhere, but he was fine because he had like five-hundred more pairs. after getting settled, louie was hoping to learn some more about fibi, hoping that they could build a future connection.

"sorry about that, who would've thought bees could be such a hassle, huh?" he laughed looking at fibi.

louie would stand tall, taking off his shirt which was soaking wet, he would twist out the water to put his damp shirt over his shoulder.

"leave the fire up to me." he said dramatically as if he was starring in a movie, with his two hands on his hip and his face sparkling from the water dripping down his face, while he stood shirtless in boxers.

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  Ok10
#8Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
Fibi could understand why it took Louie so long to join her in the river when he came out of the water, it was when he came out of the water, and she was already on the banks, running her fingers up in to her hair and thrusting her arms out to her sides, casting water away from her head, that she saw him without his suit. She bent at the waist, and put her hands in to her hair again, and then vigorously shook about, getting excess water out of her hair before the cold could get to her, she was damp, but, at least she wouldn't get a head cold.

"You decided to leave your suit behind, rather than get it wet?" She asked before turning back to see him near naked, a hand went right up to cover her eyes, while she turned around again, trying to avoid the embarrassment of looking at him! "Okay, good, fire, yes, find something to wear while you're at it, better yet, just, work on the fire! Why did you leave your pants?! They're just gonna get dirt on them or torn up by an animal looking for materials for a nest. And, you're, you're nearly naked! Come on!" She blurted out while moving off and away from him.

She walked to the other side of the tree, and glared at him with a red face as she spoke to him, "You will NOT peak, or I WILL use my magic and make us fail this task." She said with a shaky voice, she needed to get out of her clothing and dry it off. She wore her whole outfit in to the water. And now, she was shivering in it. She needed to get undressed and find something to do about clothing for now.

First, she got out of her outer wear, leaving her in her soaked through undergarments.  She covered herself with her arms while trying to find something to do with her clothing for now. A low hanging branch serving as a hangar for the wet rags, she had to find something to double as clothing, for now. This part of the forest boasted large bundles of leaves, and giant leaves at that. While she was within ear shot of Louie, Fibi would be working, in the complete nude to avoid the cold air from making her wet clothes get her cold. "You work on the fire, I am going to fashion as up something for modesty's sake, for now!"

She was happy to answer any questions that he had, but, all she was thinking about was how he was so ready to just strip in front of her, and so brazenly at that. Is this how all Fiore people acted, she wondered?  Still, she would fashion up a crude, lasting, tunic out of leaves and vines for Louie, and a small tunic and skirt for herself, at least until their clothes could dry by the fire.

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110

Гthe task put before them wasn't as hard as the guildmaster made it seem, or maybe this was because it was the beginning. louie was enjoying it, every bit of it, despite having to have left his suit behind. hopefully all of this would have made him a better mage, in order for him to endure all put in front of him.

fibi asked why he left his suit behind, and with no hesitation he responded.

"i rather nature take it, than its fine material get ruined by the water, it'll spoil it." he was hoping fibi would take his word for it, because who'd know more about suits than louie.

louie sure knew how to grind fibi emotions, since they met, he could've estimated numerous times she became flustered around him. could this encounter from the guild hall til the end of their task bring them closer than expected? the world may never know. louie became conceited just from hearing fibi complain about his choice of being nearly naked. he had no shame in the game and thought to himself:

"id thought she'd like what she's seeing."

he walked over to a tree, and with ease gripped a branch in order to rip off multiple sticks, also grabbing rocks that would surround everything. for a guy who liked to stay clean, but he also had experience with the forest despite having to get a little dirty. "You will NOT peak, or I WILL use my magic and make us fail this task." rung through his head. fibi had just made it that much more tempting to look, but out of respect for her and his manners, he wouldn't disobey.

but now for some reason, he couldn't get her out his mind.

body naked

naked body

nkead yodb, even the letters became scrambled up. you cant blame him, imagine a green haired, nice eyes, and beautiful naked girl in your head. how do you get that out of your head? he'd walk backwards avoiding to look at fibi, just as he took a knee, her voice rang through his head again as she spoke about making clothing. he was truly confused, how could you make clothing in the middle of the forest or magic involved? "fashion?" he questioned to himself, as he turned around to look at her with confusion, but that's when it hit him. SHE WAS STILL NAKED! he quickly turned around and now he was the one with the red face.

setting up the fire was not as hard as getting fibi out his head, he almost forgot why he was doing it. the rubbing of the stick in between both his palms would cause for a thin line of smoke to appear, a small flame would gradually grow large in a safe non-hazardous size. silence would brush through the forest air, until louie lips would press open and a big gulp would be swallowed from his long period of quietness.

"so...how long have you been in lamia scale?" much less confidently than he had spoke earlier. "i hear you have an accent, you're not from here are you?" he'd refer back to when he had her speaking.

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#10Fibi Hoenheim 

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Fibi Hoenheim
Fibi tossed him his leafy garment for the evening, while turning her head away from him, still not wanting to see him naked while he sat there. As she sat down herself, she kept her legs together, pulled up close to her chest, while her feet crossed at the ankles, her unmentionables were still drying. She even scooched around so that the fire would be on her back. She didn't have a clue she was being watched while making the garments for herself and him. Oh well.

While the fire was started, it was fine at first, but when she felt the licking heat of a growing fire, her eyes went a little wide, and shrank in the pupil region. She got up, and slooooowly, and suuuuurely, hurried the hell away from it. Just, some sort of a primal fear that was triggered in her. Had she known about her heritage of her great great grandpa had made it with a dryad, she would understand her fear of fire, and wood boring bugs, but, no, she didn't know about that, all she knew was that fire, while nice and warm, burned things!

When she saw the fire was fine, she came back over, and sat down near it, sticking her hands out to catch the warm on her skin, shivering all over as a result. "I, have been with Lamia Scale for less than a month right now. And, I speak with an accent because I am from Bosco originally. For reasons that are my own, I had to come to Fiore." She said to Louie before she looked up at him.

"What about you? Wouldn't someone who is prim and proper, and likes to preen like a bird, find them self more at home in, what was it called, Blue Pegasus? Aren't they all about looking your best every day of the week?" She asked.

before Louie could answer though, something interrupted their conversation, Fibi's growling stomach. A loud groan that even Louie could hear from the other side of the fire, while her face went flush as her hands went to her stomach. She DID only have water so far today, maybe getting something to eat right now, no matter what it was, wouldn't be so bad. If only she could use her magic, she could fashion up a dam for them to get fish from the river from!

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110

Гhe wasn't addressing it to himself, but just looking at her and the wind blowing her scent to his nose. he was positive, he knew for sure it wasn't a mistake. fibi's scent reminded him of his grandmothers foster mother. the use of plants for apparel, and her sense of connection to it gave him the depiction that she was his foster mother.

he'd visualize the back of his foster mother when fibi turned around as he put on the garments she made for him. it wasn't a suit or underwear with buttons in the private area, but hey it was better than slinging his pickle everywhere.

"wow, you really have a way with those fingers of yours." he said with a chuckle.

she seemed startled by the fire, but came back. louie thought to himself, "hopefully its not too large.." louie would put his hands near the fire to warm up approximately the same time fibi did. her accent made the hairs on skin stand up, he would repeat and mimic it in his head as she answered his question. he didn't hear anything she said, well he did, but only processed her accent . lost for words because he was stuck in his own attraction for her voice.

he would be startled by a loud noise.


with the quick turn of his neck, jumping into a fighting a position. he'd turn into the dark forest to see nothing, absolutely nothing, but a bushes. he was confused, and turned right back to fibi. "was that you?" he asked pointing towards her stomach. in fact he was hungry himself. louie grabbed a stick, and scraped it across a hard surface of a rock to make it sharp. he would push his palm against the ground and pull out a worm to stab onto the stick. looking into the river, he waited for the right moment when a fish would occur so he could yank it right out


"finally.." he said, as his stick began to tug and with his ease he would pull up an twelve-inch fish. the stick would boar through its lips ad he would hang it across the flames. when it was cooked and warm enough, he would attempt to hand it to fibi.

he had etiquette, but he also was not foreign to survival customs. "that should do you just right, don't you think?" he smiled at her, not eating himself. hoping that she enjoyed every single bite for him. if she would eat it, louie would visualize her as a fish and drool staring at her.

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Fibi Hoenheim
She refused to answer at first. Neglecting any sort of contact with the man while she puffed her cheeks out while the embarrassment of letting her stomach growl so loud still hanged in the air. She just stuck her hands out, warming up by the fire as she just stared at the flame, her eyes getting that warmth that made them start to sting while she just tried to ignore what he said about her stomach. But, her stomach, in response to him, growled again.

Five minutes later, a fish was plucked from the water, one fish. Enough for one of them, and Louie was cooking it for her. She was so hungry, so starved at the moment, that, when the fish was handed to her, she grabbed the stick, and started to feast on it hungrily. The flame grilled fish filling her belly right up as she got herself nice and full.

After she ingested the fish, Fibi discarded the stick and flopped backwards, lying down on her back, with her legs crossed, refusing to let the man have any sort of a view. "We need to get another." She commented aloud.

This is how they would be spending their time. Going from small meal to small meal, going from little camp site to campsite in the forest, of course, in their clothes, or, what was left of them in the case of Louie. After that first night, it was easy to make ends meet during this little trial, they had to just live a day or three without magic. Easy right?

Easier said than done! A life without magic, in a world filled with magic, just made things all the more daunting. When you lived with magic powers yourself, it was harder to go day by day when you were told you couldn't use it. ALmost second nature to her, she nearly used magic on several occasions, but, withheld herself for the sake of her temporary partner.

At the end of the ordeal, when they could finally leave the forest, Fibi stretched, cracking her back as she twisted to the left, and then to the right. Cracking her spine several times before she brought her hands up over her head with a happy sigh, "Well, looks like we did the first task. Do you think the next one is going to be any harder?"

She asked while stepping out of the forest, leading the way back to civilization with Louie in tow most likely, "Do you think there's gonna be another forest? I would like that, the forest is easy. What do you think we're gonna do next Louie? Is it gonna be us that does it?"

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Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110Lamias in the Woods | Ft. Fibi  535_3110

Гlouie watched as fibi wasted no time biting into the fish he caught for her. these actions brought warmth to his body to see her enjoying it. surprisingly louie had built a bond, he didn't see it, but he could feel it. from just being around her for a day, he could tell how much good company she brings.

he had so much to learn, and there was more task for them to complete, so he hoped that they would learn more. her own presence helped him bring flashbacks of his grandmother. louie was lying a lot about himself, and fibi could play a role in him putting the pieces together.

"sheeesh. as long as we stand by each other, the other few will be a breeze." he said flicking at the tip of his nose with his thumb.

louie would follow fibi as they would walk out of the forest back to the town and in response to her question, "Sieghart Mountains...that's our next destination, last one to get there is a rotten egg?" he said but before she could answer, he would dash off and of course make a pit stop to his home in order to get a new suit.

louie would jog but not in the open, because of his lack of clothing. he didn't want anyone to seem him almost naked.

"thank you fibi.." he said to himself as he looked down at the leaf that covered his private area. as he creeped into the shadows the scene would fade black.


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