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Yukirochisu Huashimamasume

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"Man! I could sure use a cat-nap right about meow!"


Name: Yukirochisu Huashimamasume
Alias: Nameless
Age: Oct. 31st, X762
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Ethnicity, Father: Sinese
Ethnicity, Mother: Joyan
Class: Hunter
Race: Neko
Rank: B-rank
Guild:  Phantom Lord
Tattoo: Nape of Neck (Black)
Face: Hanekawa - Bakemonogatari // (Outfit:) Celty Sturluson  - Durarara


Height: 5'7"
Weight: 113 lbs
Hair: Ivory White
Eyes: Amber Gold / Blood Red
Overall: he is slender yet voluptuous in build, and has a fair complexion. She has narrow mauve eyes with slit pupils and long white  hair reaching her lower back with short bangs parting at the center of her face while curving to the right. She is commonly seen wearing a dark clothing and often revealing clothing when she is doing day-to-day things.

However when she is doing covert missions or takes up other tasks where she wishes for her identity to remain a secret, she dawns a slim fitting black body suit and a yellow helmet to cover her entire face.

Extra: Large tribal-like tattoo that takes up her entire back. The skin around the marking looks burnt, as if the skin was branded to melted to her body. She has a scar that is on her navel, and one mirroring it on her backside in similar position on the left of her spine.

Various blade scars and wounds on her chest and side.

There is a symbol that is faded, but like her other scars, is seared into her flesh as if she was branded. It would be the location under her guild mark.

Yukirochisu Huashimamasume 33mmr2h


Personality: (Nameless has two distinct personalities)
"Meowsers! Ain't this a purrfect outcome!"
Cynical, manipulative and demonic . . . aren't the best words to describe her. Yukirochisu, or better known as Nameless is a childish entity who is as new to the world as any other infant would be. She is naturally curious and will often side with whoever seems to hold more value at that time, be it monetary payment, or of some kind of interesting knowledge. She has even gone as far to kill her own allies to find the end of old tales.

She is never serious, even in moments of death, holding onto her own rebirth as a Neko. She can't help but use cat-based puns and jokes at every chance, even when it has no fit into the situation.

Chisu Lau:
"If it for my people, no sacrifice is too great."
She appears to be absent minded most of the time. She likes nature and strives to protect it. She normally does not go out of way to make friends and meet people, but she will comfort the lonely. Chisu likes to watch people and observe from afar. She is a sweet and caring young woman, yet she is also independent and capable of fending for herself in tough situations. She is highly proficient in hand-to-hand combat; from a young age, her father put her in self-defense classes so she would be able to protect herself. Beautiful, kind, and refined, Chisu is also strong willed and stubborn, incredibly loyal to her friends and incredibly determined and driven to protect that which she deems right. She rarely displays extreme selfishness, and retains a modest demeanor, using her wealth and influence to help others. While still learning, she is good at hand to hand combat, though she is not at all physically overpowering. Though lean and agile, she is only average when it comes to strength.

She disregards her friends, only in spite of the answers that she does not know. She feels as if she has to find these answers on her own, and so she leaves her friends behind. This is also the result of casting away bonds in an effort to lose people before she grows attached to them. This is due to her belief that she is alone, and so she thinks that she needs to stay that way.

When she does fight, she goes out of her way to make a point in every move she makes. She is attentive to her surroundings, always looking for a path of entry as well as exit. She notes all things within her reach and can be utilized. She is analytic, and will often toy with her opponent, trying to learn from their death. She is by no means foolish, but highly curious. She would even go as far as killing her allies just to get the result she wants. She cares not who leads, nor where they lead to. She only cares about her own goals, and if it means walking the path of another for the time being, then she will preform it.

● Nature : Everything from the earth must be loved!
● Power: She has a thirst for power like any cliche villain. She wants to understand all magic and obtain their power.
● Music: She finds music calming and relaxing, nor matter what the genre
● Company: She is very slow to trust new people, but still she enjoys the company of others.
● Eagerness To Learn : She enjoys the company of people who seek her out to learn, or any mentor in search of knowledge. She wants everyone to grew intellectually.

●  Being an Outcast : She wants nothing more than to be part of something. To be outcasted is the opposite of this.
● Government: She is not an anarchist, nor is she inherently evil. She does not like how a large body or power can simply rule all law over a realm. She understands the good of it, but disagrees with the Rune Knight's power.
● Hatred: The feeling itself. She finds it destructive, even for her enemies.
● Disruptions/Interruptions: She finds them insulting and has a great distaste for them.
● Not Being in Control: She's a bit of a control freak and desires to always know what is going to happen. She hates depending on others.

●  Honor: She wants to do right by honoring the family she lost.
● Power: This is less of a motive, and more of a way of life for her. She believes that she was put on this earth to be powerful, and she will stop at almost nothing to achieve such power.
● Self Preservation : She is not immortal, as much as she wants to believe she is. She wants to find a way to extend her life, or to even grant her some form of protection.

●  Being Forgotten : She wants to leave her mark on the world.
● Darkness: She is afraid of the dark. Even a dim candle light is enough to put her at ease. She often will carry something reflective or something to ensure there is some kind of light.
● Loneliness: It goes almost hand in hand with her fear of darkness. She hates to be left to herself. She would rather have the company of someone she hates, than her own solitude alone. Even the sound of a neighbor in the next room with put her at ease.
● Death: She fears what will become of her after she is long gone.
● Being Weak: She wants to assist anyone close to her. If she failed, she would never forgive herself.


"From another time, and another place."

Name: Muffin Make

Element: Muffin (Non-Elemental)

Description: Muffin Make : Forbidden Art (머핀 만들기 : 금단의 예술 Meopin Mandeulgi : Geumdan-ui yesul) is an ancient magic with no recorded history. It was thought to be nothing more than a magic of a child's fairy tale.

Molding Magic allows the user to mold or create something by concentrating their Magic Power into their hands, like an element, into different shapes or forms.If the user uses both of their hands in molding an element, they can create an accurate form of their element. Casting one-handed is easier, but it is a less stable form of molding, and may result in less powerful creations. This magic is focused on creating and molding Muffins for the user to use in various ways.

The Hunter
Superior: None
Normal: Offensive, Supplementary
Inferior: Defensive, Healing, Debuff, Self-Buff

Weapon: Dagger, Gun, Bow, Sword (only Swords specifically designed against the creatures mentioned in the Item Discount feat)
Armor: Medium

Fearless Hunter: Fear, as used by Daemons/Demons, Nephilims/Seraphims and Liches, for example, does not affect the user whatsoever.

Slayer Discount: God Slayer and Demon Slayer magics in shop get a 20% discount.

Item Discount: Items which mention increased damage versus Vampyres, Lycanthropes, Daemons, Demons, Nephilims, Seraphim or Liches get a 20% discount.


History: Hailing from a village in Sin named Majinoki, she was known as the guardian of the village. With her lifespan, she had devoted all of her life to protecting the people of this village, known as the Manji Clan. The Manji clan, was known for their main clan, taking the namesake. They were the ones in charge, and regarded as royalty within the village walls. The other lesser clans, rather than tasked with leading the village, were tasked with other things. The Fuma were the weapon smiths. The Namizoku the experts in magic and spells. Ichizoku, masters of literature and knowledge. The Kusa, the experts of stealth and espionage. There were many others, with other specialties that aren't worth nothing. It is said that each house, both of the main houses and the lesser branch houses were call cursed to be masters of their clan's weapons. The main houses held a tradition of passing down their weapons to their descendants, a single weapon to each of those homes. These new holders had to prove themselves worthy to carry the weapon, and this test varied from house to house. The Branch Houses held a similar custom, however their tools were not as durable. Instead they made ceremonies of craftsmanship and blacksmithing to conjure the finest weapons to protect the entire clan.

While the weapons ranged from katanas to nagintas to armor and other heirlooms, the constant theme of these members were their affinity to connect to the Spirit World. While most of the warriors of the clan have used these spirits as guides and support, some have learned to even solidify these spirits to create the strongest of creatures.

. . . . however the Clan was all but exterminated after a mass execution and raid on their home village. Nameless was regarded as a god among them, and had been captured the night before. She had been removed, and rendered the war driven clan without their main line of defense. Having been always on the offense, they were left with both no time to react to the raid, and without experience to defend their home.

To her, the ruins were made in mystery, with all of the people lost without a trace. She had returned only to find the bodies long buried, and the buildings in a state of destruction.

They were a people who were hired as bodies for war, only to work for the highest bidder. It was a night of celebration, with only one warrior to protect, them, a warrior, who would soon forget her place.

It had been one year since that incident, Nameless had reverted to her old ways of scavenging. She had forgotten what even the Manji were. She was nothing more than a Neko who had returned to her foolish feral life, all until the day someone had captured her again . . . . and brought her to Fiore.

Two years had passed since her debut in the land of Fiore. She had served her time with her lover,  Kanya Vi, as well as her ally Shura Ranzu. Under the pretense that Shura would one day summon Geno back to the realm of Fiore, Nameless had mindlessly devoted herself to Phantom Lord, only to find a new master, Dante, to be her mentor.

With all of the coming time, the Manji Clan were growing, and transitioning to a new era. The Setsuna, the girl called them, an order of mages devoted to grant their god the ultimate power.

Their god, the neko servant of Phantom Lord.

Reference: North<3


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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Reclaim
  • Weapon:  NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic:NA
  • Race: Reclaim
  • Companion: Refund (SNOW VULPIX)

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 62

  • Strength: 49
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 1
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 10

Other Changes

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  • Your magic section lists the perks of the Hunter class, but has the title, 'The Warrior'.

  • To claim titles, you must be Level 3 within the guild, which required 300+ posts as a member of PL. Please list your topics with the total number of posts to determine the level and eligibility of the title.


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