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Dahlia to Magnolia [Walking]

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Dahlia to Magnolia [Walking] Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:23 am


Now that Kerii was officially done her little pseudo request for the old man she carried salt for, she was finally ready to get out of this creepy town. When she returned to her room at the inn, her things were already packed neatly away in her bag. Swinging it over her shoulder and checking to make sure that she had enough money in her pocket for a train ticket, the elf decided that it was high time she left. All her things were ready. Nobody outside looked like they needed any help. If she left now, she would reach Magnolia in no time at all.

The mage walked through the town. Though it wasn't as foggy as it was earlier that morning, there was still enough mist and abandoned streets to give Dahlia an eerie feel to it. Being winter, nearly all plant life was gone as well, which certainly didn't help. Thankfully, the further Kerii got out of Dahlia, the brighter and less foggier it became. It had been a while since the elf saw Magnolia, and she was rather eager to go see it again. Now that it was winter, she wondered how the town would change…

WC: 200/160 (Wood Elf Perk)

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