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Faye Lacroix

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Name: Faye Lacroix

Age: 20 (March 4th, x768)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstrel

Ethnicity, Mother: Caelum

Class: Spellsinger

Race: Human

Rank: B-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Silver, on right hand wrist area.

Face: Zero Two – Darling in the FranXx


Height: 5’3”.

Weight: 54 kg.

Hair: Bubblegum Pink

Eyes: Blue

Overall: In her case, Faye’s exotic appearance is evidently inherited from Eleanor Ainsworth. Even with an average height of 5’3”, Faye stands out amongst the crowd thanks to a cascade of bubblegum pink hair spilling over her back down to the thighs. Her hair is possibly the most eye-catching feature on Faye besides a pair of aquamarine eyes and peach blossom colored lips. Luring in all the right features of her mixed bloodline, Faye owns a divine looking heart-shaped face framed with waves of soft locks. The young puppeteer absolutely captivates others with thoughtful yet unassuming pair of eyes shaped and outlined by thick, dark eyelashes alongside the thin, expressive eyebrows that adds to her overall modest appearance.

Thanks to being a fairly active person, Faye’s body is well maintained with a natural fullness to her chest and bottom, turning her into an unquestionably enchanting sight to behold. Her clear, soft, unblemished, porcelain skin glows with a healthy pink flush that stands out in its own way every time she smiles. Always an advocate of simplicity, Faye has little to no interest in garish, flashy accessories or outfits. The most you will find her in is a simple ring or bracelet. Jeweled items or clothing are seldom worn, opting for a plainer and simpler look that stands out in its own way. Her love for soft colors and plain patterns are often expressed through her choice of clothes which on most days are likely to be a loose white shirt and old washed out pair of jeans. She likes to keep her hair unrestrained, letting them flow gently on top of her outfit although she is not completely against styling them differently every now and then.

Most peculiarly, however, her right hand and the silver guild insignia disappears into the back of an insanely detailed puppet with silky platinum blonde hair, amber doll eyes, and white frilly dress, decorated with small white roses. It stands apart from Faye’s overall appearance and is the usual outlet of her feelings or emotions. She rarely takes the puppet off, always treating her as an entirely different, and much important entity.

Extra: The detailed doll like puppet on her right hand is the greatest masterpiece ever to be made by her father. For certain reasons, Faye makes use of the puppet to communicate and express her feelings. The doll has no magic whatsoever on its own although it is said that it holds some secret Faye is actively searching for.


Personality: Faye is a fairly complicated person to judge at one look. As people are naturally wary of those they cannot read, it is of no surprise that Faye is mostly found alone with her puppets. However, on contrary to a countenance that almost never mirrors sentiments, Faye at heart is a pleasant and modest person with an arguably childish personality that frets over things she values. While her sharp features quickly spiral into a cold and menacing frigid zone, Faye is in fact the type of hopeless person that puts much effort into appearing friendly only to end up intimidating others instead. So far, depth of her brilliant red eyes adds nothing to help either. She is the most accurate representation for a book that should not be judged by its covers.

Faye’s father, in Minstrel, was infamous for obsessively stalking and indulging characters of interest regardless of age or gender; he then used them as models for his puppets. As she takes much after Edwin, her father, the curiosity in her blood urges Faye to meet all kinds of people irrespective of their affinity or nature. She tries approaching them even if she ends up scaring them or vice versa, and just like Edwin, can even go to ridiculous lengths –within reasons- to attain muse for new puppets. Observing and judging characters come as effortless as breathing for the young puppeteer as she particularly enjoys staying somewhere with a huge crowd. That is to say, the only reason she joined Blue Pegasus or a guild at all was just for the variety of people in it. On another note, whereas Edwin would quickly abandon people after he gets what he wants, Faye takes effort into maintaining good relations with them.

Since making friends is such a difficult process for her, there are times where Faye becomes incredibly possessive over the people she is very close with. Many times, it can go as far as feeling irritated and unusually grumpy when they appear close with someone other than her. Faye’s insecurity and low self-esteem thus makes her want to push away and be mean to the people her friends are close with. It evokes the childishly mischievous and chaotic part of her that makes her want to manipulate and trick others.

While she could be quite cunning and sometimes evil, Faye is not at all a strong advocate of violence or fights. Poetically speaking, she prefers clear blue skies over dark stormy ones. Her greatest interests amazingly lie in puppets, their creation, and storytelling. Similar to her father, Faye takes pleasure in making her own puppets, often giving them similar characteristics or traits of people she knows. Then she puts on puppet shows with them, enjoying the crowd that gathers around through her unusual stories and gimmicks.

She is especially attached -for good or bad- to the very last puppet her father made, Hana, whom she carries on her right hand. Faye does not admit this but if one gets to know her, they will eventually see that Faye is a little too -almost psychotically- attached to Hana.  Growing up, Faye showed talent as a ventriloquist, and ever since the death of her father, uses Hana as a medium of communication. That is to say, she rarely speaks by herself. Only times this act could be seen is on certain situations involving combat or other situations where having a doll for your right hand proves to be difficult. Overall, Faye is a multidimensional character with a little bit of everything going for her.


  • Puppets: Faye is a talented ventriloquist. Growing up around puppets, Faye enjoys both making and playing with them. She is especially close to Hana, a puppet her father made and uses her as a medium of communication.
  • People: It's not that Faye is a great lover of humanity and whatnot, but that she is interested in unusual people. She is much interested in the psychology of certain personalities and thus likes to stay somewhere with a lot of people just to observe and study them.


  • Violence: Faye is a pacifist. She tries to avoid and refuses to indulge people looking for fights. Unless absolutely pushed to the brink with self-preservation at risk, Faye will most likely not join any fights.
  • Solitude: Faye is an insecure person who needs to be constantly accompanied by someone or something. She hates being alone the most. Usually she remedies this by putting on puppet shows.


  • Hana: Faye doesn't know much about this herself but Hana holds the key to quite a lot of secrets about her birth. All she knows is that Hana was the last clue her father left for her. Faye seeks to uncover what it is.


  • Death: Possibly because she witnessed the gruesome suicide of her mother, Faye has a deep fear for death and the idea of ceasing to exist forever. Death is one thing unimaginable for her.
  • Edwin: Faye's father was not one of the nicest people in town. In fact, Edwin showed an excessive case of obsessive-compulsive disorder. It was as if he had to work on his puppets constantly to keep his sanity. There were even times he turned violent. Growing up, and even now, Faye fears Edwin a lot.


Magic Name: Zero Wave

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: Zero Wave is a powerful water magic that enables the user to produce and freely manipulate water as they please. Water, strings and waves of it, is used in a number of versatile ways to give the user many benefits. It is especially capable of creating powerful waves or whirlpools with knock-back effects. It can also create powerful projectiles or pillars with the limit being one's imagination. This magic makes use of crafty supplementary spells and powerful buffs to one's stats. It is also quite offensive in nature.


History: Faye has very vague memories of her childhood. Of the few things she can recollect, there is always a large hall like room completely dark except for a few thin rays of sunlight or moonlight that peeked in occasionally. A long metal chain dragged across the cement floor made ominous sounds behind an airy lullaby that swept across the room hanging heavily in the dark, cold air. Two bony hands and that song was probably the only memory she had of her mother besides the one where she killed herself. From another room usually came the sound of something hitting against a hard surface and on specific nights, playful music. Despite having no solid grasp of it, these memories flash across her mind on certain lonely evenings. It was these memories that kept giving Faye hints of something in her childhood, something that was awfully wrong.

Her memories clear up from age ten and up. By then, her mother had already committed suicide and the dark room was suddenly replaced with an average sized room with a bed, a table and a chair. The handsome face of her father with his glass like eyes was in clear view; his smile, and touch lingered. The clanking of metal sound was replaced with a clearer sound of something hitting against a hard surface and occasional music. But her father rarely allowed her outside the small room. They ate together probably once or twice a month and then her father was out and about or somewhere in that locked room with the sounds. As if Faye was an existence out of his world, sometimes the look in her father’s eyes seemed like he was confused...almost as if he was wondering what this girl was doing there.

Perhaps that was how they were fated to live until Faye stumbled upon that room; the room where all the sounds came from. Faye was either curious or hungry or perhaps just plain confused when she entered the room. It was definitely not something she did consciously but the result was a nightmare nonetheless. A room full of puppets with lifeless eyes that stared down at her, smiled at her, and laughed at her. It was a room full of puppets arranged neatly into large shelves on all sides. There were even neat piles of them in the corners. Further inside was a workroom with all kinds of tools, paints and fabrics. A large table held some half complete puppets, ones that were missing an eye or hair, or even a limb.

She remembered reaching out to one and then the sharp pain that followed from her father’s angry grip on her wrist. She was dragged out of the room with no concern, thrown into some narrow closet –all the while her father shouted something she can’t remember- and then a wooden door came down on her. There was darkness again.

She isn’t sure when she was let out, but by the time she woke up, she was already in her own room. This time, when her father came, he had a huge smile on his face. He urged into the room full of puppets and gave her permission to play with them. He taught her himself. He carefully passed down his puppet making skills onto her and it was at this point that Faye showed her talents as a Ventriloquist. She often played with the puppets and then soon enough, she was even let outside the house to join him on his puppet shows. That was perhaps the first real contact she had with the outside world. She knew how to read and write ever since she was let out of the initial dark room but seeing people other than her father for the first time, in the beginning, gave her severe panic attacks. It wasn’t until these outings became frequent that Faye slowly started building her own character up. One time, she remembered seeing another father daughter pair and thinking this wasn’t what she was like with Edwin. That was probably the only time she critically thought about the intentions Edwin had towards her. On another note, Faye also quickly picked up that not a lot of people in the town liked her father. In fact, they seemed to resent him for something and frowned at him every time. Sometimes they gave her looks of pity and something she didn’t understand then as dread. Nevertheless, that’s how four or five years of her life went by.

At some point, Edwin started being restless. He was always on edge and looked every bit like a psychotic killer. Almost like there were two people inside him, he acted kindly once and then started hitting her later. For sure, he was always angry at one thing or another until one day he warned Faye to not set foot in his workroom again. Probably since she was used to his weird nature, Faye complied. Fear of her father kept her bound to her room even though on several nights, Faye was sure she heard the sound of children’s cries. She cowardly ignored it, pushed any thoughts of it out, and played indifferent every time she had breakfast with her father. It wasn’t until the day everything came to an end that Faye finally admitted to herself; nothing was ever right in her life.

Faye still couldn’t clearly explain it but deep down she knew the reason why the town’s people burned down their home and Edwin with it. On the day the house was burning, she could never forget the smile Edwin gave her as he placed Hana on her hands. She could never forget the self-satisfied smile he had when his clothes caught on fire or the words of “don’t forget” that he whispered when he led her out the burning building through a hidden door.

She couldn’t leave Minstrel for a long time until she was sure her father died. It was as if she was back in that dark room with the chain and the lullaby, lost and completely unwanted. She was sure she would have gone insane –maybe she already was- if it wasn’t for Hana. But through another five years -years where she finally left Minstrel for Fiore and joined Blue Pegasus- even with all the vague memories, Faye slowly pieced most of the puzzles together. She now knew what her father was doing, could now accept the severe wrongs of it, and knew all too well that she was more affected than she let on. She knows, but she would never admit it.
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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic:  NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head:  NA
  • Body:  NA
  • Relic:  NA
  • Race:  Human
  • Companion: N/A

Attribute Reallocation  (Including AP from Human Perk ranking up to B)

Total Points: 115

  • Strength: 16
  • Speed: 16
  • Endurance: 17
  • Constitution: 16
  • Intelligence: 50

Other Changes


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