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Aelnera Selesium

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#1Aelnera Selesium 

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Aelnera Selesium


Name: Aelnera Selesium

Age: December 28th, x766

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Homosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Sevese

Ethnicity, Mother: Sevese

Class: Rogue

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: The Lamia Scale guild mark is on Aelnera's sternum, right above her bustline.

Face: Rize Kamishiro - Tokyo Ghoul


Height: 5'3"; 1.6 meters

Weight: 112 lbs; 50.8023 kg

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Red

Overall: Aelnera is a slender woman who is often regarded as gorgeous. She often wears skintight suits similiar to what an assassin would wear. For more traditional kinds of times, she opts instead for a dress. Her dresses normally are collared white or purple. Sometimes a black one is pretty nice. Normally they are on the edge of modesty and promisciouty, but it all depends on the event. She knows that sometimes she needs to wear something to blend in a bit more. Summer clothes will do at times.

Her general appearance is slender body as aforementioned, slightly below average height, a medium bust, longer purple hair and flawless skin. Well mostly flawless except for the few superficial scars she has suffered in her work. She looks past those though and in general just adores the way she looks.

Extra: Aelnera has very minor scarring around her hips that she received during her work.


Personality: Aelnera is a woman of few words. Elegant in the way she moves, refined in her actions and ruthless to add to it, Aelnera has one motto, "Get the job done." As a rogue, Aelnera feels consoled by the depths of shadows. Comforted and feeling as if they protect her and take care of her, it ties into her overall attitude towards other. To judge others is to ask, no beg for death if it comes out and as such, Aelnera does her best to keep a neutral standpoint or naturally her silver tongue can keep her out of dangeous situations. The girl is quite...promiscious in her actions if the situation calls for it. It is not below her to get what she wants through the carnal desires of others, paticuarly women as she is homosexual.

On the other end, however, Aelnera can be very carefree around those she trusts. Of course to gain her trust is a difficult achivement, but it can be done. Her carefree atittidue is more laid back and not as mistrusting or skeptical. She is a natural flirt and will jokingly flirt with others out of pure amusement. She can be quite a tease, but


  • Cloaks - Your standard kind of rogue-type should like wearing cloaks. She often wears one to conceal herself on jobs of discretion is required. She also grew accustomed to wearing cloaks because well..she's wanted.

  • Personality - This is to say that all she wants is for someone to not a complete bitch to her because lets be honest, who likes a mean person.

  • Daggers - As the cloak and dagger type, she adores her different variety of blades that she wields. It's like when someone ends up looking for something to wear. That's how she is with her blades.


  • Religion - This girl is not the religious type. She does not oppose religious beliefs, she just does't like it when you force it upon her. So dont.

  • Open Spaces - The open wide expanses are a liability for her. As a rogue she just doesn't like to be around these kinds of areas, prefering the closeness of wall or shadow.

  • Getting Caught - Aelnera takes pride in the fact that she does not get caught. The idea of then getting caught is a pet peeve of hers and this also leads into her hating it when others doubt her abilities.


  • To clear her name: As a former resident of Seven, Aelnera is simply looking to clear her name of her guilt. She is notorious within the country for being a heretic so to speak due to her disbelief of the religion that governs the country.

  • Eventual Safety - Being a rogue is not an esasy job. In the thick and thin of reconnaissance, Aelnera has longed for a time where she can put her blade down and rest. A retirement so to speak in the future.

  • Make Friends - Aelnera is a lonely person. Reserved and quiet, she would be the one in the corner, not the life of the party. As such, Aelnera has sought to try and expand her pool of friends so she may interact more.


  • Execution - The fear of being sent back to Seven and executed for her "crimes" when all she does is not believe in the supposed pantheon that governs all.

  • Getting too close - Aelnera is a skeptical person and she is a little fearful of betrayal which in turn relates to her simply not wishing to get close to others. Getting close to others means that she can be threatened and harmed.

  • Blood - This woman has a fear of blood. Well her own blood. This is why she does not like direct encounters since she is not the most well conditioned in physical bruteness.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Back in the country known as Seven, Aelnera, a very talented young kid lived with her mother, Cerese. With a vacancy in the father position, Aelnera for a large portion of her life actually grew up without a father figure to speak of. He left in the search of adventure as he was one of those males who would try to prove himself through any means possible. Aelnera simply wanted a comfortable family life with her mom and her dad although she was far too young to understand the implications. As she grew up, Aelnera would begin to learn that she was a very charismatic and charming woman. She would have others at her beck and call if she asked. Never having to lift a finger because another person would be enchanted by her boundless beauty. Life wouldn't always pan out this way. As she began to learn more and more about the country she lived in, Aelnera felt that the idea of gods and goddesses was preposterous. Omnipotent entities that could literally govern there very way of life was downright horrifying and unbelivable to her. In turn she became a disbeliever.

A few years later, after the death of her mother, Aelnera would find company in her father who had finally returned. Now regarded as some sort of prophet, Aelnera spoke out against her father as his beliefs were grounded in the religion that governed them all. She was subsequently marked a heretic and tried for imprisonment. Before long, Aelnera would try to make her escape as to avoid potential punishment. From this day on, she would forsake any religion that was directed at her.

Her travels throughout the perilous lands of Seven would lead her to pick up many skills mainly in the arts of reconnaissance and sleight of hand. She became a rogue of sorts both in name and lifestyle as her travels began to take her to Fiore where she found more of what she sought for. Civilized people who were not necesarrily goverened by this strict oppressive religion that she saw Hellenic as. Throughout the city she would practice her silver tongue, sleight of hand, and natural charms to get what she wants. Now naturally she seeks to find some form of purpose in life and she believes it can be found here. In Fiore.

Reference: Káilètte

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Akira Shimada
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