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Dahlia To Magnolia (Foot Travel)

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Dahlia To Magnolia (Foot Travel) Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 5:29 pm

Eryll decided that he would walk to Magnolia, and there he would catch the train back to orchidia. It would not be much faster than walking, really only a few hours shorter, but a tiny bit shorter was better than not being shorter at all. Eryll held his bag as he walked the distance between Dahlia and Magnolia. He had finally finished those tests, he felt stronger now. Overall he was a much more adept wizard now, he hoped Shahbaraz would be proud of him. Eryll thought about the runes that sat in his dorm room, he had considered a few more possibilites of what they would be from. Orc maybe, draconic, But there had been no dragons in ages. Eryll sighed, he was going to get nowhere in this journey.

Eryll walked into Magnolia around lunch time, maybe he would catch a quick snack before he would buy a ticket to orchidia, there he would return back to his warm room.


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