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Dahlia to Orchidia [Daiko: Travelling]

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#1Daiko Flayme 

Dahlia to Orchidia [Daiko: Travelling] Empty on Sat Jan 05, 2019 2:28 pm

Daiko Flayme
Ahh… they made it. The training season that had taken them all the way from Orchidia to Sieghart Mountains to Hargeon to Dahlia had finally come to a conclusion. The ‘what felt like a life-long journey’ had come to an end, and Kai and Daiko had developed along the way the necessary attributes that Shahrbaraz planned out for the two of them. His mind felt as if it had dropped a lot of weight from its inner shell, and he no longer held heavy thoughts, worries and theories. He could breathe… and he felt alive. He felt stronger. He felt faster. The results of his training were full on clear from the moment that Daiko headed out of the inn to make his journey back to Orchidia.

Coda was resting on his shoulder like that strange, obedient bird that she was. She even squawked and peeped happily, and it was as if she was aware of the end of the training too. She and Daiko rarely showed different expression, though, so she could be happy just because that Daiko was. She even stretched out her majestic, wide wings in their red and vermillion colors, and Daiko slowly stroked her neck and feathery chest. She purred a little by the pleasant petting and calmed down, and Daiko suddenly eyed the town of Dahlia from afar. “No more werewolves for now…”

The forests of Dahlia were warmer than up north. Daiko was a little worried that he was returning to the northern regions of Fiore again - the ice-cold, stingy weather and the snowfalls posed him threatening dangers of catching a cold. He had to go get his hands on winter clothes in a hurry…

It came to mind. He would cross Crocus on his way up to Orchidia, so meanwhile in the large metropolis, he could go looking for a winter clothes shop. That was his plan as he walked and walked… his main transport were his feet. Someday, he would likely find faster ways of transport. However, his feet managed to take him afar from north to south, and he already made it into the city of Crocus. The city was alive, and he would love to stay here for a bit longer, but he was dead set on returning to Orchidia. He would just find a winter shop and buy some clothes with the jewels that he saved up, and then he would be prepared for the colder weather awaiting him…

Oh hell no, even in Crocus, the weather was terrible. Anyway, Daiko quickly hurried towards the first witner store that his eyes were laid on. The store sold regular coats and thicker winter coats and leggings for harsh weather, but they looked worn out… that didn’t matter! He would still buy a coat and a pair of leggings!

Upon donning them afterwards, Daiko felt the same warmth as back in Hargeon. It was a choking warmth, but it kept him from freezing over. Now, he could continue on his walk to Orchidia without worrying about colds or snow.

He did feel weird with the clothes on. As much more used to keeping his arms breathing the air, having actual sleeves was new to him. He would have to get used to it until it got warmer later in the year. Coda did enjoy having her talons against something warmer and fluffier, and Daiko didn’t mind that. She could enjoy the clothes as much as she wanted.

The forests returned. The snow showed itself in front of him. Daiko had been here before, but he returned a grown man and a welded, pure warrior… or something.

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