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Wings of an Angel [Ritual]

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#1Odin † 

Wings of an Angel [Ritual] Empty Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:39 am

Odin †

It seemed things were starting to look up for Odin. He was in Orchidia on a mission for HER: a mission that required him to collect three different items. Two of them were relatively simple to retrieve, the blood of a human and the bone of a Lich, but the third had proven difficult to say the least. The feather of a nephilim's wing, inconspicuously stolen. That in itself meant quite a few things that made life difficult. First, a nephilim didn't wander around with their wings out, instead they had to be activated, and they would only do that in the face of true danger. Second, inconspicuously stolen meant that Odin himself couldn't be that danger. He would have to stay in the shadows and act when the time was right for him to do so. This, coupled with the fact that he only knew of two nephilim in the world personally, meant that his life was going to be very difficult.

But that didn't stay the case. Orchidia, being such a large town, allowed news to spread like wildfire. The moment anything happened in the town, most people found out within the hour. Whether that was a Lich arriving in town, or an 'angel' showing himself to the followers of Illumin during the church service, they eventually reached Odin's ears, and they truly interested him.

That was what brought Odin to the church in Orchidia, arguably the only church he hadn't messed with in some way in the past. The church in Oak had dealt with the entire rune knight slime fiasco many, many years ago and, slightly more recently, the business with the werewolf in Dahlia. Even the Kardia Cathedral, the big one in Magnolia, had seen Odin at some point, with the Lich having worked there once or twice to aid a priest when he had been going through his 'lighter' time. But Orchidia was a new one, and it seemed like it was time to scratch it off the list.

Entering the church, Odin stood at the back, in the shadows, away from the eyes of every parishioner. Not that they would've looked at him anyway, not with the sight these 'faithful' had been given.

"My children, I come on behalf of the divine herself, to speak to you her word. She requires tribute: you must cast aside your wealth and material belongings to prove to her that you are truly deserving salvation."

To Odin, the situation was obvious enough. A Nephilim, likely newly blessed, was using his wings and the angelic form he possessed to trick the people of Orchidia into giving him all their stuff. It wasn't very angelic, not that Odin much cared. The people were completely taken by the angel, most of them fishing out everything in their pockets almost instantly, following the commands of their god. It was pitiful, but at least it meant no one was watching Odin, who darted to the corner of the church, and raised his spear.

#2Odin † 

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Odin †

If Odin still had actual eyes, he would be rolling them so heavily right now at how easily everyone was buying into this man's scheme. It wasn't even like he was the only nephilim in the world -Odin himself knew two personally and he was a Lich, a being nephilim had sworn to destroy - and yet those people looked to him like he was their god. He wasn't the only nephilim in Fiore, but he was certainly the only one brazen enough to show off his powers, and that was going to be his downfall. Odin couldn't wait to show the man up, to give him a terrifying reminder that he was, in fact, mortal. That he could be hurt. That he could most definitely be killed.

Unfortunately, Odin wouldn't be able to kill him just yet. The feather had to be inconspicuously stolen, and that just wouldn't work if the man was dead. Oh no, Odin wouldn't kill him, but he was certainly planning on giving the man a scare. After all, the Lich possessed one of the best weapons for attacking without being seen. A spear that could be made to fly anywhere without the owner being directly close to it, it could come from the opposite direction Odin was facing, and that was exactly what he intended to do. Still standing at the back of the church, Odin raised his spear into the air, allowing the runic markings to activate, before the spear flew across the room to the hide behind the pillar on the opposite side of the room to Odin. Only the nephilim himself was actually facing Odin's direction and perhaps, if he hadn't been so distracted by the people worshiping him, he would have noticed what was coming for him.

Odin just had to wait for the right moment to actually enact his plan. He didn't need to wait long, as the man was full of openings. He was about to give another 'sermon', and he flexed his wings to show some kind of divine authority. It was hilarious for Odin, who wanted in that moment to completely destroy the nephilim, not just steal a feather. But SHE always came first, and it was HER wish that Odin steals a feather. So he sent the spear flying at one of the nephilim's outstretched wings, piercing straight through it and embedding itself in the wall. Blood and feather flew everywhere, with some having been pierced by the spear. The scream of pain was something beautiful for Odin to behold, as the nephilim ran out of the room, screaming and crying in pain about the attack. He was a coward, to the point where he was too concerned about himself to worry about who had actually attacked him. All of the parishioners followed him, some still worried about their 'divine' but others starting to see through the ruse. In a few minutes, the place was empty, and Odin could just walk up to his spear, collecting both it and one of the less blood-soaked feathers, placing it in his pouch before he, too, left the church.



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