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Hargeon to Dahlia [Walking]

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Kerii's hair still felt slightly sticky from all the salt water that had gotten into it, but overall she felt infinitely more refreshed than she did both arriving in Hargeon and returning to the mainland from her little island expedition. After packing her things, she checked out of the inn and hit the road. The trip to Dahlia wouldn't be long. For such a beautiful town, Hargeon was strangely close to Dahlia, the very town known for being riddled with vampires, werewolves, ghosts, and everything supernatural. Just from what she had heard, she could already tell that they would be stark opposites.

When she arrived at Dahlia, the rumors did not betray her. When she neared it, a nice layer of fog had already began to set in, accentuating its eeriness. It didn't even have to be winter for the town to give her the chills. As she walked into the town, she decided to check into another inn close to Aldenwald.

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Hargeon to Dahlia [Walking] NjlPZG5
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