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Louie Empty Sat Jan 05, 2019 11:20 am



Name: louie ???

Age: twenty-one | march tenth, x seven hundred-sixty six

Gender: male

Sexuality: heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father:  savannan

Ethnicity, Mother: boscosi

Class: hunter

Race: human

Rank: c-rank

Guild: lamia scale Louie Lamia_10

Tattoo: located on the top of his hand | purple

Face: yuri | noblesse


Height: six feet four inches

Weight: one hundred eighty five lbs

Hair: blonde

Eyes: yellow-golden

Overall: he has a nice physique; an athletic build. his skin tone is brown like espresso, and is complimented by his blonde shaggy hair that drapes over his forehead nearly his eyes. louie has wide shoulders, and appropriate posture. despite his nice build, it can't be noticed due to the fact he is always wearing a suit. his suit is perfectly cut to fit his measures, with no spaces. it is gray, referring to his jacket and pants, while his button down shirt is white accompanied by a navy blue tie (sometimes changed, by random) . his jacket is usually almost never fully buttoned to give him that "edgy" look. in addition, he also wears black dress shoes.

sometimes, very rare, he wears a regular white t-shirt and gray shorts, with white running sneakers, but that is almost never.

Extra: wears glasses


Personality: "Forget The Jokes, I'm Bloody Hell Serious" | louie, doesn't get mad easy, but when you interrupt his sense of humor or disregard his presence for the slightest moment, he'll catch an attitude like a mother in labor. sometimes he'll even talk to himself. he'll take violent actions and won't hesitate to act with hostility to get others attention. it's rare to see him very angry, because not many people hold conversations with him because of his facial appearance. his temper isn't one to really tamper with. the undivided attention is important, he feels as if he is a nobody once someone tries to ignore him.

"I'm Not Completely Crazy" | despite his humor for serious events and his sudden shift in anger, louie is a very impressive deceiver. he can seem to be happy but his feeling within say different. he'll make you feel as if he's one way but he can also be another. he isn't hesitant to lie, he'll fake his death if he had to. he is a real stunt devil at that, stab himself so he wouldn't seem like the criminal and more like the victim. although he might lie, once you get to know him he'll be easy to read.

"Cocky? Reckless?" | he's a courageous male, he can never turn down a challenge. he'll attack with all he has and won't show any kind of mercy to his comrades or strangers, depending on how he compares his strength to his oppositions. he's very hard headed though, and cannot go down until he's beaten till he can't get back up. many say its because he has so much pride.

"Laughter Is Best Served Laughing | louie has no care for serious situations and will immediately laugh in dire times. he has a good sense of humor and will laugh at anything that draws his attention. if you laugh along with him giving him jokes he'll also find a liking into you. its not really good to be so serious around him. he'll take it as a threat and will find you being to be very disrespectful. this being said, that would make him a hypocrite, because he has a serious facial expression of his own.


  • adventure: adventure is a necessity for louie, he can almost be compared to a international business man. he loves to get out and explore all the wonders the world has to offer, he takes adventure as an way for him to product himself and promote his name
  • business apparel:
    the world is about professionalism, and being able to put yourself in the apparel of those who work worldwide and get the job done while still being fresh.
  • precision: you have to be perfect, spot on in everything you do. one second late, an centimeter off, or even both, is a failure to louie.


  • messing up his suit: louie is a man sophistication, and his suit is a symbol of that, to show that he is only about business. if his suit becomes dirt or ripped, it'll piss him off.
  • staying still: its not that he has ADHD or anything, but its impossible for louie to stay in one spot for too long.


  • fame: louie wants for his name to ring through the winds whenever he takes a breath. its the same reason he loves to travel, so that he may be able to leave his mark and make people aware of who he is. whether its a good or bad thing, he left his mark whatever be the event.


  • expectations: he sets his standards very high and expects much from himself, as little as it seems. it's important for him to meet his own standards or failure would put him in a state of low self esteem. he gets high anxiety.
  • fear of intimacy: louie was born into a world where anything he was close to, would just leave. he is afraid to love someone, it isn't impossible, but he doesn't go around looking for it. not focusing on it, allows for him to worry about his own self. it sounds selfish but his fear, is his strength. connections are much more harder to make though.


Magic Name: dead-eye

Magic Element: lightning

Magic Description: dead eye is an precision projectile shooting magic. it allows for the user to manipulate their fingers into shooting focused lightning formed projectiles that will prove to be effective on offense. it doesn't have too much defensive skills, meaning it can sometimes leave the user vulnerable. the hunter class and this magic make for a great compatibility which make for the shots to be focused and precise, meaning the attacks only destroy what is targeted.


History: born an orphan with not much to offer, besides a young mind subject to influence. not knowing neither his father or mother, louie was adopted by a family of fortune, who would take him in, and teach him etiquette. his foster father would make him watch from behind the scenes of the business world, and make him serve his guest when they held events. his foster mother would almost never be home, but technically was, she'd be busy in her greenhouse taking care of her plants. whenever she would confront louie, she'd always give him a smirk with so much kindness and warmth. they'd always have the best conversations almost about anything. she cared of louie, but didn't show it around his foster father, however louie knew.

his foster father, jonah was upset that his wife could not have children, which is why louie was adopted. they were always separated, and jonah would beat on mrs. hirofilger because she would no longer want to have intercourse with him to try. one night they had a fight in her greenhouse, and then a flowerpot would break and shatter onto his suit. louie watched in secret, and almost terrified, because he couldn't help mrs. hirofilger. jonah beat on her into a bloody pulp, and wouldn't stop because his suit kept getting messier with each hit. louie stepped into the greenhouse, and with tears running down his face, he would yell, "STOPPP", positioning his hands in the gesture of a holt. lightning would buzz from his fingertips as if he were charging up a blast; slim but yet precise. it would blast right through jonah's back right through his shoulder.

mrs. hirofilger was unresponsive, and jonah was fatally injured, laying right next to his wife, making for the perfect picture. louie couldn't believe what had just happened and ran away scared for his life, shocked by his new discovery.

everything that entered into his life would exit out and start something new. unaware of who his parents were, the loss of his foster parents, and obtaining a magic power he never knew he had in him.

louie traveled around as street kid, with a worn-down suit, walking around bare foot. he would dumpster dive for food and make a living washing dishes for a restaurant in orchidia. one day he over heard people speaking about the wizards from the local guild, Lamia Scale. never thinking about what it could offer, yet he'd still he had so much to learn about his abilities, and he felt as if it all was going to waste and he got tired of doing other peoples dirty work. louie would join the lamia scale with one goal...

to become his own person, to be a man of business....

years spent in lamia scale would offer him growth as a wizard. louie would continue to be sophisticated despite his alliance with the guild, he got the job done, stealthy and flashy. still motivated with hopes to become famous around the world. spreading his name by being adventurous and honing his magic to become stronger. something dark is growing over louie, but his future connections, will determine if this darkness will be good or bad.

only time can tell...

Reference: i'm a returning member from way back.

Louie Ok10

Louie Empty Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:39 am

Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 20

  • Strength: 3
  • Speed: 8
  • Endurance: 3
  • Constitution: 3
  • Intelligence: 3

Other Changes


Louie Ok10

Louie Empty Sun Jan 06, 2019 9:42 am


This character application has been approved.

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