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Hargeon to Dhalia [foot travel}

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Hargeon to Dhalia [foot travel} Empty Sat Jan 05, 2019 10:54 am

Eryll walked through the fields outside of Hargeon, Eryll was a little sad to leave the ocean, but he would return to the ocean later in the year, hopefully when it was warmer. Eryll was on his way to Dahlia, this way he could finish the tests then return to Orchidia to do quests and do more studying of the interesting rune. Eryll was a tiny bit jittery for the next test, he did not want to die but he was also excited to see what was in the woods.

Slowly the fields and woods turned into foggy marshes and bog lands. Eryll made his way towards a restaurant in Dahlia, he would eat before the sun set and then he would meet Kerii in Aldenwald so they could wear the special bracelets that Shahbaraz wanted them to wear so he could track their movements. Part of Eryll knew that is was so Shahbaraz could find any of their remains in case they really did die. But, as long as they were moving Shahbaraz could assume that they were alive.

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Hargeon to Dhalia [foot travel} H9eoIH1
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