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Elk Solace

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Name: Elk Solace

Age: 19 September 13th X769

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Bi-sexual

Ethnicity, Father: Minstrel

Ethnicity, Mother: Calese

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Red Hades

Tattoo: Silver- left shoulder blade

Face: Slaine Troyard- Aldnoah Zero


Height: 5'11

Weight: 135 lbs

Hair: White

Eyes: Blue

Overall: Elk is of average height, his body shape is thin, though, that does not take away from the muscle he gained over his training in recent years. Elk likes to wear informal clothing, typically a jacket, a t-shirt and comfortable pants. Elk's face remains emotionless most of the time, unlike the kind smiles that use to creep onto his face in the past. Elk does not keep anything of value except money on his person, after discovering the tales of another world were lies of his grandmother, he threw out everything and restarted his life. Elk has an ovular face with a pointed chin

Extra: N/A


Personality: While Elk can come off aggressive, he is not an aggressive person at heart, he is actually quite agreeable. Elk will hold nothing against anyone he has just met, an innocent until proven guilty mindset.
Elk has grown to enjoy his criminal family in Red Hades, trusting in the guild he now serves after he left Blue Pegasus. Elk is a quiet person and considers himself a mostly distant person who does not talk to a lot of people.
While a younger Elk once detested anger and grudges, a older Elk now is an expert at holding grudges, a consequence of learning that he has been lied to almost his entire life.
Elk is not a person to trust other people. Ever since learning that most of his history has been a lie, Elk refuses to trust most people until he knows the truth that he is given is absolutely the truth.
Overall Elk is a quiet, distant person. He is a very curt talker with little to say at first. Elk keeps quiet about his job as a Red Hades Member, he is not one to talk about it with other people. Though, he will gladly end someone quickly if they go against him or his guild


  • Truth: After being lied to his entire life Elk has gained a love for the truth. Even if the truth hurts, he still wishes to know what it is, even if it hurts him.
  • Alone Time: Elk is willing to help people, but he considers himself much better of a solo worker than a team player. And that is the reason he gave up his life as a healer.


  • Lies: Elk believes that all lies are detrimental, he does not wish them upon anybody. Even lies that people say are for protection, Elk considers dangerous.
  • Meddlers: Nosy people are the worst. Elk does not want people to be looking into his business. Its his business so stay out of it.


  • Kill It: Elk does not know the name of the being that manipulated his family. But when he finds it, it is going to die.


  • Aging: Elk knows of the weakness of elderly people, Eryll does not wish to grow older, Every year is a year less he has to complete his goal. Every year is a year he grows  weaker.
  • Apocalypse: The end, its as simple as that. Elk fears the end of the world, the end of everything, the end of everyone.


Magic Name: Frozen Embrace

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Description: Nothing is colder than a dead heart. This magic grows from sadness and death. The first wizards to practice it used the souls of the dead to channel the magic. Elk learned this magic after he learned the lies of his family.

Superior: None
Normal: Offensive, Supplementary
Inferior: Defensive, Healing, Debuff, Self-Buf



False History:
Long long ago, when the people of fiore still sat alone, no king to guide them, a planet far far away saw their separation and tried to save them from extinction.
The planet was called Elphesia, the people there looked exactly like Fiorans, that way Elphesians could easily slip into Fioran society and save them from the end. So one day, the Queen of Elphesia stood up and asked her people to leave their beloved home, and flee to the stars, flee to Fiore to save them from the end. Many were scared and didn't want to leave Elphesia, but a courageous woman stood and volunteered, her name was Amya. Amya said goodbye to her family and friends and she lifted up and away and flew all the way to Fiore, where she was able to stay and save them from the end, but instead of returning home like she had promised, she vowed to stay and wait for the end, that way she could truly save them.

His grandmother told him this story every day as a child. He eventually learned that his family was from another world. Elk believed this to be true for the longest time.

Elk never knew his mother, he was raised by his grandmother in Hargeon for most of his life. His grandmother taught him Mistrese, his mother's language. He never learned Calese, his father's language. After his grandmother died, Elk went out into the world and joined Blue pegasus. He remained in blue pegasus for about five years. During this time Elk continued to look through the well documented family history, over time, he began to find faults in the families history.

Time skip, Part 1:
Elk dug deep into his family's history, soon many faults began to grow in their tree. There was documentation of an ancestor coming from Stella to Minstrel. In fact, if Elk learned hard enough, he was able to find relatives on both sides, negating his grandmother's story that his family was from another world, sent to help a failing fiore. Angered, Elk set out to find out what had happened. After travelling to some of the properties under his family name, Senkaya, Elk found small statues to an unknown being. At one point, Elk was in Dahlia, in one of the many properties under the Senkaya name. Elk somehow managed to contact the being who seemed to be disoriented. The Being then let out a laugh and went on a mumbling about how his family had been deceived and now that the debt of life had been paid and Elk was the last surviving member of his family. Angered by this, Elk tried to go after the being, but It escaped. Elk then returned home, angered by the deception of his family his life turned sour. Elk gave up o his healing magic and sold the hargeon house. He also left his home in blue pegasus, in search of a far more capable guild. At first Elk was angry and unable to find anyone that suited him. It took Elk awhile to find the people that would suit his needs accordingly but he had found that there was a undercover group that chose to operate outside the law, and for that reason, Elk began to search for them.  

Time skip, Part 2:
After Elk had left his home in Hargeon he began to turn angry. A much angrier person now in life he had one idea in mind, he would end this being, whether it took him the rest of his life he would kill the being. Now out of a guild, Elk looked for any guild, one that could help him fly under the radar and allow him. Now that his moral compass had broken from anger, Elk was morally okay with joining Red Hades, the dark guild. Elk had no problems going against his old light guild to get what he wanted. To slightly protect against being found out in the future, Elk changed his name from Elk Senkaya, to Elk Solace, this way he could protect himself, and let his family name die. Elk was ready to kill this being, if it meant going against everything he had once believed in.
For quite awhile Elk spent his earlier times in Red Hades learning how to use his magic and act in a perfectly criminal way. His healer nature had left and it was replaced by an angry one that was ready to hurt anything in his way. Elk's nature was not truly gone, he still believed in the innocence of the young, he would never take the life of the child. During his earlier times in Red Hades Elk was forced to rob from a family. Elk angered his elders when he instead wiped the family's memory instead of killing them. Elk remained steadfast in his belief. If someone from the outside were to watch, they might notice that after this being was dead, Elk might returned to a kinder hearted person. But for now, he was cold and angry.

Reference: Eryll alt

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Akira Shimada
Hey there, I'll be reviewing your application.

  • Could you add a little bit more to your personality, to meet the minimum word count?
  • While your history added together does reach the minimum, could you provide a few more details and instances of incidents and growth for your character?

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BUmp, added more on to the TS history as where that is where his character changes the most

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Akira Shimada
This character application has been approved.

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