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Jolyne Atreides

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#1Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides


Name: Jolyne Atreides

Age: September, 16th, X760     [[27]]

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiore

Ethnicity, Mother: Desierto

Class: The Hierophant

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Rune Knights

Tattoo: Inner left thigh

Face: Jolyene Kujo|Jojo's Quirky Tale


Height: 6'1''/185cm

Weight: 194lbs/88kg

Hair: Blonde (Dyed Green)

Eyes: Green

Overall: Joylne is like coiled steel, while her skin is soft most of her body is hardened from surviving in a desert culture where the sands and creatures both pushed a person to be constantly moving. As such Jolyne's smooth muscle control is very good and her facial muscles allow for a wide variety of extreme and subtle emotion. This creates a duality in Jolyne that matches her personality as well, and like her personality Jolyne spends time every day working on her outward appearance. The female Atreides enjoys darker blues and lighter greens in both outfits and makeup, but enjoys being more garish than subtle with these.

Extra: See picture, skin tone is pale due to desert robes she wore while not in Fiore.


While curiosity normally not a bad trait, Jolyne's curiosity drives her to far lengths to observe things and understand how they work. These things include anything from humans to the stars to rocks and minerals. Jolyne can become blinded by spite and shift her focus towards a slight or even a perceived slight, though luckily this happens only when she becomes emotionally unstable. The female Atreides can sometimes steamroll over social norms and often offends people when doing so. Jolyne has often been known to lose control of her emotions and when she is in this state all her other negative personality traits are shoved front and center.
Above all this however she can be extremely loving, friendly, loyal and protective. She is extremely philisophical and analytical catching most things while retaining a mask of gullibility.
This allows her to be logical and deductive behind a screen of positivity, which is not faked either, causing any readings of her to only see the outside as it is not a fake shell or a trick. This has caused Jolyne to become very talkative to most every person, she presses in most subjects but seems to favor whatever the person she is currently speaking with favors. While some see this as brown nosing, most can see it as genuine interest in others that Jolyne has.


  • Justice: - Jolyne's parents instilled a strong sense of justice in her, as her house usually has throughout the ages.
  • Plants: - Due to growing up in a place where greenery is rare she enjoys them quite a bit, which is good considering what her magic is.


  • Control: - Developed over her childhood while being pursued by rival tribal nobility.
  • Chaos: - general philosophy, and a belief that there is no true chaos, just order that is not yet comprehended.


  • Fairness: - Jolyne knows life is not fair and she wants to make up for it in every life that she can.


  • Failure of Humanity: - Jolyne is of the mind that one day Humanity may fail a challenge it is presented and the end of the world will be brought about before countless innocents could live their lives.
  • Loss of Loved Ones: - While it used to be fear of loss in general, thanks to recent events this fear that was conquered has come creeping back.


Magic Name: Green Genetics

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: This magic is rather simple, it allows for cross pollination between species which normally would not be able to breed. It can allow the user to manipulate plants they have grown(not plants they have not personally grown), accelerates growth and can do a wide variety of things all based on the plant. This cannot affect a human directly as such.


Jolyne Atreides was born in the nation known as Desierto as a daughter of the brother of the Shah of the Atreides Tribe. This would seemingly have allowed her a lot of freedom however due to the political upheaval and nature at the time of her birth, her childhood was based upon survival first and freedom much behind it. This caused a distaste of authority that has followed Jolyne to the present day. Raised by her father and mother and guarded extremely closely she did not despise her parents but rather ended up pitying them for the events surrounding them. Even though it clipped her wings, Jolyne even back then saw the reasoning behind it and instead placed her ire towards those inflicting the fear unto her elders. This was not forever however and soon her uncle took the throne, allowing more freedom to her family and causing her father to vacation in Fiore immediately as it was the country of his birth, and a much needed change of scenery. While this caused a bit of a problem to her blossoming interest in genetics, it did not stop her breeding program so Jolyne went along with her father for the journey. The amount of freedom and choice in Fiore immediately swayed the young Atreides and planted a seed that would soon grow inside her bringing her to journey away from her mother's ancestral homeland. The process of moving her laboratory and specimen took a while but her wardrobe posed the longest threat to the time it took them to move. Upon getting settled Jolyne soon sent a letter of application to the Rune Knights, she had seen what had been going on in the world and while she refused to shelve her personal goals she also knew she could not refuse the call to justice. Was it the right choice she wondered having received a letter about her parent's death not two days before our journey starts? Only time will tell...

Reference: None

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#2Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Hey there, welcome to the site I'll be reviewing your app.
Most of the alterations are for consistency sake (bear with me) and a few others based on site lore and regs.

  • Specify 'female' for the gender
  • Please remove the 'I guess' from the race
  • Could you add the height and weight dimensions in both the conventional units (metric and FPS)?
  • The likes and dislikes etc while listed, still need a small description attached to them, just context as to how she developed them for example.
  • Could you specify in your magic, that it only affects the plants that you create?
  • Your history states that you are related by blood to the Shah and that your uncle is a ruler of a tribe, just letting you know nobility is not typically available for members. So it'd be assumed that he is the ruler of a group, not the kingdom/land.

Bump when the changes are made.

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#3Jolyne Atreides 

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Jolyne Atreides

~Bump in the Night~

#4Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
This character application has been approved.

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