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Zyra Elroth

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#1Zyra Elroth 

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Zyra Elroth


Name: Zyra Elroth

Age: Seventeen | June 12th, X770

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian [Athalran]

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian [Athalran]

Class: Ranger

Race: Wood Elf

Rank: D-Rank

Guild: Lamia Scale

Tattoo: Lower Back - Lavender

Face: Asuna Yuuki - Sword Art Online


Height: 170 cm / 5'7''

Weight: 51 kg / 112 lbs

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Zyra's appearance is rather quintessentially wood-elven, She sports (in her opinion) a rather dull shade of brown tresses, much like the bark of a tree. While some say her eyes are like pools of molten chocolate, she finds them to be a reminder of a rather wooden and timber colour as well. She is of lean build, once again like the others around her. She's tall and slender. Her complexion is clear and fair. What she believes she lacks in uniqueness, she makes up for in her own brand of style. From a variety of different hairdos, to garbs that aren't always traditionally elven.

In a fit of rebellion, to please her new found friend and to aid in her escape from her home, she discovered the art of creating dyes and pigments to colour her hair. She started with lavender, but now is often spotted sporting an electric blue. She also learned to concoct a potion that she could consume and change the color of her iris to match her locks. She proudly wears exquisitely embroidered robes when pulling such stunts, to accentuate her exotic appearance. She revels in her uniqueness and often garners a lot of attention for it.

Extra: Zyra often dyes her hair bright colours and uses natural pigments, borrowed trickery and potions to make sure her iris mimics the shade of her hair, much like the coordinated brown she naturally sports. Her features in all other aspects remain the same and she is still recognisable.


Personality: Zyra is a peppy, confident and rebellious elf. She can be a little boisterous and silly, but that is simply because she's told she must be contained and dignified, by her family. The girl is just looking for a way to find herself without being burdened by the responsibilities of being of a noble (not by blood but by service) lineage. Meanwhile, she also doesn't want to lose her status within the folds of her family, since it grants its own little perks and a solid comfortable future.

She isn't too aware of the protocol that divides the rich from the poor. This Elroth, unlike the others, is oblivious to the disparity between the socioeconomic hierarchy and its repercussions. Despite others attempting to fill her ears with reasons for why she should stay away from certain elves or people Zyra couldn't care less and treats everyone equally well... (Or badly depending on one's threshold for handling pranks). She is naughty and a little haughty, but she's not out to ruin anyone else's life.

Perhaps it'd be inaccurate to say that her heart is the right place though, because occasionally her selfishness skews her moral compass and once she has deemed someone special to her, they have quite the influence on her decisions and actions. She, in turn, absorbs their sense of ethics and exaggerates them. It isn't like she's spineless, she's just still in the phase of discovering her place in the world and making her own choices is tough since she's never had to in the past.

The young elf is often the victim of identity crises, as she dwindles between being a prim and proper noble and just wanting to be herself. Zyra likes to consider herself to be original and exotic. The people around her fuel this belief, by usually displaying much fascination and sometimes attraction towards her. It is only natural because apart from her experimental change of appearance, the girl also acts like royalty. This definitely is a boost for the young elf's ego and sense of self.


  • Pranking: It is just so much fun for Zyra to set up the simplest of pranks and watch them unfold on unsuspecting victims. You'll often see her in a fit of giggles if she can pull off something grand with ease, especially on someone fastidious.  
  • Companionship: While the girl can be difficult to get along with since she is so mischievous and can sometimes be a little annoying, but she truly enjoys the company of those that can accept her as she is and allow her to explore new facets of her personality.  


  • Scolding: It is just one of those things that are so recurrent given her predicament, that she's tired of it. She wants to avoid it and yet her inclinations towards mischief often land her in trouble and she gets an earful. Sitting through annoying long lectures gets to her.  
  • Responsibilities: If Zyra's day is riddled with responsibilities it takes away time from other things she finds more interesting, especially if she believes her duties to be irrelevant or inconsequential.  


  • Freedom: Naturally, the elven community is quite close gated, matters get even worse when you're from a well-respected and important family tree. The protective attitude of the others around often makes her feel cagey, she craves her kind of freedom and wants to attain it at almost any cost... But could she make the break and sever ties with her charmed life?  


    • Loss: Zyra doesn't get close to people very easily, while she does possess a friendly and slightly naughty disposition, few succeed in finding a place in her heart, if they do though, the idea of losing them is unbearable for her.  
    • Depreciation: A similar situation arises with this fear, she doesn't care much what people think, unless she's opened her heart to them. Once they are special she'd hate not being good enough for them, or messing something up that they wanted to achieve. Zyra would hate feeling like she wasn't of value to them.


    Magic Name: N/A

    Magic Element: N/A

    Magic Description: N/A


    Despite choosing not to bear much resemblance to her fellow elves in particular her very pure family tree, Zyra is acutely aware of her role within the family. Her parents and a parent each from their respective families have all served in the inner circles of the Everqueen. By service, her blood was offered the nobility tag, which despite being refused still (in her opinion) haunts her family. The family took upon itself the burden of guarding ancient and enchanted artefacts that were earned, received as gifts, found or exchanged over treaties etc. It was quite a collection after years of war and peace between the wood-elves and the several other races.

    The Elroths were respected and so provided their little princess, that is, Zyra with everything that she could ever want. Though this was not without selfish intent and was in an attempt to curb the adventurous curiosity her family believed plagued her. They were sure it would lead her to making choices that would land her in dangerous, perhaps even life-threatening situations. While Zyra took as much advantage as she could, no matter what she asked for and received, the price of being caged in the small community was always too great.

    A little spoiled and rather naughty, the girl found ways to make friends with the most notorious of people. One such friend was another elf, by the name of Keryth Torvan, while he too was a pureblood elf, but the boy was far from royalty. For Zyra, it was a relatively quick bond to make, since he possessed a unique appearance, his dark hair and eyes were a rarity and she was fascinated. The slightly vainglorious girl couldn't help but appreciate his atypical appearance and wanted her own beauty to reflect his. Her family didn't want to risk offending her by criticising her choice too much, although they did in their own sneaky ways try to keep the two apart.

    Then one day, things changed, perhaps for the better perhaps for the worse... After many stubborn tantrums, she'd managed to convince her parents to let Keryth spend the night in their home, after her birthday party. At night, the two young elves decided to explore the deeper realms of the ancestral house. An opportunity presented itself when Keryth took interest in a large ornate box that was meant for safekeeping. Assuming it'd be funny to take it and hide it, the young elves, in the dead of the night, stole the box and buried it under a tree in a grove.

    The next day, her father went rather ballistic upon having lost that box, but didn't suspect the elf younglings. Zyra didn't have the heart to own up... She warned her friend to take it and run and that she'd join him as soon as she could. In all the chaos that ensued, the elf worked on temporarily changing her appearance (picking the color lavender since Keryth had once told her it was his favorite) and managed to sneak away from her maternal home. A whole new realm of opportunities opened up for her...
    When they finally escaped the outpost and reached the human town, Zyra realised that they had stolen something of great value. She however, believed that if her family was responsible for keeping it safe, then by extension it belonged to her. The naive girl then went onto gift the stolen dagger to Keryth, in an attempt to cement their friendship. In her experience, she succeeded, Keryth valued her and her company a lot and by entrusting him with the stolen good, things only looked better. But alas, what were the two young wood-elves expecting. Despite managing to warn off trouble from the wood-elves sent after them, they were not able to protect the stolen good. In the dead of night, Keryth lost the dagger to a thief after he had been forced to use it to protect her and himself from a bunch of bandits.

    Zyra wasn’t pleased with this unfortunate circumstance. While Keryth took the blame and vowed to find it for them again, she was just worried that if her family found out, she would get into a lot of trouble. She didn't want to blame her friend for something he didn't deliberately have a part to play in, so after being miffed and sulking about the situation for a while, she forgave him and decided to put her effort into helping him claim it back. If he had a part in finding it again, perhaps he'd be forgiven and be allowed to keep it. It would be a tall order though. When he came up with the plan to join the guild of Lamia Scale, she happily agreed. There were rumours that it had more of their kind in it and that gave her even more reason to agree. Despite always cribbing about the elves, she had grown to miss their company over the two years.

    Perhaps it was the other elves already within the guild, or that they were convincing enough in their appeal, joining the guild didn't prove to be too difficult. Keryth hid his true intentions from most others, but shared them with her and that made her feel special. She too kept his secret and didn't let anyone know that their intent was to reclaim the stolen... stolen dagger. Being within the guild taught her that there are so many other facets of herself that she is yet to explore and polish. When she realised that she was quite handy with the bow, she decided to spend time in working on her skills. Keryth already had some experience with daggers, but as they trained and got to collect small time bounties, Zyra felt rather fulfilled, it was great to be able to stand on her own two feet... although she did miss the pampering...


Zyra Elroth Original
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Zyra Elroth
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Reclaim (Elf -> Wood Elf)
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 10

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 6
  • Endurance: 1
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes

Zyra Elroth Original

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This character application has been approved.

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