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Tengu Yakuma

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Name: Tengu Yakuma

Age: X763 (24)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Dahlian

Ethnicity, Mother: Dahlian

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Tattoo: Pelvis (right side)

Face: Minamoto no Raiko - Fate/Grand Order


Height: 5'10" (177.8cm)

Weight: 140lbs (63.5029kg)

Hair: Raven

Eyes: Violet

Overall: Shimmering violet eyes fill the gaze of a woman of beauty, grace and power, with knee length strands of raven flowing in her wake (even while in a ponytail). Her dark hair complimenting her smooth ivory skin while her seductive gaze often traps any caught peering at her often exposed flesh.

Tengu's full pink lips are often painted with luminescent shades of pink and red, with a natural pout revealing her sparkling white enamel. As delicate as her features might suggest, one would do best to pay close attention to the fire hidden behind her visage. While most would see a busty, and sensual woman those with a more trained eye will see a cold blooded killer.

An hourglass shape forms Tengu's model like physique, with well defined abs, long legs and rather wide, seductive hips. She takes pride in her body, wearing clothing which gives vision to as much of her frame as is allowed by law. Her bosom usually crushed together, threatening to spill out, with her lower half favoring short skirts and exaggerated qipao style dresses.

Extra: --


Personality: Feminine, authoritative, and incredibly destructive, Tengu is a woman who radiates confidence and power. Holding herself at a higher standard than most women who see sees as self conscious, which naturally makes her appear arrogant and dismissive of others. Writing them off as unimportant to herself and her allies, but she's no idiot. She knows how to identify a threat or someone of importance when the time comes, though it doesn't mean she cares in the slightest.

Observant as an owl, Tengu makes sure to stay aware of her surroundings. Taking in the people, objects, hell even the color scheme of whatever scenario she finds herself in. Unwilling to allow the element of surprise to fall out of her favor. She however tends to pretend to be checking her nails or doing something other than taking in details, don't let where her eyes are pointing fool you.

A woman who is insanely proud of herself and her skills, she doesn't take losses with grace. Tending to make people who beat her in fights or games of wit and strategy as enemies for life, she is a master of holding grudges. Having a list of those deserving of revenge stapled to her mind, others would do best to steer clear of her bad side. This, coupled with her stubborn nature make her incredibly hard to shake off; even for the best escape artist.

Tengu holds a heavy heart due to her rough past, and usually keeps people who try to get close to her at a distance. Outliving a majority of your family and friends can definitely take a toll on a persons mind and is one of the key factors to why Tengu craves so much power and control. Due to lack of control over the course of her own life.

She has since been known to look out for herself and trust little to no one given all of her deceptions and heartbreaks over the years. Though she does have a spot for a few people in her heart, when you find a place in her heart it would be wise to stay in her good graces. Because she will fight for you the same way she would fight for herself, but that can change at the drop of a dime if you betray her trust

Tengu is extremely calm and ruthless during battle, shocking most who watch her fight (Considering she does not appear to be someone who takes as much pleasure in fighting as she does). Her sadistic nature gives her an almost sexual arousal from a good fight, which can frighten those on the receiving end of her taunts, moans and utter laughter. With that in mind however she isn't one to let comments and taunts hurt her on the battlefield, letting them slide and turning them against her opponent.

Like a living weapon, you point at a target and shot her in that direction, the rest is her problem. Which is why most joke that when in the field she is overly serious and should really lighten up, of course she doesn't get these jokes and usually just rolls her eyes or shoots a dirty look.

Tengu can be down right manipulative and never rarely does anything without an ulterior motive in mind. Valuing her own personal gain above those around her, but this isn't always the case as seen with lovers and extremely close friends (both being a rarity). It isn't above her to find a petty issue between two people and fan the flames of lies and betrayal to simply watch the chaos ensue.


  • Killing: Ever since her first time taking the life of a vampyre, the woman has found killing to be quite satisfying. She doesn't value the lives of many others, creature of the night or otherwise, and doesn't discriminate in battle (besides kids). As long as her blade is slick with blood she is content.
  • Weapons: A collector of sorts, ever since she was a kid Tengu has loved weapons. The feeling of them, their reputations and design, she loves everything about the creations.


  • Supernatural Beings: Even though she may work with a few, or even temporarily align herself with them, Tengu isn't a fan of supernatural beings. This isn't toward elves or fairies or light creatures, it's more so focused on those aligned with the beasts that killed her family (vampyres, demons, etc).
  • Weakness: If there's one thing she cannot stand in this life, it is weakness. To be weak is to be easy pickings, and only those who are undeserving of life would allow themselves to stay weak and useless.


  • Power: Tengu doesn't just want control or strength or anything so 'trivial' in her eyes, she wants pure power. To sit at the top of the food chain untouched and unbothered by any who would dare to face her... like a modern day goddess.


  • Loneliness: Despite her facade as being the toughest sonovabitch in the room, Tengu does actually want to find someone to love. Having everything she wants means nothing if she has it alone, without someone to share it with... Well that's a lie. It would be nice to have someone to love though.
  • Turning: Tengu is terrified of the concept of becoming a monster. To be the creature she fought to kill and that slew her parents would be something she would never be able to live with; the very idea sickens her.


Magic Name: Ocean Breaker

Magic Element: Water

Magic Description: Ocean Breaker is a magic that is known for it's incredible versatility and shocking power from foes and allies alike. Allowing the user to perform feats of offense, defense, healing, self buffing, de-buffing and even supplementary uses; making for a frightening enemy and valuable ally. These spells come as bullets, blasts, bombs, waves, pillars and more; constantly leaving others guessing.

Tengu uses this magic in conjunction with those around her, staying out of sight and using offensive projectiles in enemies blind spots on top of swooping in to make barriers for allies. One would be wise to focus on her while fighting due to her ability to both heal and de-buff, making the fight all the more difficult as long as she is around.

On top of this, when used in mass quantities this magic is great for ramming opponents away with blunt force, being used as a conductor, or even solidified to pierce, cut and hit targets.


History: Dahlia. A town of nightmares and horrors alike and the birthplace of Tengu. A singular name, nothing more nothing less, perfect for a baby girl in a sick and infested town. Her parents were hunters, brave souls who risked their lives to slay the supernatural, and her grandparents were farmers who provided for themselves.

Living with all four of her family members in a moderately nice home, the young girl was taught the ways of the town. Never to go outside at night, and rarely to step foot outside during the day without a chaperon, which didn't sit right with her. She wanted to go out and help her parents slay 'bogeymen' as they called them to her.

The couple took note of their daughters inherent interest but refused to even consider the idea until they could be sure she was ready. So the 6 year old girl would be put through the ringer, showing her how to wield weapons, going through physical training and reading about the creatures of the night.

Tengu had fully dedicated herself to be like her ancestry, a line of great Huntsmen and Huntresses who gave up their lives for the people. She studied them, learned from their mistakes and triumphs and by the age of 13 she considered herself ready.

Of course her parents refused to allow her to go until she was 16 and like any rebellious child she'd sneaked out. Taking her fathers blade and setting out to kill her first creature, and sure enough she was nearly slain by a vampyre; cornered in an alleyway near her home.

It was quick, and frightening, but just as his fangs touched her neck she had her blade going through it's chest. Turning the creature to ash and leaving her in a state of shock, fully aware that her own arrogance had nearly gotten her killed. But something else inside of her was awakened from that first kill.

An almost primal need to slaughter.

Running home and acting as if nothing happened, she'd cleaned her fathers blade and kept her encounter a secret. Lucky for her, because she would of been on punishment until she was 30 years old if they'd found out.

Tengu's desire to become more powerful didn't exactly sit well with her parents, but the now 15 year old didn't care. She even managed to find the value in research and did all she could to learn about the Yakuma clan, and the 18 war gods associated with them. Becoming obsessed to the point of no return.

It wasn't until an attack by the creatures of the night that shook the town of Dahlia did Tengu realize just how small she was in this big world. Both of her parents were slain by a pack of werewolves in front of her and she was led out of their home by her grandfather. He'd lead her to an underground safe house, closing the door behind her and warning her not to come out until the morning.

She sat there. Cold, alone, covered in her parents blood. Silently crying, wishing it would all just go away.

In the morning Tengu left and never returned, her family had all been taken from her and with nothing left she would start a new life. Taking on the surname of Yakuma after the clan she'd been researching, the young woman would venture off to Fiore; a fresh start. Or so she thought.

Spending a few weeks as a homeless youth wasn't exactly a good time and eventually the 17 year old would find work as an assassin. Using the skills her parents had instilled into her for something other than slaying beasts, and eventually it became her new comfort zone. She would take the lives of men, women and creatures alike and found pleasure in cutting them down.

No longer was she a weak little girl, but she would need more power to return to her hometown in the future. So for the next 7 years she worked as a hit woman until she found herself at Phantom Lord. A guild where gaining power was the motive and she couldn't resist, and hasn't looked back since.

Reference: --

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Remove this: At high levels this magic allows the user to mimic water, turning their body into the substance to phase through physical and magical attacks.


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