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Dahlia To Orchidia [Kai:Walking]

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Dahlia To Orchidia [Kai:Walking] Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 2:56 pm

Kai walked out of that forest alive with her dear son-figured friend. She knew what she felt like doing at this exact moment before leaving this place. She wanted to eat and shower. Those two things were completely important to her as hygiene makes her feel comfortable going about in the world. Her eyes wandered to find some hotel as she spotted a small inn. Her outfit was not really revealing, but it sculptured her beautiful curvaceous figure. The tank top already felt so dirty from being against the tree's bark. Her shoes were torn apart as she'll have to get new shoes once she gets to Orchidia.

''Is, um, anyone there?''. Kai was nervous since it was Dahlia and she didn't know anyone from here. Her and Daiko went their separate ways for now as they'd meet up at Orchidia later on. Her breath was seen by the cold as puffs of white tinted air escaped her beautiful lips. She was like an angelic doll who go left up in some sandbox. She felt so dirty. Where was the inn keeper?

''Hello? What do you want girl?'' An old crone spoke as if she was in a hurry. ''Uuuuh?''. She grabbed a monocle to see what she was looking at. ''Ooooh. What a beauty. Hold on one second dear.''. Her tone seemed to switch for some reason. Was it because she knew what she was? Was it that revealing to where her aura could be seen by darkened people? She felt clueless, but nonetheless she came back with a key. ''I've seen girls like you. Lost and a need to get cleaned up.'' The old crone spoke in a crackling tone and turned away, but before leaving she spoke once more. ''But never your type... Downstairs to the left is a shower.''.

Kai saw her disappear and with that Kai hurried to take a shower and left the place. She had to wear the same outfit, but after a shower it felt good to wear it. At first she had to pass all the towns she passed when she traveled to Hargeon. It was good to see places again, but she was hoping to see them as an adventure. Not a pass time where she had to hurry and leave. Out of all the places she wanted to see Crocus and Magnolia for all their glory if they had any. That spa at Magnolia sounded amazing after the days of hard training. Kai brushed her silky washed hair with her finger tips since she didn't bring any of her things. The Guild Master didn't allow it, but it didn't bother her since it ended up to be worth it.

'Maybe you'll see what you seek within your destination.'. The voice was so cold, womanly in a mature way. She was wishing she could find out who it was and why she could hear it. Was it her own voice when she becomes corrupted? Soon enough she enters Orchidia and finally feels like getting some rest within the Church.



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