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Magnolia to Dahila [Foot Travel Shin]

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#1Shin Sekai 

Magnolia to Dahila [Foot Travel Shin] Empty Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:10 pm

Shin Sekai
Shin packed his bag for his trip to what he calls the 'Home of Rats and Murder' that was Dahila even though his Aunt and Uncle advised that he go to crocus and visit the Garden, He need to head over go to become acquainted with the lay of the land. "Guys I'll be fine and besides if anything happens I'll just knock to heads," he said in a joking manner after all he could handle himself against two people max.

Thas he left the house he couldn't help but think about what could await him at the in Dahila? Hopefully, it was nothing like all the rumors that had been going around. leaving the nice and clean Magnolia didn't sit right with but must be done. The roads seemed to become less like a road and more like a rocky and jagged. He thought it best to take a few minutes to rest and enjoy the nature around him You know I kinda miss traveling like this just me and the plants around me. he told himself just a few seconds before reaching Dahlia.

Getting to Dahlia was the easy part, the hard part was looking for a place to stay that was hard part as nearly all the places he could stay seemed like he gets killed in his sleep.

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