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Finding the Flock [Dahlia -> Orchidia]

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Finding the Flock [Dahlia -> Orchidia] Empty on Thu Jan 03, 2019 1:44 pm

In hindsight, Dahlia was never going to be the kind of place where Odin would find simply human beings, that would've been too easy. Oh no, instead he had been stuck with the one girl who found pain orgasmic. He needed unwilling humans, but why would those kind of humans be in the area around Dahlia. A place full of vampires and werewolves, no sane person would spend time there unless they wanted to die. Thinking about it that way, it made more sense for Odin to have chosen somewhere better.

The girl he had chained to a building was likely still there, as Odin hadn't wasted any time. Finding out her fetish, the Lich had just left her, and Dahlia, straight away. It's not like he had things to collect up as he traveled. Provisions were useless for him, and he could carry all of his money on his person at all times. All he needed was his money, and his spear, which never left his side. Odin had now left Dahlia, all that was left was to pick an actual destination.

The long road made Odin's decision for him. A she walked, he thought of the past, of a time before SHE came into his life. He thought of the time when he had last been... happy. Before everything went to shit in his life. The flower festival in Orchidia, it had attracted so many people from all walks of life. Odin, he had served so many different people at his bar. Travelers, locals, wanderers looking to settle in the large town, it was a great location. Full of so many types of people. All he could hope for was that those types would include a few nephilim as well as the obvious humans.

As he walked across the country, Odin remembered the items he had been asked for. The blood of a human, unwilling taken; the feather of a nephilim, inconspicuously stolen; and the bone of a Lich, willing given. The final one was easily going to be the most simple of the lot, it only required a cemetery and some peace on Odin's part. He could give his own bones, and replace them with those of the deceased. It was the other two that would cause more concern.

The blood of a human would be the next simplest, as not every human would be like the Ianthe girl: most would prefer not to lose their blood to a hungry Lich. Especially in a populated like Orchidia, all Odin needed to do was cause a ruckus. Humans would run, and someone would try to be a hero, that hero would provide Odin with some strong blood. And they would scream. And, if no one showed up to fight Odin, he would just slaughter the people of Orchidia, something that would likely cause some problems with the people. Orchidia was the home to Lamia Scale, one of the most powerful guilds in Fiore. If a Lich massacred people in broad daylight in the guild's hometown without being threatened at all, it would severely damage the reputation of the guild, no to mention cause Odin's infamy to increase by a great amount.

His journey was relatively boring, which was disappointing. Odin had been hoping for some bandits to attack him or something to give him more options to collect blood, but it wasn't to be. Instead, he reached Orchidia just in time for the sun to rise, having left Dahlia in the darkness. Last time he had been there, he had hidden his face behind a mask.

Not this time.


Finding the Flock [Dahlia -> Orchidia] BTcteu6

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