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Hargeon To Dahlia [Daiko/Kai - Walking]

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#1Káilètte † 

Hargeon To Dahlia [Daiko/Kai - Walking] Empty Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:23 am

Kai enjoyed that apple that was with the apple the Guild master wanted. It was enough to keep on going, but as soon as she was at her next destination, she was going to eat. She didn't feel like she had time to really change and she left her clothes behind at the beach. Hopefully, someone had some use for them since they were good clothes. Her blonde ragged hair was drying up by the time she was ready to travel with Daiko. Out of all the traveling she did for these missions with him, this was the first time they both traveled together.

It was all good, but she hoped Daiko was okay with it. Perhaps it was just her worrying a lot of the lact of self-esteem she had, but nonetheless she was happy to travel with someone else. They both left to end up being in the woods and into the dark place itself. Weirdly enough, the place felt familiar and something felt even closer to her than she at first realized. It was unknown what it was, but whatever it was, she had a friend to go through it with. ''Let's start the mission right away once we get there. It'll make the mission more of a challenge.'' she insisted as they then walked into Dahlia.



#2Daiko Flayme 

Hargeon To Dahlia [Daiko/Kai - Walking] Empty Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:51 am

Daiko Flayme
Daiko also enjoyed the apple. Yuhuu! This apple tasted so… familiar. More like, it was just like any other apple in taste - what the crap stickmen, Shahrbaraz?! It was juicy and delicious, but all apples were so! Once more, the bastard Guildmaster had shown them a lesson about values in things and that the value of materialistic objects compared to the value of one’s experience was as vast as the distance that they swam. He really loved teaching them lessons about pride in oneself and strengthening your essence.

It was heart-warming, actually. Shahrbaraz was a good Guildmaster who treasured every member, in Daiko’s eyes. He just showed them an unusual type of admiration and care, unlike the way of a newly baked mum with her infant babies. They were far from babies, and they were ready to step up in the game.

He had brought back his clothes from the beach - nobody bothered taking a grey west, t-shirt and sand-colored pants that most likely blended in with the surroundings. He had travelled alongside Kai this time, and even she began to show signs of development… she was eager and excited to push herself even further beyond.

That sounded so cheeky…!

WC: 202/200


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