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Diana Scalisi

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#1Diana Scalisi 

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Diana Scalisi


Name: Diana Scalisi
Age: January 20th, X768
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian Werewolf
Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian Werewolf
Class: N/A
Race: Pureblood Werewolf
Rank: D-rank
Guild: Guildless
Tattoo: Left shoulder, one half black the other white
Face: Grey Wolf, Kemono Friends


Height: 1.70m

Weight: 56kg

Hair: Black & white

Eyes: Yellow & Blue

Overall: The first, and perhaps most noticeable trait of Diana is without a doubt her inhuman features. It's quite difficult, borderline impossible to ignore the canine-like ears that poke up on top of her head, the frequent twitches making it quite evident that they are real, and perhaps also explain why despite the lack of human ears she can hear quite well. Those ears, in particular, are small and have a black fur on top of them, with a white fur on the inside. To speak further on her animalistic features, one could likely easily spot the wolf tail that wags behind her, spotting the same color pattern as her ears.

As one might have likely guessed, those traits are the ones that betray her identity as a Lycan, and quite a peculiar one at that also. To speak a bit further about her human features, standing at 1 meter and 70 centimeters tall Diana might be considered modestly tall for her age. Another noticeable sign is that for a street urchin she has quite a pleasant look to her, a skin that is free from scars or bruises, something her siblings are less quick to be able to brag about, and no doubt a testimony to her natural strength. However, her figure wouldn't exactly suggest that she is a warrior. Not only does she lack the sign of trained muscles, but her well-developed feminine features highly suggest she might have been blessed in a different field compared to combat.

Her hair, one of the things she is quite proud of is a beautiful crop of a color as dark as the sky at night, with streaks of white at the front that reminds one of the snowy landscapes one might find in the northernmost reaches of Fiore.

Her eyes are equally curious, a mismatched yellow and blue that tend to give off an eerie glow whenever she loses her temper, usually accompanied by her usually pleasant expression distorting into a look of primal ferocity and her body language and mannerisms reminding one of a wild beast.

Extra: Is constantly shown to have a set of wolf ears and tail due to her Lycan ancestry.


Personality:  Cheerful and upbeat, two words that are perfect for describing the young Lycan who is often prone to infect others with her liveliness. Despite her humble origins, Diana has always been that type of positive high-spirited lass who got through the hardships of life through an optimistic mindset. However, this has not always been the case. No, for once upon a time there was no 'Diana Scalisi', there was only Diana. Having lost her pack at a young age at the hands of a group of zealous Holy Knights that led Diana to lose her family, at an age so young she couldn't even remember their name and faces. However, a twist of fortune found her into the care of a soldier who was hired to participate in the bloodbath.

Although she never knew that her adoptive mother was involved in the destruction of her pack, the young Diana grew up to be incredibly close to the retired soldier who raised her as her own daughter, and in the wake of several events, when a bunch of street urchins tried to steal from them, the event led to their family to 'expand'. For Diana family has always been an important bond to have, although they might not be related by blood, they were essentially part of her pack, and so she often tried her best to support them in any way, a way that usually involved emotional support and comfort.

However, one person, in particular, drew her interest the most, perhaps because she reminded her a lot of her adoptive mother. Indeed, among the makeshift family, Diana was especially fond of a girl who was around her age, a human girl called Kaede.

Still, as typical of a Lycan, Diana is a proud and honorable person, never deciding to participate in the thieving crimes of her siblings, although she was not hesitant to give someone a beating if they tried to harass one of her family.

Still, it was only later that Diana realized that being a Lycan is both a blessing and a curse, for when she loses control of her temper she tends to turn much more feral, something she considers 'unsightly behavior' when she thinks back about those moments afterward.


  • Meat:Diana is quite fond of meat, whether it's raw or cooked, she can eat it, no doubt a like related to her Lycan roots. However, despite being a glutton she never seems to be able to gain weight...
  • The moon: Related to one of her first memories, Diana is quite fond of gazing up to the moon, and especially a full moon tends to be the most beautiful for her. However, she tends to develop the odd habit of howling like a wolf during those moments of gazing at a full moon.


  • Fire: While she might have grown less terrified of fire as she aged, to the point she can deal with regular cooking fires or campfires, large flames tend to make her quite uncomfortable.
  • Her Feral Nature: Both a blessing and a curse, but Diana genuinely dislikes her transformation. While she tends to transform into her true form only when necesarry, she truly dislikes how feral and savage her personality becomes during the change.


  • Destroying the crusaders: Being told that a small fanatic section of the Holy Knights was responsible for the death of her entire pack has led Diana to develop the ambition to someday grow strong enough to destroy those responsible for her loss, and ensure that nobody else would suffer from those zealous crusaders.


  • Losing Control: Although she is able to retain her sanity while transformed, Diana fears the thought that someday she might lose herself to the beast within her, and become a monster that would lash out even against those she loves.
  • Breaking her promise: Having promised her adoptive mother that she'd find Kaede, Diana has sworn to succeed at it, and has been zealously tracking her down since then.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: Our story begins in the country of Fiore, although the church of Illumin might be a famous and well-known religion, there is a shadow among the Holy Knights that only a few know about. While on paper they are said to be an order meant to fight supernatural threats, a certain faction within the Holy Knights took things a step further. They believed anything that wasn't a human was a taint upon Earthland and as a result, those zealous fanatics came up with the idea of purging that blight.

And how do you purge a blight? You burn it to ashes. Clara Scalasi was just an ordinary soldier at that time, a woman who served in the army, and when the Holy Knights ordered her to participate in the conflict she answered the call to arms. However, back then the Holy Knights had called an excuse, saying the Lycan Pack they were purging were violent monsters that lashed out at innocent villages, and as a result, deserved what was coming for them.

However, during the massacre, Clara stumbled onto a small crib where a baby was crying, and when one of the knights prepared to strike down the helpless child Clara intervened. A well-aimed stab of her sword had slain the zealous fanatic, and after felling the two others in her unit who were of the same mindset as the bloody murderer she fled the forest.

It's unknown what had driven Clara to disobey her orders. Was it mercy for the innocent child, or perhaps guilt for her participation in the bloodbath? Whatever the case, in the wake of those events she raised the baby she found, calling her Diana and treating her as if she was her own flesh and blood.

Diana quickly grew up to be blissfully ignorant of the tragic past she suffered, instead being a cheerful and upbeat girl who loved nothing more than to spend time with her adoptive mother, something that often proved to be difficult if one considered Clara's life as a mafia hitman to keep food on the table and yet it seemed her family was still waiting to grow, for in the wake of a botched theft by some street urchins Diana found herself gifted with something special: siblings.

It was quite a pleasant period, spending time with her siblings and learning more about them. Although she was too proud to step down to the act of thievery, she was more than willing to fight to protect her family, a burning resolve to keep them safe that was shared by Kaede, one of her 'pack' who was her own age.

However, it seemed tragedy would reach her a second time, for in the wake of theft a treacherous elder brother among them launched a raid with his gang upon the place they called home.

A bloody conflict took place, one that saw the usual cheerful and upbeat girl shed her innocent nature to turn into what most would describe a 'wild monster', lashing out in a berserker-like rage at the gang members of her treacherous brother.

When the fight settled down and her mind cleared she was just in time to hear Clara usher Kaede and one of their sisters to flee while approaching footsteps and shouts came from nearby, no doubt the Rune Knights who were approaching the commotion that had been caused.

It was then all of a sudden her visage blurred as an apologies was whispered into her ear, and darkness consumed her. In the wake of those events the Lycan found herself regaining her consciousness inside a crate, and upon leaving it she realized what had happened: her mother had taken the blame of all the events and was currently imprisoned by the Rune Knights.

After several pleas, Diana was permitted to see her mother, who told her about the reason why she had raised her: Because she felt guilty at the fact she had made Diana lose her beloved pack at such a young age. However, it was when Diana stated that she didn't lose her pack, that her mother was still there, right in front of her and that she would find the rest of her family to reunite their 'pack' that tears gathered in Clara's eyes.

A plea was made, and a promise vowed as Diana promised to grow strong enough to find everyone and reunite them, to make nobody from their pack die again and that she would someday make Clara return to her side, as her mother.

As a result, the young Lycan is now traveling around Earthland in search of her sister Kaede.

Season Two timeskip:

Although she has succeeded in being reunited with her sister Kaede, the two of them are still constantly searching to uncover where the rest of their siblings might have disappeared off to.

Reference: Espy alt

Diana Scalisi 04zpBZz
#2Diana Scalisi 

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Diana Scalisi

Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic:NA

  • Weapon: Adventurer starter perk
  • Off-Hand: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Head: Adventurer starter perk
  • Body: Adventurer starter perk
  • Relic: Refund / Reclaim / NA
  • Race: Reclaim (pureblood Werewolf)
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 16

  • Strength: 10
  • Speed: 1
  • Endurance: 3
  • Constitution: 1
  • Intelligence: 1

Other Changes


Diana Scalisi 04zpBZz

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This character application has been approved.

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