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Ghost Ozoulf

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#1Varjo Ozoulf 

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Varjo Ozoulf


Name: "Ghost" Varjo Ozoulf

Age: July 4th, x765

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Icebergian

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: White- Left hand

Face: Ciri-Witcher 3


Height: 5'8"

Weight: 172 lbs.

Hair: Snow white hair always up in a ponytail

Eyes: Bright Almost neon green

Overall: A tall, nordic looking woman with pale skin and noticiblely white ashen hair. Its always up in a ponytail of some sort. Ghost has bright emerald eyes that sometimes look ghostly. She always appears to be wearing a white blouse with a chestnut brown leather waist wrap tied with a silver belt with a blue charm in the middle. She has a few straps of that holds her backpack and equipment. She always wears brown leather gloves. She has black or brown slacks with a knee high black boots.

Extra: Has a scar over her left eye from the incident back in her homeland.


Personality: Ghost is different than most natives of Fiore. As being a foreigner, she does not know customs. She will often do the opposite thing such as she trust the Rune Knights over the Holy Knights since some seem to hate the king and his ways. Very culture shock is a good term for her. Though, her mind is like a sponge and is always curious to learn her new life much like a cat. She will often try to read up what she can understand in Fiorian language to make friends or try to communicate with people.

Upon first impression, she is very proud and independent woman who needs no man or woman in her life. It is hard for her to ask for help, especially when it comes to her own personal issues. If its something small such as directions or a translation, she will ask if she has to. But she tries to avoid that kind of situation. Again, she hates conflict with other people.

Ghost is merely not the most social butterfly nor the timid, hermit crab. Very in between. Since she is very new to the country and does not understand the language of Fiore quite yet, she is willing to try. She is very friendly and willing to give people a chance. Even with making friends or talking to people, she is always careful though since the accident. Always trying to make friends and get to know the world around her, she also is known for her ghostly hair or apperance. Often not mind since most people point that out upon first impression, some even go as far as to tease her. Forming a thick skin, but in the inside it does hurt. On the outside, she knows how to roll things off and let it not bother her, but really it eats at her. She does not like opening up about her personal problems since she is very proud and independent. Opening up to anyone is merely very hard for her, fearing she will become a burden on people. Often times, she wont eat because of the guilt that happened to her friends and mother. The incident has left a permanet scar mentally and physically on her. It has caused to form depression and slight anxiety.


  • Drawing/Her Sketchbook: Drawing is so much fun! You can create characters and fictional worlds. She loves drawing its a way for her to escape especially feeling guilty about almost everything that happened almost two years ago. You will always see her calculating how to break things down to draw them or carrying around her sketchbook.
  • Winter/Being Cold: The feeling of snow and ice between her toes and the winter wind nipping on her skin. Its a wonderful feeling. As growing up in the harsh conditions of winter, she loves the feeling of the cold. She could wear shorts and a tank top barefoot and would not feel phased.


  • Churches and Relgion:Despite how good it may do, she does not trust churches due to what had happened in recent events. Mostly Illumin, she swears that's the religion of those who swarmed and wiped out her village.
  • Her Birthday: Due to the reminder is has scarred her, she hates her birthday. On her birthday, she stays at home or in her bed moping. She does not want to do anything.
  • Rude People: Despite not knowing customs of Fiore too well, a lot of people do not like her thanks to her lack of knowledge of Fiore. They expect her to speak their language and know how their country is. You would not believe how many people are rude to her.


  • Joining a Guild: Joining a guild is not the only reasons why she came to Fiore. Although, it would help her transition into the new life of being in a different country. Making new friends and just trying to move past the hardships in her life.
  • Equality: As race war is constantly going on, she swore to herself in honor of Lydia, her mother, and Lydia's family to protect all Lycan and those who are different race. she wants to be a voice for those who do not have one per say. Not just other races, but those who are different. She wants to fight for what is right!


  • Being Alone: Being alone is someone's worst fear. She has been there before and wishes to never be there again. Yes she has her father, but currently she feels alone since she knows no one and has no knowledge of the things around her.
  • Holy Knights: As much as she hates it, she also fears it. It's mostly those who are mostly closed minded and try to 'purify' those who are sin and ride the world of darkness. Its the Holy Knights she is scared.


Magic Name: Spirt's Whisper

Magic Element: Frost

Magic Description: As being an ancient Icebergian magic, it is almost unheard of in Fiore. A magic only those who dared to put their lives on the line. It allows those to contact the afterlife and collect their energy and harness it to maintain balance in the magical world. It uses mainly Offensive and Supplementary spells, but can use defensive, self-buff, debuff, and healing spells.


History: Varjo was born into a middle class family in Iceberg to the proud parents of Gordon Lycann and Aavae Ozoulf. Her mother was a warrior within their small town. She was healthy and very different from the rest in her town. A lot like her mother, she had the most purest white hair and brightest green eyes. Its was unusal for a child to have that bright of hair. Though, no one really picked on her for it until later on when she started school Gordon and Aavae were like any parents. They loved her and treated her very well. However, her father was called by the Rune Knights in Fiore to come back shortly after she started school. He had to go away for his job. Her mom had to raise her alone, but they were alright.

Life in the small town was brilliant yet unforgiving. The citizens were accustom to the harsh conditions. Varjo would often disappear in the snow and look a lot like a ghost. Giving her the nickname, Ghost. She went by "Ghost" ever since then. As a daughter of two mages, she was made to learn a magic. Her mother gave her the choice of which to go with from a book she was given. It was old and dusty, but full of information. Flipping through the book, she found a magic that was light based used to slay monsters. Thinking this was it, she read the words, "Spirit's Whisper. It was a magic able to contact the afterlife and use their energy to maintain balance. Willingly, her mother agreed to train her. Since the age of seven, her mother would undergo hard training and after a hard day's work they would have a nice warm meal.

School life was pretty odd. Everyone knew her as the "snow haired girl" or "Ghost". Teachers were able to point her out in an instant. The other kids would pick on her for her white hair. Of course, this bothered her, but using her mother's teachings, she grew a thick skin over time. Her favorite subjects in school was magic and history. There was one kid in her class that was a Lycan and was picked on. Her named was Lydia. Lydia and Ghost became close friends as so did their parents. They would train together, play tag, and other games Icebergians had done.

When she was in her late teen to early twenties, attacks started happening to those of other races. A small group of religious, foreign people started to terrorize other neighboring villages doing vicious terrorist attacks on homes and burning bodies. This alerted her mother and other warriors of her villages. Some scouts had said they are aiming those who are not of the human race. When Ghost heard about that, she thought about Lydia and her family. Being a slightly experienced mage, she could only do so much. So she trained harder and harder. One day, on her 21st birthday, some people in armor and masks came into town. Lydia nad her family plus Ghost's mother and herself were at their house having a party. They barged into each house pulling each body down into the snow.

They each were trying to see which one was a 'sinful soul' aka trying to see who is not human. Of course, they walked up to Lydia first. Right then and there, her mother and Lydia's parents started to attack. Lydia's parents transformed into their true form protecting their child and Ghost. Their parents told them to run. Ghost grabbed her best friend's hand quickly, charging out of the village. Soldiers saw them and one of them aimed at Lydia. With a swipe, she saw her best friend died. Ghost blacked out. Several hours later, Ghost woke up as being the only one of her village to survive. Searching around for survivors, she saw her mother dead along with Lydia. Offically, there was a scar that formed over her left eye making her remember that day.

Ghost had to shelter at a nearby village and send a message to her father in Fiore about the news. Upon hearing this, her father insist her coming to Fiore to help heal and start a new life. As being the only family she had left, she traveled to Fiore almost a year later. Working enough to pay for the trip and training, she was able to meet her father and stay with him until further notice.

Reference: Nobody. Its me LeeAnn.

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Akira Shimada
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