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Akumakeshin Shoumetsu

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Name: Amukeshin Shometsu

Age: May 5th, X761

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Heterosexual

Ethnicity, Father: Joyan

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lords

Tattoo: Upper Center of his back.

Face: Nenekirimaru from Touken Ranbu


Height: 6'7"

Weight: 236 lbs

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Brown

Overall: Akuma is a tall man with a very intimidating stature. He doesn't often smile a lot, but when he does one may say that his smile is almost devilish. He has dark brown hair that goes down to his back and a light beard that stretches to his chin.

In regards to clothing, his clothes are very traditional Joyan wear with the fur of wild animals wrapped around him. His leather top covers half of his Phantom Lords tattoo while the fur on his shoulder covers the rest.

Akuma is extremely muscular to match his height, his abs are solid and his arms are like boulders. He doesn't wear much for accessories but he has painted his finger and toenails black just because he liked the look.

Extra: N/A


Personality: Akuma is, in a sense, a very grumpy man. He doesn't want anyone bothering him, he doesn't want anyone talking to him, and he doesn't want anyone annoying him. He likes to keep to himself and deal with his own business. He gets heavily annoyed when people try to force themselves on him, and he really hates hyper friendly people.

Despite this personality, there are a few people that Akuma can tolerate, but those are highly rare. He will mostly keep company with people who are useful to him, or people who he values greatly. However, he doesn't trust most people, so it can be tough to be considered a person whom he values.

Akuma loves killing more than anything, which is why he became a berserker class. Once his blood begins to boil, he will do whatever it takes to see to it that the person who angered him is dead. Unlike many berserkers, though, he can control his fits of rage. He will not get angry if getting angry comes at the risk of dying. He will think several steps ahead, and he will perform every action with a coherent ending action in mind.

He has no plans on dying early, thus he calculates and prepares.


  • Killing: Akuma thrives with killing. He will not randomly kill anyone who doesn't deserve it, but once he finds a reason to kill someone he will become ecstatic at the thought. This love of killing is what makes him a very dangerous enemy.

  • Sweet Food: Despite how tough of a man he seems, he enjoys a good bit of sweets from time to time. Alcohol and meat can only make him so happy. Sometimes Akuma wouldn't mind just sitting down and eating some cookies or cake. A good day for him is when he is able to eat a delicious piece of pie.


  • People: People, or rather some people, can annoy him so much to where he dislikes talking to them. This is half the reason why he remains quiet at times. It is also why a lot of people call him a grump, because the moment someone annoying speaks to him, he may be liable to grumble at them.

  • Losing: Losing is a very big deal for Akuma. He strives to be incredibly powerful, but he cannot prove his strength if he loses. Losing not only hurts his pride but makes him angry enough to try to win the next time. At times, losing can be a strong motivation for Akuma.


  • Strength: Akuma wants to surpass his limit and become seemingly invincible. To do that, he trains day in and day out to master his skills. He climbs a hill of adversity every day to be able to finally kill one man that is far more powerful than he is. For the moment that man's death is the very reason why he trains.


  • Weakness: Akuma fears being weak far more than he fears death. If he is weak, he'll never be able to reach his goal. His biggest fear is that he'll always remain the little weakling he was when he was younger, thus he works to never be weak or show weakness.

  • Connections: Akuma fears having a family, having friends, and Akuma having a loved one in his life. All of these things can be lost for him at the drop of a hat. He fears what the end result of that may be. He fears the thought of loving something, only for it to be taken away and killed, thus driving him to a moment of complete weakness. This is partly why he is aloof to other people who he could possibly be connected with.


Magic Name: Lightning Magic

Magic Element: Lightning

Magic Description: Electricity exists in every being. Waves of electrical signals flow through living creatures to keep them functioning properly. This magic takes advantage of those electric signals. By discharging electrical currents from the body, the user of this magic can make use of various lightning style attacks with various lightning style effects.


History: Akumakeshin was born to a man named Hiroshi Shoumetsu. Hiroshi was a samurai who originally hailed from Joya. He was loyal to his lord and often did whatever it took to protect them. However, one day while he wasn't paying attention, a group of shinobi murdered his lord from right under his nose.

Normally, when a samurai showed that they could not protect their lord, they would commit seppuku for their crime. However, Hiroshi did not want to die yet. Thus, he ran away from his home and became a Ronin.

Hiroshi snuck away to Fiore, where he fell in love with and married a farm girl named Bella. With her, he had two children, first a son which they named Akumakeshin, and a daughter.

Akumakeshin was always an off-putting kid. He didn't play with other children and he rarely said a word. He was always quiet and inattentive to most things, and he had an air about him that made it seem almost like he was bored.

The only time where he really showed emotion was when he was practicing sword battles with his father. During that time, it was like he was a monster in child form. He would attack his father with ruthless blows and nearly seriously wound him at times.

Akumakeshin scared Hiroshi. The more Hiroshi trained with his son, the more he began to believe that Akumakeshin was the spirit of his dead lord who reincarnated in the body of his son to forever scare him. Eventually, this drove Hiroshi insane.

One day, a wandering mage met Hiroshi. Seeing how terrified this man had become for his own son, the mysterious mage began to manipulate Hiroshi subliminally. Eventually, the mage's influence broke him and drove Hiroshi Shoumetsu to plot the murder of his son before his son would try to murder him.

On the night where Hiroshi plotted his murder, he first killed his wife, who he first thought was his son. Knowing that he was already destined to live a life of crime, he decided to finish his duty by murdering his youngest daughter. Then, when the time came, he tried to murder Akumakeshin.

However, at the time that this happened, Akumakeshin was already stronger than his father. When Hiroshi tried to end his life, Akumakeshin fought back and hailed victorious over his father.

After Akumakeshin murdered his parent, he sought out the mage that twisted his father's mind. He tried to kill the mage but was too weak to withstand the mage's power.

Finding interest in the little boy, the mage decided to let him live. He wanted to see Akumakeshin get stronger than he was now and try to kill the mage in the future.

Left without a family or a home, Akumakeshin wandered Fiore alone. He fought for himself and lived only for himself. He trained, but his training didn't give him enough strength to kill the mage.

When Akumakeshin felt his hope almost lost, he found himself at the footsteps of the Phantom Lord's guild. In his moment of desperation, he joined the guild with the attempt of getting stronger. He learned lightning magic and he trained his body vigorously for the moment where he would be able to kill the man that ruined his life.

He dropped the name Akumakeshin and took on the nickname Akuma, then worked to the bone to become someone powerful.

Reference: Baron

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