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Hargeon to Orchidia [Foot Travel - Serafeyna]

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Hargeon to Orchidia [Foot Travel - Serafeyna] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:08 pm

Rolling her shoulders back, Mia wasn't looking forward to this trip all that much, but it had to be done...for the weirdest ass reason. Apparently after travelling all the way to Hargeon to sign up with their chosen guild, most of the guild itself was situated in a whole other town or city or whatever. What the hell? Did none of them wanna represent their guild in it's home town? Ah whatever, there wasn't really much to be done about that as much as it bugged the blonde. She'd rather be working alongside her guild mates.

"Sorry about this Sera, I really don't have a clue what's going on here. Least we ain't gotta travel alone though right?" She shrugged with a smirk. "Apparently the next town over or so has a station we can hop onto anyway, so it won't all be by foot...geeze imagine that. It'd be torture pulling that off..." She shuddered a little, always hating her cardio work. A marathon walk like this was just in no way an enjoyable prospect, but hey, at least since they weren't doing guild work she didn't have to look their best, meaning Mia could actually dress in something more comfortable for such a long journey. "Who knows, we may even be able to hitch a ride if a wagon passes us by or somethin'."

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Hargeon to Orchidia [Foot Travel - Serafeyna] Empty Fri Jan 04, 2019 6:24 pm

Serafeyna Carroll
Sera rolled her eyes as Mia apologized. "Yeah, gee, you know how I just hate traveling," she teased. Even on foot-- hell, especially on foot-- the opportunity to explore new places was always so enticing to Sera. Sure, she did find it strange that so many guildmates were off so far away, but that just made an interesting story to uncover as far as she was concerned. "I'm sure it'll work out fine~"

Granted, unlike Mia, she still planned to look her best all along the trip, wearing a rather fashionable and frilly dress that, admittedly, was a little bit stuffy even for this weather, but dammit, she looked absolutely phenomenal. Who cared if almost no one would see?

As she followed Mia, she pondered their situation. "You know, I've been thinking. Since we do so much traveling and working together--" not that that was surprising given they'd come to Fiore together and lived together, but ssh-- "we should totally form an official team. What do you think?" She grinned and flexed dramatically. "Sera and Mia, together again, the winning combination!" she proclaimed in a silly voice before giggling.


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As they were walking, Mia chuckled a little at Sera's teasing about their predicament, rolling her eyes a little before stepping in closer and reaching under Sera's hat to ruffle her hair for a moment, careful not to knock it entirely off her head so it'd fall back into place once she retrieved her hand, the blonde leaning back a little as she walked and looking up towards the sky idly as the clouds passed them by, humming to herself a little to keep herself entertained. She wasn't too unused to trecks like this back home when helping her Dad with his work, but like Sera, she did find it a little weird, and by extension, a tad annoying none of her guildmates were in the same place as her. Well, beyond Sera.

Hearing the idea to form a team, Mia readily smiled and let out a chuckle. "Would certainly make applying for quests together one step simpler, just put up the team name rather than sign up individually." She pretended to think on it but was readily prepared to say- "Sure, why not. Got any team names in mind? Fair warning I'm gonna Veto it if it's too floofy and girly."


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Hargeon to Orchidia [Foot Travel - Serafeyna] Empty Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:00 am

Serafeyna Carroll
Sera snorted. "Like I'd even try to suggest anything foofy and girly with you." She had known Mia a long time, and even if this had come up within their first week of knowing each other it would have been obvious that Mia would veto anything like that. Miss big strong muscles and machoness, ha. She really was the strangest combination of butch and femme, wasn't she?

But back to the topic at hand, hmmm... Did Sera have any ideas? Something that combined their personality traits, or maybe their names, or perhaps played on their magic. Sera sung and Mia punched things, so... "Is Swan Song too dark?" she asked. After a little bit to think on it, though, she shook her head and admitted, "Yeah, probably too dark. We don't wanna kill anyone, after all, and it doesn't really work if it's not death-related does it." Not as a pun anyway.

"What about..." Punching and singing, or fire and wind, or punching and wind, or.... "Ooh! What about Might-n-Gale! Like a nightingale but playing on our magics!" She beamed, rather proud of the word play indeed.

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