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O ye, of Little Faith [Kyam]

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O ye, of Little Faith [Kyam] Empty Wed Jan 02, 2019 12:07 pm


Amen'ra wasn't a man of strong faith, that much was for sure, but he was a man of strong belief. While the churches and studies of Illumin might not of been his own personal standing he found that advertising such a thing wasn't the best choice. Especially when you were a Holy Knight, working directly under the church and The Order.

So instead of trying to avoid the building like the plague, Amen'ra found himself walking through the doors of the beautiful structure. His eyes glowing with sheer awe at the love that was clearly put into the creation of such a place.

A true touristic monument, hence the constant traffic from outsiders like himself.

Stepping forward he allowed the wind from the door closing to brush through his black fur coat while his steps slowly propelled him. He was in no rush and wanted to bask in the magnificence around him.

Covered from head to toe in an all white sweater and white pants, his shoes seemed to be the only source of actual color; being deep red boots. He would of preferred to be wearing red dress shoes but unfortunately the snow wouldn't allow such a thing without severe slipping and likely injury.

Amen'ra was supposedly alone, or so he suspected as he hadn't seen anyone else but then again he hadn't been looking for long. He'd only been staring at the beautiful stained glass and moving slowly past the pews.

"This place is a masterpiece."

He'd say aloud to no one in particular while nodding approvingly at his own words. As if he was unaware that he'd been the one to say them.

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"I don't understand." He whispered to himself as he stood at the front of the church. He gazed upon the glory of Illumin, his eyes glaring directly at the small statue in front of him. Earlier he was saved by the hand of Konstantin, a man who was a believer of Illumin. Only through the power of Illumin was this man able to rid the demonic power that resided within Kyam. None of it made sense. His entire life he was brought up on a different version of god. Different deities that influenced the life of many Savannans- his father included. Although he wasn't a firm believer in the religion of Savannah he was confused on how one could possibly use the power of Illumin to "fix" him, for he didn't believe in Illumin either. None of it made sense. Here the prince of Malia stood, more powerful than he had ever been in thanks to Illumin.

The church was where the exorcism happened, specifically in the back room behind the door to his far left. Kyam just couldn't bring himself to acknowledge Illumin. He was a man that believed in evidence and although obviously people blessed by "Seraphims" and demons existed, this idea of Illumin seemed so far fetched. Maybe it was because the people who worshipped him were darker in their ways than most. It seemed like only a cultist could put their faith into something like that. Regardless, he was thankful that his body was no longer a host. His flames were white as if he had been purified. NOTHING. MADE. SENSE.

As he thought to himself int he empty church in the middle of the night he could hear a voice from behind him refer to the sheer beauty of Orchidia's church. Kyam turned his head back with a slick smile, almost evil yet very warm. He saw a man with black hair and a fur coat. Fashionable. He himself was wearing a white fitted shirt not suited for the cold weather but not needed either. Ever since Konstantin had helped him, his body seemed to be naturally warm. "It is spectacular, isn't it?" he responded. "The power of Humanity through the good grace of our lord and savior, Illumin!" he said sarcastically but still genuine enough to confuse someone who didn't know him or his beliefs.


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The second voice ringing out through the church was enough to cause Amen'ra's head to lightly snap to the source. Another man, with forehead tattoos, sitting with a small smirk on face and if not for the setting it would of been much creepier. The standing man offered a smile to the person he'd so clearly interrupted and continued his slow path through the walkway, rubbing the back of the wooden benches.

Amen'ra would slow to a near stop however at the tone of the mans words. If there was one thing in the world the young man understood better than most it was sarcasm, and so with a raised brow and a bemused look he would turn his head to the side playfully.

"Forgive me for asking, but was that sarcasm I detected?"

His own voice filled with an almost understanding tone, while still managing to be as playful as possible when dealing with strangers. His posture moving to his typical stance, standing at his full height with one arm to his side while his black nail rubbed against the wood grain. Noiselessly but still notable if you were looking for the most cumbersome details.

"I mean i won't say I don't agree with you, but I don't know enough about 'Illumin' to really form an opinion."

He'd shrug, taking another step in the direction of the front of the church; near where the man was sitting. Not an intimidating motion simply a way to show he was more than interested in whatever it is the figure would say to him.

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The man he turned to look at had been walking towards him, slowly. His hands moved on the benches as he moved and Kyam could only chuckle at his reply. Sarcasm was obvious but there were people he had met that could not understand his version of sarcasm mostly because it really didn't come off as sarcasm. This man, however, was no dummy. In fact, he even called the Prince out on his sarcasm. "Heheh." was his only reply as he turned to face forward again. The architecture of this place was beautiful but this was only his second time coming. His demonic power always rejected it, alas he was finally free from the grip of hell. No more a prisoner to that dark energy. As he looked forward the man spoke once more. The man had dark hair and was around the same height as Kyam. Perhaps they were the same age too. Kyam could only assume since this was a magical world they lived in. People could appear to be someone they were not, so he kept that in mind.

His golden orbs peered at the statue in front of him whilst the man spoke. Apparently he wasn't someone who was brainwashed by this Illumin crap. "Most people don't know enough about Illumin, only what is written..." he began with his strong accent. "Yet there strong believers of words written by man..." Still facing forward. "Fiore has an entire military forced based around Illumin, fighting demons and other races as if their god told them to do so. He must exist after all right?" At that point there was no longer sarcasm in his voice. Instead, he was asking a serious question- not only for the man to answer but for himself to ponder on as well. Illumin this, Illumin that. Werewolves, vampires, even the innocent of those beings - all subject to Illumin's wrath.


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After a small snicker the man was turning to face forward and hadn't exactly changed his position to address the Holy Knight while speaking. Amen'ra didn't take a offence, he had no reason to, and instead continued to listen to the figure as they spoke out once more. Their confirmed sarcasm easing the little bit of anxiety the man might of felt in such a new place.

Coming to a stand still, Amen'ra wasn't far from the man now but he still decided to stop and take in the speakers words. While true people seemed to follow something that was written by the hands of man to their death, what's to say the book wasn't written to control the populace or even by some evil entity to trick the people into false worship? It was all too vague for him, and apparently he wasn't alone.

"I would be a fool to try and simply affirm or deny the existence of this lands religious figure, but if we are speaking freely then I must say... "

Amen'ra would pause for a bit, no more than 3 seconds but enough for him to ponder his answer to the man in question.

"To follow a text without much backing evidence is rather close minded and weak willed. Sure, slaying demonic beasts that threaten the people is a good deed, but despite my line of work I don't have to be a slave to this Illumin 'hive mind'."

His tone was indicative to someone doing air quotes when speaking of a hive mind. While Amen'ra saw the church as more of a cult than anything he wasn't going to completely discredit the belief, but rather the blind following associated with it.

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Illumin played a big role in Fiore, that much was true. Illumin- whomever he was, had allowed countless innocent people to die and is now allowing the church that serves him follow their own regulations. Religion is this country wasn't used to bring people together, it was used to tear people apart yet Illumin was doing nothing to fix this. All the pain and suffering in this world, it had all been allowed by this "God" Fiore adores so much. The black haired man had obviously pondered upon this subject before. He concluded that to affirm or deny the religion of this country would make him a fool. perhaps. Kyam thought. The man went on to say that he agreed with the dark skinned mage; following the scriptures written by the hand of man was just as foolish as not believing the word. What was more interesting though, was when he went on to say that despite his line of work he wasn't brainwashed by Illumin. Kyam merely raised an eyebrow but still he remained forward watching the statue in front of him.

"You're a holy Knight." he stated. That was his conclusion. He didn't need to ask because this man made it quite obvious. This sudden influx of Holy Knights, what are they planning? he asked himself. When he first came to this country he was taught that only "strong" mages were allowed to join "The Order" but as of late there had been so many Holy Knights, surely they all weren't that capable as mages. The royal prince of the Malia Kingdom slowly turned his head to face the man, smiling warmly as his eyes penetrated his soul. Although his smile was warm, his eyes said something totally different, it was often confusing for some folk. "So, if you're a Holy knight and you don't know if you believe in the grace of Illumin, what the purpose of joining the order?" If this man gave an answer he wanted to hear, then he might be of use to Kyam.


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Amen'ra merely observed the man after he'd confirmed that he was speaking to a Holy Knight. Sure, he had the title but was he wasn't high ranked and he didn't have much power compared to his contemporaries, but he still wore his armor proud none the less. "Correct."

His words were simply to not leave the man guessing but even still he didn't much care what others thought of his line of work. Sure, some people didn't exactly think it was the coolest form of work but he found his passion for it and the fire hadn't begun to wane yet.

Slowly, the man was turning to look at the knight and Amen'ra almost cringed at the way he stared at him. His eyes were almost like that of a predator eyeing their prey but his smile was kind, it was almost frightening if not just creepy. Offering his own half smile in return before raising a brow at the question.

"Can one not love animals yet hold the profession of a butcher? My thoughts about Illumin shouldn't hold sway over my duty as a knight, If what I'm doing gives people hope i'm content. As long as Holy Knights stand tall, countering the demonic threats that plague the land, the people's spirits will stand even stronger."

Amen'ra smirked as he looked away and shocked himself at how his own answer had come out. Naturally he wasn't finished and couldn't help but throw in a small point that might not of held any power to some, but to him it was all the motivation he needed.

"Not to mention as a kid I wanted to make my dad proud. He was a Rune Knight, not a Holy Knight, but I'd always thought Holy Knights were cooler... too bad he never got the chance to tell me how he felt."

That smirk turned sorrowful and Amen'ra's face turned toward the statue, observing it's form and holding back what he suspected was tears. He could feel his own body trembling lightly and decided to cross his arms to strengthen his foundation. Not many people could get him to talk about his father but there was always an eerie comfort people had with strangers.

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Kyam finally stood to face the man entirely. He'd been in this church for far too long and nearly lost track of time. Tomorrow he would have to awaken and get started on finishing the tasks ahead. Shahrbaraz had told the entire guild to complete some training regime and here he was pondering on things that otherwise meant nothing to him. Sometimes thinking too much made him uneasy, like now. Slowly the prince began walking towards the man. "Correct." was his response proving further that he was indeed a Holy Knight. The man then began to respond to Kyam bringing up a valid point despite his faith not entirely being there. Holy Knights were full of people who believed deeply in their god so it was odd to come across one who didn't. If fighting demons and other bad guys was all he wanted to do then he could have easily joined the Rune Knights. Perhaps he felt like the Holy Knights had a more just cause- that was the only reason Kyam could think of. "I see.." he responded as he stopped in front of the man.

The Knight turned away, bringing up his father as another reason for him joining the Knights. Kyam noticed his eyes watered and for a second it reminded him of a deep and lingering pain he had. His father, the King of Malia was important to him too though he was sure that the relationships the two of them had with their fathers were different. Kyam could only hold back tears of anger when he thought deeply about his father while this man...his eyes watered with sadness. The lamia Scale mage began to walk forward, giving the man a moment of silence as he closed the distance between him, placing his left hand on his shoulder. "Your father's gone, but don't forget; this is a magical world we live in. I'm more than certain that there's a way he can tell you how he felt." he said to him in almost a whisper.

With that he continued past the man and walked towards the entrance of the church, stopping before opening the doors. "Kyam, by the way. I'm sure I'll see you around...I always end up seeing people I've met more than I'd like to." Snickering he exited the church. Now it was time to handle business.

~ EXIT ~


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The Holy Knight didn't even mind that the person he'd been talking to suddenly stood and moved closer to him. Standing directly in front of him and even placing a hand on his shoulder, a comforting gesture toward someone who he didn't even know. Maybe they shared a mutual pain that neither could fully discuss, but at the end of the day they didn't need to.

The look in his eyes said it all.

His words, however, were what brought him back to reality. He raised a brow as the man spoke of talking to the dead and internally pondered exactly what he meant by that. Sure, there were tons of archaic and other worldly magic that people possessed but could that really be the case? Could Amen'ra actually speak to his father one last time?

As Kyam walked away and introduced himself, Amen'ra let his features grow more gentle and turned to watch him leave. So his name was Kyam huh? A fitting name to the face, if he did say so himself. Now, however, his voice spoke out to the departing figure and simply stated his name. "Amen'ra..." Letting out a tone that would read 'likewise' to the man in question.

And with that, he was turning to the statue, standing there for several minutes before collecting his thoughts and turning to leave the church. Curious as to what he could do to see his father one last time.


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