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Watch yourself [aki] [training]

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Baron awoke today in a bad mood, every step he took it felt like there were people planning his downfall despite everyone he had formerly known being gone one way or another. This lowliness was simple for most but to him the loneliness was far louder than any blaring war he had ever heard. Out of the two anyway. He was on his own and the only thing that comforted him was the bottle, that was right. Instead of eating, or trying to speak to anyone he had gone out of his way to drink now and when he drank he had purpose: Fight.

No matter the mood he fought, women, men, whatever was inbetween he fought and every fight made him feel relevant like he had true purpose.

At the moment he was staring down a downed opponent, this man had nothing to do with his drunkenness nor did he do anything to enrage the man other than bump into him. Much to the man’s grace, he wasn’t beaten just yet, Baron merely had a hold on his arm and threatened to beat him, it was an elderly man and his wife could only watch in terror as her husband was intimidated by the drunken wolf.

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#2Akira Shimada 

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Akira Shimada
Despite her fondness for Rynah, she chose to frequent Enil's bar over Mitya's. The woman forgave her for it too, she knew her son's temperament could sometimes be unsavoury. Akira wasn't as easily enamoured by Mitya's seeming charm even though it stood in stark contrast with Enil's ungainly self. She still held against Mitya the use of underhanded tactics to thward his competitor. In either case, she was enjoying her morning coffee at Enil's bar. He's learned exactly how she liked the warm beverage, yet another thing that influenced her decision in which bar to favour among the two.

Her peace was significantly wounded though, when she overheard a man complaining about some big guy causing havoc in the streets. He looked a little shaken up himself and this instantly provoked Enil to get defensive. He reared up to go take care of whoever this guy was, allegedly under the guise of protecting his patrons. Akira only had to wave her hand dismissively to get him to reconsider. Despite him being aware of the girl stepping down from her rank, for Enil the mere fact that she had accomplished it warranted his undying respect.

He didn't contradict her too much when she offered to step in. She could no longer arrest people, but surely containing this wrecking ball was of utmost importance right? She took the details from the witness and set off to hunt the guy down.

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Baron held the man’s collar in one hand, his other other balled up into a fist as he looked down at the crimson caked face of his victim. His urges had been growing more rampant since he had returned to civilization, his desire to fight taking hold and his lust for battle driving him to obsession to fight any and everyone who came his way. Eventually he had begun imagining a voice in his head telling him to pick his targets and face off with them, the voice was low at times, a soft whisper in the back of his head that irritated him into doing tasks for him.

Flinging his fist forward he delivered a final blow before tossing his newest prey aside, unconscious and resting peacefully. He never killed anyone, he never made a habit of doing it as it was immoral and he’d likely get in trouble with his guild, thus he’d take trophies off of those he defeated. A ring here, a necklace there, one man even had a fancy ‘wallet’ on his person, Baron of course gave back the contents but kept the wallet as a keepsake despite not having jewels. When offered jewels he simply refused often stating he wanted the glory and not the money.

“When will I find a challenge?”

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Akira Shimada
Before she left though, she took her own time finishing the drink. there was something satisfying about the way Both Enil and the man who had just offered the intel watched her with bated breaths. From the corner of her eye she noticed their flabbergasted expressions and the conflict that raged within them. They clearly wanted to say something to urge her on, but they also didn't want to deal with her should she not take it well. It was a little hilarious because a lot of their fear was based of off nothing but rumours. She hadn't even shown any inclinations of losing her temper, neither had she harmed anyone... but people talked and somehow she'd earned herself the title of the crazy young ex-knight and people treated her like she was volatile.

It wasn't too tough to find her way to the guy, as he finished up with his last victim. He'd left a trail of injured souls and worried citizens in his wake. Within just that morning, he'd already garnered quite a bit of infamy. The hulk of a man had his back turned to her. She sighed softly a ring of people had formed around the man after his recent spectacle, although they gave him a wide berth. She emerged, from the crowd, still behind him. Given how petite she was and how tiny she appeared especially in comparison, the words she spoke were laced with a lot of irony.  'Why don't you pick on someone your own size?' Two alleged crazies potentially duking it out, this story was going to make the rounds...

She stepped closer and squinted against the light he was blocking. Paying closer attention to his form and the color of his hair. It was so... familiar. Then it hit her, it was Fenrir. Her eyes widened with realisation. What happened to him? Just because she once knew the man he was, couldn't possibly earn him forgiveness for all this. But she also didn't want to make a spectacle out of their interaction. 'Fenrir! It is Akira. Follow me, we need to talk.' She said, simply. Before turning and disappearing back into the crowd, squeezing her way between the people and escaping on the other side. She'd have asked if his memory loss was acting up again. Perhaps he gained his memories back and he'd lost the ones he'd made recently. Regardless, she didn't want to drag that fact into the open and taint his reputation anymore.

She was sure he'd find a way to catch up to her and for his sake, he better not leave a trail of injured souls behind him any more. For the sake of friendship, she offered him an easier out than she would have for anyone else. She really had to find out what was up with him, in an earnest too. This way, he was going to land up in jail. Heck, if she hadn't filed her paperwork for being undercover, she'd have cuffed him herself.


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