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Michelle Hunter

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#1Michelle Hunter 

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Michelle Hunter


Name: Michelle Hunter

Age: Twenty-Six | 17th August, X761

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Caelese

Ethnicity, Mother: Savannan

Class: Hierophant

Race: Human

Rank: C-Rank

Guild: Red Hades

Tattoo: Left Scapula - Purple

Face: Yoruichi Shihoin - Bleach


Height: 5' 8" | 173 cm

Weight: 126 lbs | 57 kg

Hair: Purple

Eyes: Golden

Overall: At five feet eight inches, Michelle stands slightly taller than an average woman. With her straight shoulders, fit and curvaceous body, she would be a great model if she ever chose to be one. Chocolate skin, purple hair, golden eyes, and luscious pink lips; everything about her screams ‘exotic beauty’. Even though she had moved away from her physical combat style and had opted to hone her magical skills, her fashion sense had remained the same. The only time she wears makeup is when she is required to seduce someone for her mission. Typically, she wears light-colored short kimono robe, which is tucked into her tight black pants. While such an attire does not reveal much skin, it definitely hugs her curves at the right places, which is enough to turn heads when she walks in. She usually ties her shoulder-long purple hair in a high pony and still always tapes her hands and feet out of old habit.

Extra: -


Personality: Michelle could have been a lot of things. In her early years, like every other kid, she was innocent and optimistic. However, that did not last for long, thanks to the circumstances she was raised under. Forced to work dangerous jobs from the age of three, the girl grew a cold, hard shell rather quickly; she did what she had to, to survive. When a bunch of children, who are underfed and overworked, are put under the same roof, it brings the worst out of everyone. Michelle learned to weave her way through the bullies and the crazies, somehow even managing to rein them under her control when she got old enough. She grew to be an extremely resourceful girl, both in physical and mental capacity. This came in extra handy when she was chucked out of her orphanage at thirteen and had to live on the streets. Whilst she was poor and homeless, she was still the queen among them.

Things took a sharper turn when she met Benjamin, her foster father and master. Benjamin did not care for her life or future; he simply saw potential in her and wished to use her as a tool. He even stated so clearly before offering to adopt her; Michelle still agreed. The young girl had been searching for a purpose desperately; to her, being someone’s human shield was better than being nobody on the streets. And so, she followed Benjamin and his rigorous training to become an assassin.

The very first part of the training was to control her emotions. She was to let go of her past, not care about her future, and submit her present to Benjamin. The young and impressionable girl willingly did so. After years of physical and mental conditioning, Michelle was turned into a lethal, obedient assassin that any master would wish for. The young lady never asked any questions or hesitated for even a moment when asked to take a life. She had reached a point where nothing else but the word of her master mattered, and she obediently followed those words even if it pushed her to the brink of death.

However, when she learned that she has a half-brother, her emotions and the desire to call someone family resurfaced with a rush. She was convinced by the devil within her half-brother that Benjamin always knew that she had family but still chose to use her for his needs. Out of the love for her brother, the hatred for her former master, and above all, the fear of Lucifer, Michelle has ever since submitted her skills to the devil, just like she had done before to Benjamin.


  • Victor: Michelle thinks Victor was a fool to ever trust a devil and let Lucifer into his body willingly. However, no matter how much she hates his decision, he is the only family she has got would go to any lengths to protect him.

  • Training: She trained when she was under Benjamin's command to do his bidding. She trains now to ensure her brother survives his foolish deal with the devil. While she trains her magic more recently, she does enjoy the occasional physical workouts out of old habit.


  • Benjamin: Once revered and obeyed as her only master, Michelle despises the man after Lucifer managed to convince her that he always knew she had a family but lied to her and trained her as a assassin to keep her as a tool, nevertheless.

  • Illumin: The founder of the orphanage she was from was a huge follower of Illumin. Even though she says she is at peace with her past, she still holds a grudge against the religion. She believes its teachings are hypocritical and all its followers are criminals using it as a cover to hide their illegal businesses.


  • Family: Not until she was aware that she has a half-brother did she realise how much she craved familial ties. Now that she knows, protecting that bond and keeping her brother safe is all she cares about.

  • Power: Michelle knows she needs to be powerful enough if she wishes to protect her brother from those who would harm him. So, in addition to training hard, she is also on a never-ending quest to attain power through any other means possible, no matter how gruesome or cruel the process might be.


  • Losing Victor: Knowing that Victor hosts a powerful and wicked devil within who could do worse than kill him, Michelle's biggest fear is losing her brother. She hopes to find a way to free him from the grasps of the devil before he sinks in too deep.

  • Lucifer: Lucifer knows her deepest fears and desires, and had not hesitated for a second to use it against her. His literal control over her brother has given him passive control over Michelle, and she fears he will take away the one thing she wants if she doesn't obey him.


Magic Name: Dark Roots

Magic Element: Nature

Magic Description: A simple magic that allows the user to conjure and control the nature element. Since this magic was instilled within Michelle through a demonic ritual, most spells take on the form of blackish roots. Michelle primarily uses the magic to heal, but can also cast various other type of spells if the situation demands.


X761 - X785:
Michelle was the unwanted lovechild; the result of a one-night stand between a promiscuous barmaid and a wealthy businessman. Her father, Alexander Garrett, was the biggest conman one could find; the man’s entire life was made of lies. Using his gem magic, Alex converted pebbles and rocks into mesmerizing, shiny gems and sold them for crazy amounts of jewels. However, the gems would eventually turn back into rocks once the magic in them fades away. Once he had fooled enough people in one town, he would move on to the next before people caught on to his act. By doing this over and over, the man accumulated a tremendous amount of wealth in a very short time. With wealth came other luxuries, and Michelle’s mother, Carly, was one of those luxuries.

Carly was so busy going around that by the time she noticed the bump in her belly, it was too late to abort. The doctors told her she would be risking her life if she attempted abortion and that was the only reason Michelle was brought into the world. The woman resented the baby even before she was born and absconded from the hospital after delivery, leaving the baby behind. Having no other choice, the doctors from the hospital filed a complaint and left the baby at an orphanage.

Michelle’s luck was rotten from the day she was born, and she figured that out very soon. The orphanage she was dropped at turned out to be a cover for forced child labour. She was forced to work at the mines since the day she turned three and was allowed one meal a day, like every other kid who was with her. Even at that age, the girl was a rebel. The cruel atmosphere made her a very angry and ruthless being. She was a born leader; she had a gang following her by the time she was ten. She raided the kitchens every night, shirked off work at the mines, and burnt the illegal goods stocked at the orphanage. Basically, she was a complete nuisance to the orphanage administration since the day she could walk.

Eventually, Michelle was starting to incite a rebellion; a plan to reveal the true nature of the orphanage to the outside world. Of course, it was only a matter of time before the orphanage caught on to her acts. They knew things would go back to normal if they got rid of the troublesome rebel. So, when she was thirteen, she was kicked out onto the streets with nothing but the set of clothes she was wearing. Having no other option, she resorted to stealing food from the markets to survive. However, she couldn’t evade justice forever; one day, out of desperation, she took a risk and walked into a crowded market street to steal some food. She was immediately caught by the Rune Knights, and thrown into prison, where she awaited her trial.

It was in the prison where she met her foster father, Benjamin Hunter. A very old Elf, who seemed way too calm for someone who was looking at a lifelong sentence. The two hit off rather well and Benjamin revealed his plan to this fourteen-year-old child. He was going to escape the prison and he offered to take her with him. Michelle, of course, agreed and the two escaped the clutches of law the same night they were caught.

Michelle had been following Benjamin since then; she even took his second name, becoming his adopted daughter. The old Elf trained her in several martial arts and she honed her magic along with it. In the years she had been with Benjamin, she was trained to be a lethal assassin who killed with no hesitation or remorse. Her very first assignment, which Benjamin called her rite of passage, was to assassinate the orphanage administrators and recruit the children in there to become assassins like her. After the intense training she was put through, infiltrating the orphanage and killing all the adults in there without alerting anyone was a cake walk for her. The children in the orphanage saw her as their saviour and followed her willingly to become like her. Ever since, Michelle has been training the kids, while carrying out the missions given by Benjamin. She knows nothing about the principles of her foster father and does not care either. She does anything and everything he asks of her; good or bad, without question.
X786 - X787:
After Benjamin had left the country on a mission—details of which he had not shared with Michelle—she stuck around with Victor, hoping to ease up to him and convince him not to rely on the demon he had within. If not that, she at least hoped to help him train and be strong enough to control it so that he was always the master of his magic. It didn’t work, however, as it soon became apparent that Victor’s ideals seemed aligned with the demon’s and he didn’t care for the wrath Lucifer might unleash onto the world, so long as he was allowed to tap into that power and did what he pleased.

Of course, Lucifer had plans of his own and he was totally going to use Victor to achieve his goals. Michelle never doubted that. But what she didn’t expect was the devil being so cunning that he managed to manipulate her into serving him.

When Benjamin left the country without giving much information to Michelle, Lucifer convinced her into searching for any clues at her master’s hideout to find out where he might have gone. The old Elf had not returned for more than a year and it had gotten her worried, which the devil could sense and exploit. When she broke into Benjamin’s room and sifted through the documents there, Michelle found out that there was a file on her, which held records of the orphanage she was from. The pages in there told her who her mother was and that there was a chance that her mother could be alive. Benjamin had always known this and yet, he had kept it from her. Lucifer twisted this piece of information as much as he could, and over time, he had convinced Michelle to see her foster father as a cruel, manipulative being.

Knowing that she might have a living mother out there somewhere, Michelle craved to find out where she might be. Her desire to have an actual family resurfaced and she hid it less and less as the days went by. Seeing her restlessness, Lucifer set another plan in motion. When Victor’s father contacted him, he refused to go visit the man, but requested Michelle to go in his stead. Not knowing that there were strings being pulled in the background, Michelle agreed to go meet Victor’s father for the sake of not losing business. When she got there, however, she found Alexander Garett living with a Savannan woman named, Carly. Michelle immediately recognized her mother from the picture she saw in the file at Benjamin’s hideout. However, her mother obviously didn’t recognize her. As they spoke, it was later revealed that Carly once bore Alexander’s child, but had to leave the baby at the hospital as she was in no position to raise her right.

In that meeting, she not only found her mother, but also her father and a step-brother. And she had been roaming Fiore with her step-brother for two years then without even realising. Michelle was sure that this was no coincidence and reckoned the whole thing was orchestrated by Lucifer deliberately. How he knew of all these, she couldn’t fathom. That was the day she began to truly fear the demon. Michelle left her parents’ home without revealing that she was their daughter. When she got back to Victor, Lucifer was there to use her shocked state to mould her emotions and twist them such that she served him. He told her how she could have a true family if only she obeyed him and protected Victor. The devil even went so far as to threaten her by implying he might just kill Victor and find a different body if she continued being a pest. Out of fear that her brother will be hurt and the hope that there might come a day when she will have a wholesome family, Michelle submitted to the demon and began to serve him. She even went so far as to go through a demonic ritual to change her magic and focused solely on healing and assisting Victor so that she could keep him alive.

Reference: Hatsuharu's Alt #1

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Michelle Hunter
Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: NA
  • Race: Human [Perk Applied]
  • Companion: NA

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 67 (Including the AP from the Human perk for ranking up to C)

  • Strength: 1
  • Speed: 11
  • Endurance: 12
  • Constitution: 12
  • Intelligence: 31

Other Changes


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This character application has been approved.

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