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Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Idran/Adriano]

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#1Idran Alfius 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Idran/Adriano] Empty Tue Jan 01, 2019 6:32 pm

Idran Alfius
Just like many times before Idran and Adriano engaged in a quiet stroll through Hargeon, surveying the views of the southern city. Idran gazed at the sea, the ever-flowing tides and the sun reflecting off the waves. Idran closed his eyes and listened to the beautiful sound of the waves, and the birds. Thinking of back home and different it was. His favorite parts were the sounds of construction. Construction? Idran's eyes crudely opened to the site of workers moving wood and rebuilding. He cared not for what they were rebuilding, but he spotted a young gentleman in the midst of the workers, the gentleman sported a noble crest.

Idran came up with an Idea, surely there was money to be made from doing this. During the walk, Idran had noticed Adriano looking at swords, so it didn't take much thought to figure Adriano wanted one. The sooner Adriano got his sword the sooner Idran could fight something. Idran tugged at Adriano's sleeve. As soon as he got Adrianos attention he need only to point at the construction site and mutter "work."

The two came to the Noble, who noticed Adriano immediately. "Ah! Pardon me, kind gentleman, for not noticing you sooner" The Noble had a gentle voice yet one that could silence any other voice in an instant. "My name is Reign Valystasia, Lord of Hargeon. The docks have needed some work for a while now. So I have decided to take action."

"From the looks of it your taskforce seems undermanned." Idran took a glance at the few workers at the site.

"Actually, we are working all along the docks, we have many workers but we are spread thin." Reign gazed at Idran "We would appreciate any help. Of course, we will pay you for your time. Reign smiled.

"Perfect. We would love to help. I'll go help with the workers over there." he pointed towards the men and women carrying large slabs of wood towards the dock "I'll come back to you when everything on my end is done."


Idran walked over to the slabs of wood waiting to be delivered. He probably should've asked where these things were going. Oh well. he waved towards a nearby group of workers who appeared to be on break. "Excuse me, but could you tell me where these slabs of wood are going? Idran's eyes glazed over the three workers. One started to pipe up.

"Er..yeah they are heading down the dock to the warehouse, it's all the way down. You can't miss it half of it is ruined." The man told Idran.
"Ah perfect thank you." Idran walked over to the nearest slab of wood preparing to pick it up when he heard a sudden snickering.

"Uh..watch out shorty those things are heavier than I am" Snickered a portly worker

Idran was mad. Which wasn't a surprise, since his height has always been a sensitive topic with him. Idran didn't want to make a mess nor did he want to waste time. Out of annoyance Idran picked up a rock the size of the portly man's head and crushed it between his fists. "Don't call me short, fat man." Idran said through a gritted smile.


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#2Adriano Knightingale 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Idran/Adriano] Empty Mon Jan 07, 2019 9:18 pm

Adriano Knightingale
Hargeon was certainly different compared to what he was used to. Being raised in the wilderness had, after all, meant that he was mainly surrounded by land, land, and even more land. This town was the total opposite however. Although there were of course forests located not too far away, the residents had the pleasure of being situated next to the ocean. It was a relaxing shade of blue, a sight that often reminded him of the eyes of his late mother, large and all encompassing. The scent of salt was in the air and stuck to his clothes, potent to the point where it was noticeable to even him, despite his inferior sense of smell. Well, inferior compared to any of the animal companions he kept as a child.

The brunette's emerald eyes shimmered with curiosity as he walked, his attention mainly on the nearby sea. His thoughts focused on the idea of venturing out on the open waters, placing himself out of his comfort zone and into a whole other biome. Regular fish, such as trout and the like were animals he was familiar with. But what about seeing a whale, or perhaps a shark with his very own eyes? Something not bound behind a picture, something that wasn't out of his reach?

Adriano was completely out of it, so engrossed by his own imagination that he almost missed Idran's attempt to point them in the direction of another job. It took him a few seconds, but he certainly managed to look at his white-haired companion in the end, eventually turning to bear witness to a construction site. Why, it wasn't even long before another person entirely came across the duo, one considerably well-dressed. Surely they came from a wealthy family? Mentally, he compared the man's attire to his own and practically nodded to himself. Definitely from royalty.

"Ah! Pardon me, kind gentleman, for not noticing you sooner. My name is Reign Valystasia, Lord of Hargeon. The docks have needed some work for a while now. So I have decided to take action."

Thankfully, as he waved at the man in greeting, Idran was the one to continue the conversation and take lead. Honestly, it was situation he was getting well acquainted with, glad to not be forced into any speaking position.

He didn't even have any qualms with offering his assistance, always happy to help people where and when possible. So, upon understanding the situation and sorting out their respective jobs (Adriano had simply gestured to the unfinished dock, trying to signal what he wanted to do), he went to work.

Minutes passed by as he began to assist the few workers along the docks, hammering away at one unfinished portion with only a handful of others. It felt awkward, considering that he wasn't the type to exactly hammer things down, but he still gave it his best effort. A part of him almost wished to have jumped at the prospect of heavy lifting and whatnot, just like Idran did. However, it was only by coincidence that he stole a glance in said man’s direction, only to watch a rock instantly get demolished. Alarms went off in Adriano’s head as he took in the scene, his angry dwarf of a partner staring down a pleasantly plump, and slightly frightened man.

Red alert! Red alert! The words echoed in his brain, causing the brunette to gesture to his companion. His head shook back and forth rapidly while his hand went across his neck, the universal signal for “no, stop, for the love of god quit what you’re doing.” They were supposed to be helping these people, not threatening them!



Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Idran/Adriano] JPCoz4O
#3Idran Alfius 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Idran/Adriano] Empty Tue Jan 08, 2019 5:47 pm

Idran Alfius
Idran felt the dust of the rock crumble out of his hand, The man probably got the point. He had work to do anyway, his head turned to see Adriano staring at him. Oh no, what could the mute want no, all he could see was the boy furiously shaking his head. Wh-what? What did he want? Did something go wrong? Did Idran do something wrong? He doesn't even remember if he did something bad, Idran was working how could he do something bad while he was working? he was a diligent worker, he worked hard, and he made no mistakes as far as he knew. Confusion riddled Idran, and he stood there trying to figure out what Adriano meant.

"Excuse me, are you alright? you're just...standing there" The voice of Reign shook him out of it. He exchanged glances with Reign whose eyes were filled with concern. Idran had been thinking about Adriano's message so much he forgot entirely to work. Then he realized what that sly mute had done.

"A-ah yeah! My bad I was just thinking about...er...if I need to use magic to lift these slabs or not. Haha..." Idran scratched his head, trying to awkwardly laugh off his mistake. His face burning bright red in embarrassment.

"Oh! well, there is no need to waste your mana here! Why don't I help you out just a little bit? Reign said walking past Idran to the other side of the large slab of wood.

"Oh. There is no need for you to do that! I can do it myself!" the tomato faced Idran told the nobleman.

"Nonsense! I can't let you use that mana when I could simply help you." Reign smiled genuinely.

Great! Now Idran had inconvenienced the Lord as well! He kicked himself as he knelt down to get a firm grasp on the wood. This would have never happened if Adriano didn't message him. Wait a minute. Did Adriano purposely do this to embarrass Idran??? Idran gasped. In his head of course but still, Adriano probably did. There was no way Adriano couldn't be the mastermind behind this scheme to embarrass Idran. Probably because of all the challenges Idran put him through. Well, if you're gonna be like that, then more challenges will show Adriano that Idran will never back down. This was a new challenge all together. A challenge of challenges! Idran would surely put Adriano in his place, but this new challenge was also a battle of wit, for now, Idran will play the slow game. Nothing will stop Idran from winning against-"Are you alright?"

Idran had stopped working again.

Curse you Adrianoooo! Idran yelled.

In his head of course.


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#4Adriano Knightingale 

Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Idran/Adriano] Empty Wed Jan 09, 2019 10:57 am

Adriano Knightingale
Oh dear.

It was the only thought which traveled through his mind, watching as Idran struggled to understand his message and proceeded to... well, embarrass himself quite frankly. A small part of Adriano’s brain urged him to facepalm, perhaps continue with the task at hand, but he simply could not. Guilt was, after all, an emotion which chose to rush through his system, similar to oxygen saturating his bloodstream. He indirectly caused Idran to be somewhat humiliated, and although that was never his intention, it was still something that occurred anyway. A mistake that he wasn’t quite sure whether to leave alone, or dedicate his time to fix.

Out of shame, he quickly looked away from the scene. Perhaps he could share his concerns with Idran later somehow, find a way to make up for this error. Would a food offering work? He could pay for their next meal, especially when there was still money leftover from their last job. Or, no, perhaps any compensation would require something else entirely.

Thankfully, the brunette was more in tune with his surroundings than his supposed traveling buddy, or “reluctantly-accepted-but-still-not-so-accepted traveling buddy,” or whatever else. Point is, he continued to work as his thoughts went on and on, the entirety of his body operating as if he was a well-oiled machine. A single unit. A temporary tool meant for the people of Hargeon. Despite this, it wasn’t long before he returned to gazing in Idran’s direction, seeing that Reign had begun to help out with the load as well.

Definitely another blow to Idran’s pride. Yikes.

Sighing, Adriano chose to allow a future version of himself deal with the problem, or the problem to be. So with his thoughts no longer scrambled, he placed his utmost focus on—

He hammered his finger.

A yelp of pain escaped his mouth, causing the workers around him to jump in surprise before staring in his direction. Confusion, annoyance, and amusement, all of it was present on their faces.

This was going to be a long day.

All of them had worked until the sun kissed the horizon line, coloring the ocean with beautiful shades of oranges, yellows, and reds. The extra hands seemed to really help the construction crew, seeing as they had much less work leftover compared to what was there earlier in the day.

With their job done, Adriano and Idran prepared to set off, but were stopped by Reign, who had thanked them and given them their promised share of jewels. To Adriano, it was well worth the aches in his hands and arms. Now, all he had to do was figure out how to apologize to Idran.

Maybe he’d actually accept one of the man’s challenges for once.




Noble Reconstruction [Quest: Idran/Adriano] JPCoz4O

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