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Sign Me up (quest: Serafeyna)

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Sign Me up (quest: Serafeyna) Empty Tue Jan 01, 2019 2:41 pm

Resting her rear against a railing on some steps that lead down to the beach, Mia was resting her hands in her pockets. Sera had suggested for today that she wear something a bit more...revealing. As a member of blue pegasus they always had to look their best when representing the guild, but whether that was professional or not was up for debate. Trusting Sera, but putting her own spin on things, Mia had dressed in a bikini but with cargo shorts worn over her bottoms. Felt a bit more her whatever the case. Topping that off with loosely shoe-laced combat boots and Mia was ready and wearing to go.

Pushing her shades up her eyes, she looked to the pinkette who was coming back from asking from getting them both a drink for the day, smiling at her long time buddy and holding out her hand for the cold can. "Ya know, this time of the year, I'm surprised the beach can still be so warm. Guess that's fiore for ya." Lifting the can to her forehead briefly, she looked towards the beach, spotting a tanned blonde fella with some ease given she'd met him once before. "That's our quest-maker for ya. Shall we go introduce ya?~"


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Serafeyna Carroll
Sera didn't know what made Mia think those shorts were nearly the same effect as the bikini she'd suggested, but she had known the blonde long enough to know better than to argue with her about it. Besides, even if it wasn't exactly stylish, Mia looked great in anything (even if that was partially bias talking). Her own attire was a very cute and slightly frilly red bikini that complimented and showed off her red Guild mark perfectly. How was that for looking good~?

She handed Mia her cold drink and cracked her own open. "Tell me about it. Caelum didn't have winter places like this, at least not that I ever saw." Not that she'd seen much of anywhere if she was being honest, but sshh.

As Mia pointed out their client, Sera followed her gaze and sized up Mr. Holiday. He was certainly a big fellow, wasn't he? He looked like the type to be pretty full of himself, really. Of course, she thought this as the essence of humility herself, and of course Mia was right there with her. No huge egos here, no sirree. She considered asking Mia about her last job for this guy, but they were so close now she worried that might be rude. Instead, she just nodded, then followed Mia to meet him. "Hello, sir! I'm Serafeyna Carroll. And you've met Mia, right?" She extended her hand for a shake.


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Smirking as she took in Sera's own attire for a moment, making no effort to hide the fact she was admiring the pinkette given their relationship, Mia lowered her can from her forehead and, with the kind of grip only someone very used to opening such cans could pull off, managed to crack it open without using her second hand. Sure maybe a little spilled against her palm but a quick slurping sound as she lifted the can back towards her lips soon got rid of that.

How anyone had ever thought she was good enough to let into blue pegasus in the first place was beyond her sometimes, but she wasn't about to look that gifthorse in the mouth.

Following Sera from behind, smirking a little at the view that provided, she rocked up just a second after Sera introduced herself and lifted her free hand in a casual two finger salute, her usual form of introducing herself as Sera would know after experiencing her for so long. "Howdy Holiday. What's crackin'? Still a pussy on that last rep?"

Referring to how holiday always struggled with the last rep of any set, he let out a faint chuckle before addressing the two. "Good to see ya again blondie, ya brought a rather cute friend with ya I see." He offered his hand to Sera, introducing himself more formaly. "Jay Holiday. O'course you already know that huh?"

A beep from his watch quickly caught his attention, hissing through his teeth a little. "Look I'd love to get a few more pleasentries here but I really gotta run. My schedules tight enough as is..." Reaching into the back pocket of his shorts he held out a piece of paper Mia quickly grabbed, quirking a brow at some of the personal details on the page. No way this dude was in his 40s get out of here.

"I need you guys to hand that in for me down the other end of the beach. Deadline's sunset so er..." He glanced back to the already falling sun with a nervous smile. "Hope blue pegasus girls don't skip leg day."

Mia glanced down the length of the beach, then back to Sera, narrowing her eyes. "Ya know bikni tops suddenly don't sound like the best idea..."


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Serafeyna Carroll
Sera certainly didn't mind being oggled, especially not by Mia, but even Mr. Holiday referring to her as Mia's cute friend got a positive reaction. After all that meant she was doing her job right, even if he wasn't really her type. Too bulky and a bit too old-looking in her opinion. Though maybe if-- no Sera keep your brain on the quest, time was of the essence here after all.

Mr. Holiday soon reminded them of exactly that, and Sera half-stifled a small giggle when he mentioned leg day. "We'll do our best, sir~! You can count on Blue Pegasus." She watched as he hurried off back to his training.

Mia's comment earned an eye roll as Sera took a moment to stretch her legs. "Honey please. You have some amazing boobs, I know, but we'll hardly be the only ones on the beach. Who cares if someone stares for a few seconds as we zoom by?" As long as their tops were tied tight enough, they should have at least decent support, too. It may not be the most comfortable run ever, but they'd certainly live, and they'd look great doing it.

Feeling she was adequately stretched out, Sera finished off her drink quickly and tossed it in the nearest can, then motioned to Mia. "Let's go!" Given Mia's orientation, the phrase 'let's go lesbians let's go!' ran through her head, but she did her best to only laugh mentally.

They took off, and for a few seconds all was well. Then a small child darted in front of Sera, and she had to halt suddenly in her tracks to avoid tripping over him. Though she wanted to scream 'watch it!', she bit her tongue and called, "Try to be more careful, kid!" as she moved around him.

This would be prelude to more close calls dodging kids, however, until finally they ran into a whole gaggle of them that would take a minute to skirt around. Sera and Mia would have to take a second to debate whether to go around or through, and during that second a little girl ran up to them. "Do you all want to play with us?" she asked with big puppy eyes.


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"Okay so you are right, my boobs are damn fine, the issue is more the fact a bikini top isn't exactly the best support for a long run." She shrugged, Sera always tended to be the better one at teasing out of the two. Sure Mia had good game but in the face of Sera any tease she had seemed to be countered at double strength. Ah well, she best get some stretches in. Rearing her arms back behind her head and then crouching down to stretch out each leg, she let out a light grunt as she really pushed her legs out.

"One for the money, two for the show-" She hopped back to her feet, bouncing in place before getting ready to run. "Three its three, three to get ready..." Mia quietly muttered some song lyrics to herself before changing up the final line. "Are you ready lesbians are ya ready lets go-" Cause she knew what Sera was thinking don't even try and keep that joke on the inside.

Darting off down the beach Mia was careful to avoid the kids. Jogging was never her strongsuit and while maybe still more physically fit than Sera she was naturally being a bit cautious in pacing herself so she didn't get winded from too sharp a sprint, leaving her more time to avoid the kids. As they came to the blockade, Mia, perhaps unlike her teamate, was not so easily persuaded by the soft eyes of a wanting child.

"Oh yeah, suuuure kid. I got a game." She took the kid's offered volleyball, tossing it into the air and cupping her fists together beneath it. A brief circle of red magic formed before her fists were thrown up against the ball, thankfully not igniting it but adding one hell of an umph to Mia's already impressive muscles, leaving the blonde to start into a fresh jog as the kids scrambled to chase the ball, calling back. "Its called fetch!"

Sure maybe a little cruel but the sun was rapidly dropping. Amazing how fast it seemed to get so close to the horizon.

While avoiding some other hazards like loose sun loungers and the like, something far more dangerous a distraction than the pouty eyes of a child caught Mia. A soft hum found her ears and her jog came to a skittering halt as she slowed down and took a few steps back, watching as a group of girl-pals were all doing eachother up with sun-burn lotion from a long day of poorly coated skin being blasted at the beach.

One girl, with no partner, called out. "Hey can someone do my back?"

It was clear Mia was a sucker for that siren call lest her friend pull her from temptation.

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Serafeyna Carroll
Sera should have known Mia well enough to guess what was going to happen with that ball, but she didn't. She did not at all. And while she startled a little and looked up in awe as the ball went flying, the words "it's called fetch" had her absolutely losing her shit. She took off after Mia, but found it hard to keep up for a moment given running and laughing were not the best combination.

Finally she got herself under control and caught back.... wait, it shouldn't have been that easy to catch up? Mia had slowed down, and Sera soon saw why. Oh no, a pack of hot girls. A few of them looked to be breaking out the coolers for cold beers, too, and one was asking for-- Oh no. Sera looked between Mia and the direction of their goal. As much as it was tempting to pull her along, tell her come on Casanova, she did suppose that... "Give me his sign-up," she sighed. "It only takes one of us to turn this in, just remember you owe me."

At first, Mia started to protest, insisting she should finish the quest, too. But the sound of a cold beer cracking open hit her ears, and the girl in need of help called out, "Anyone?" So Mia was pretty quickly convinced and handed the papers over. Sera rolled her eyes, but told herself there was technically someone in need of assistance here, so it was only polite to let one of them help, hehe. "Be ready to head back to Mr. Holiday when I pass back by," she called as she sped off.

Sera darted across the sand as the sun sank lower, dodging more beachgoers of all shapes and sizes and ages as she went. She hopped over an old man napping, and apologized to his startled wife as she zoomed by.

"You, with the pink hair!" someone called her attention, and she hesitantly slowed in case it was important. The speaker, a man with a large camera, asked, "That's a Blue Pegasus tattoo, right? Do you have a minute to be a model for a small piece in Guilds and Gossip?" Sera froze a moment. It was hardly Sorcerer Weekly-- an almost trashy little piece by comparison-- but any publicity was good publicity and it could be a stepping stone to better modeling gigs if the article caught some attention.

Sera groaned under her breath. "I don't, I'm on a time sensitive job right now. Sorry!" And with that, she was off again, thinking to herself, she SO owes me.

Finally, Sera panted up to the desk just as the man was packing up for the day. "WAIT!" she called.

"Mm? Sorry miss, just closed."

No! Sera couldn't fail at this. "Please, sir. It's my first Guild quest to get this to you on time." She bit her lip, then leaned in, clasping her hands together in a begging gesture that 'happened' to emphasize her boobs. "I'd do anything not to fail at my very first outing."

The man's eyes couldn't help but shift toward her chest a moment, though he quickly looked away. "Eh, I guess I'm right here. Just.. don't tell anyone I took it a minute late okay?"

Sera squeed with delight and handed over the paper before clapping her hands together. "Thank you so much, sir!" And with that, she ran back to find Mia.


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