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A Minds Simple Pleasure.(Open)

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Secretly, Amen'ra was glad that Waylon was eating the way he was because it only made his own thoughts less grotesque. His parents forced him to show decorum while eating even though he so wished he could just eat like his new friend, it seemed he was simply too trained to do the likes. He didn't judge him for it, and in fact found it amusing; offering a small smile while dicing his steak perfectly with each bite of the food. Picking up a different side with each chomp of the perfectly cooked meat.

Placing his fork and knife down, he would pick up the corn on a cob and proceed to shred through it's yellow form within seconds. Almost as if he was inhaling the grain, and he would dab his mouth with his napkin while laughing lightly. "I apparently don't have to ask how it tastes."

Continuing to eat he would sip down the rest of his wine before pouring himself another glass of the delightful liquid. Beginning to eat his steak again he would smirk and mimic his mother in a joking tone. "You know if you eat too fast you'll get a tummy ache."

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The odder situation and moment would happen a few moments. Waylon did not seem to take a moment after shallowing his food he said."You would believe how nice this is actually to eat." He some how spoke clearly with in that moment like he could point out things he wanted too."The meat is wonderfully cooked, the fries are nice and crispy, the toppings on this match rather well together." There he went off like a food critic while eating, But he was not super harsh about it either."Makes me wonder how most of their other meals are as well."

With that he seemed to finish the half of the burger he had just almost finish in a short amount of time then again Waylon would just shovel the half remaining in his mouth and ate it. With in moments it seemed gone."I am interested to see how the next one will taste for this one is different style much like the third." At this point Waylon lived and seemed to often to just almost look out for these kinds of things as well. But he did not dig into it quite he seemed to just slow down and start eating the fries like he would anything else a bit more casual.

Waylon did finally make a remark about what was said."See I use to hear that too." She mentioned but Waylon seemed to have table manner enough that he did not have food sticking out of his mouth or anything while he mentioned this."Then i ate more then my entire family at one point and was still fine." He also mentioned taking a small drink of water."So only asked me to slow down and make sure everyone else got something to eat as well."

Eventually there evening would draw to a close, Waylon would have eventually departed form what he would consider his new friend he would eventually plan what to do next.


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Laughing as the man spoke, he would continue to eat his steak and various sides. Filling him up with only half the meal to which he would get a to go box, but before that the two of them would have nice conversation. Sometimes it would get back to the deeper topics and other times they were joking and comparing and contrasting their own crazy lives.

Waylon of course ate his food like there was no tomorrow, and Amen'ra stored his away for later after he had finished his errands. The two men would share information and decide to keep in touch, which Amen'ra was fine with and even encouraged. He found Waylon to be intriguing and a good person and would make sure to keep in contact and maybe even take some missions or something with him.

Time would fade and the two would eventually go their separate ways, it was nice to connect with people so authentically. After all, being a holy knight meant work always came first but for once he felt like he had all the freedom in the world. The freedom to do as he pleased without being judged and he was more than eager to keep that connection with Waylon alive.

~End thread~

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