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A Minds Simple Pleasure.(Open)

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A Minds Simple Pleasure.(Open) Empty Tue Jan 01, 2019 11:56 am

Oh how the times had pass and the only thing that changed for Waylon is the number of his age going up. He was still pretty joyfully clueless otherwise, He really did not seemed to trouble anyone after all Waylon just liked simple things. Food and Tea just about it for him

So he would be back in one of the many places he found favorable things he enjoyed the Fairy Tail mage just walked along the streets here as normally peaceful happy self could be after all he had just spent months home and felt a sense of new thought of adventure to find what tea he could

The life of this man only seemed to be going at an okay pace he could enjoy. He does wish to improve it...but slowly and in his own manner because he was happy about it more that way.

It seemed a rather settled and quiet afternoon here Waylon had only just started to look around so he would plan to go form one side to another just as he always did peacefully.

Walking near the first stand Waylon took note of the first stand just being a meat vendor, So far nothing too interesting to him. Until the stand offered some samples and so he took some while nibbled on them quietly while he walked away for a moment.

Then returned and bought one of the sample simply because it was better then he first thought. Left the vendor a tip as well and walked away, Humming a song to himself while he walked to the next stand to look at what they where since he really did not look before and tunnel visioned whatever he was looking at for the most part, It seemed like it would be a nice day for him.


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Amen'ra wasn't from Orchidia, and wasn't all too aware of the people's ways or things to do to pass the time during his visit; but it didn't matter. The young mage and Holy Knight always seemed to find a way to enjoy himself no matter where he went and no matter who he went with. After all, if you couldn't even enjoy your own company how could someone else?

It was a simple enough thought, but not many people were smart enough to comprehend his logic behind such thinking. So instead of focusing on opening peoples eyes he would rather focus on finding some delicious free samples to try out in the Market Streets of the humble town. Humble when compared to Crocus anyhow.

His skin was adorned in a black, tight fitting turtle neck with a pair of khaki colored pants to match. Amen'ra nails were painted black, shining similar to the color of his black boots and he finished the look off with a large black fur coat. After all, winter wasn't a friend of his... he preferred spring.

With hazel eyes set on the plethora of options available he found himself moving quickly between the first two stands he saw, grabbing a sample and taking in the savory flavors. It was always nice to taste high quality food and it even made him close his eyes in passion, just in time to slam into someone who was walking in his path.

"I'm so sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going,"

He stated while picking himself up from being knocked backward onto his bottom, dusting off the snow that littered the fur he soiled he sighed and looked back to the young man. Remorse ever so clear on his features.

"Please, let me buy you some lunch or something to make up for it!"

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A Minds Simple Pleasure.(Open) Empty Thu Jan 03, 2019 4:52 am

It seemed reality would give Waylon some one who in some manner is prone to some of the same things he could be. It was a rare sight to behold, If Waylon were to ever pick up on that situation he would be a lot more entertaining to him then most things to see something reflected that just was not him.

But he would not laugh about it after all it seemed just a slightly embarrassing situation for him even if Waylon himself would not be embarrassed about it if something like that would happen to him.

then again he did not have anything knocked out of his hands or anything so Waylon just knew this was not a huge problem in his mind as well, So maybe he felt this person was over reacting. He was just simply bumped his shoulder that is it."It is not a huge deal everything seems find to me."Waylon mentioned to him.

He watched him get back up, He would have helped him if he was still on the ground when he realized what had happen but he would not mind the offer  and company after all the way he worked now.

Waylon had an easier time meeting people, These situation would normally be hard on him to deal with."If you insist I will not say no, But keep in mind do not feel like you have too."He mentioned to him right away. But continued on his statement."I would not mind the company, I do enjoy meeting new people as well."It was a slight lie but he was trying anyway so a small tiny lie would not be too bad at all. "I won't refuse the offer but i am just bad at choosing where to eat."


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While it was true that the situation wasn't as serious as Amen'ra was making it out to be, it still was a necessary step for him. He hadn't meant to ram into the man and he was raised with far too much etiquette to allow a simple 'sorry' to suffice. A small smile and observant eyes were enough to see that the man in question wasn't exactly repulsed by the idea and so he would listen now and nod approvingly.

It's a good thing he accepted the invitation because Amen'ra wasn't going to allow him not to. It helped that the man added his liking for meeting new people which was more than enough to cause the black haired man to grin before speaking out once more.

"Likewise, so this will be perfect!"

Plus it wasn't like he didn't have the funds, he was more than willing to treat a stranger to a nice meal. So with a dismissive wave of his hand he would speak once the man had finished his last statement, far too aware of the indecisive nature of others. After all, he himself sometimes couldn't make up his mind to save his own life.

"I can relate to that more than you know. Lucky for us, it doesn't matter where we go... So how about that place?"

Amen'ra pointed to a building with an advertisement at the front letting passerbyers know it was a bar and grill. He had yet to dine out in Orchidia and so he figured this was as good a time as any to test the flavors of the humble city.

"A nice, juicy steak sounds perfect right about now."

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Well at least this one had a plan he could follow easily that was for sure, So this situation just kept kind of getting easier for them both really."I have not had a steak in what I would consider 3 years." He remembered anyway it was about that time.

So quietly as he seemed to followed him just as politely as he normally would anyone he would be accompany, The Fairy Tail mage is learning slowly how the good with people could be, how what the these situations panned out wonderfully if he just took the risk, So far this seemed good for him.

Waylon knew one day everything would not be peaceful and 100% of the time but he could take this to heart and keep himself about it."Then again, I am not really a person who could afford steaks most of my life to that might be why."Waylon mentioned it to continue the conversation with this man.

"So a place like this is a bit more out of my range of what I could afford generally."Waylon kind of chuckled about it, These were the times he lived in vastly different than he remember and thought. He remembered he did not have a worry at so much at a younger age."It has been cheaper then steaks  most of the time, So it could be an interesting situation."Waylon sound like he was now on an adventure or was learning something new. Some kind of happiness and expression of joy.

He was also maybe just a food lover and just like trying a lot of different kinds normally, each option could be true."Then maybe after then I can find some kind of good tea."He mentioned sounding more hopeful about that idea as well.


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Amen'ra walked happily along, listening to the man say that growing up he couldn't exactly afford steak. Something the young fighter couldn't relate to. He'd been wealthy his whole life, never having to want for much, but that didn't mean he was happy. Who's to say that if he were to have grown up poor he would a happier person? Nothing was ever that simple.

"Well the price might be an issue, if I were making you pay."

The Holy Knight jested, clearly aware that his bank account could pay for much more than a steak. He wouldn't brag to someone about it but a small joke here and there was more than sufficient to keep him sane. "Cheap food always seems to be more satisfying for some odd reason"

Relating to the man on that front. Amen'ra was no stranger to cheap cuisine as any traveler was, and often preferred it to the smaller portions expensive food had. Stepping to the doorway he would turn and nod with a warm smile on his face to Waylon, "Tea sounds great!".

Who would of guessed that simply bumping into someone could lead to such an enjoyable moment. The two men were already getting dinner and then after they could relax with some fresh tea, this sure was one of those moments he wouldn't forget.

"I'm Amen'ra Belova by the way. Figured now is as good a time as any to introduce ourselves."

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This turned a lot more joyful to Waylon some one who was trying to be a one hundred percent honest and helpful starting friendship one that would hopefully be good to him. This would be a learning experience for the youngest of his family members to be in maybe the other two had other things. "I would be willing to work off the bill if needed, I am not beyond that at all."He mentioned quiet nicely about it to him, the simple and honest man Waylon was about most things in life that would happen to be in front of him.

But he still knew it was a joke and laughed about it. He was not beyond the humor of it."It does have the sense to it a lot more now that the thought of it being there for the moment."Waylon also quietly reflected. "Then again I grew up with a mother who did it all herself making sure it was up to high and what i could consider perfect standard." He also mentioned like a fond memory while they seemed to talk about it for the moment, it pieced in nicely together into the conversation.

"Agreed, I have a strong liking for tea. Strong enough that one day if i can manage i will want to open a tea shop of some kind."
It was a small dream sometimes in anyone else's eyes to him it seemed like a huge goal to achieve for his mind anyway.

"My name is Waylon Karlinius, I generally forgot so hopefully you did not think it was horribly rude that i did forget too do so." Internally he could have panicked about it slightly, but it was not as light as he remember as things could be for him.


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Amen'ra quickly threw back at the man. Why on earth would he allow the person he was treating to try and work off some sort of debt that they didn't have? Some people were just so humble it was saccharine, but he did understand where the man was coming from. After all, he was buying him lunch to make up for a trivial offence, but it was simply his nature.

Simply smiling and nodding at Waylon at the mention of his mother and her setting the bar, he could relate. While he didn't have the best relationship with his parents and his brothers he valued it all the same. So of course he could relate to the standard for good food being a bit high, especially with the cuisine his mother often prepared for them.

How he missed her cooking, he would have to visit home soon.

"Your own tea shop? That sounds like it could be fun!"

Amen'ra stated while moving to an empty seat in the restaurant, looking down to the menu to see the choices for sides he'd have for his steak. The two men didn't exactly stand out from the other people there and it was nice to not have to worry about eyes wandering over. It explained why he didn't wear his armor out like a lot of his comrades.

"It's nice to meet you Waylon, so do you know what you want?"

He asked, amber eyes moving kindly to the ones in front of him as he closed the menu; fully aware of what he craved.

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He seemed to almost laugh at the nonsence part happening like for once him being himself could bring something a bit more just feeling like he could be a almost a mindless wanderer or so he thought mindless one anyway, He still felt like he learnt a lot and not just pointless exploring it was nice to see other places around and not just the good and bad of what was in front of him. That could do a lot more to a point then just to sit quietly and waste away in one spot like he knew there was more to life even if simple, if he just tried to get out more.

"It would be at least in my eyes anyway, I believe i could manage it well enough to make it work."
Waylon could easily nerd out on the amount and his love for one simple mixture to drink, He had made it many times, Sometimes just picking the leaves himself while out in a place looking around alone."I managed to find a few interesting kind of make, When i traveled around as many places as i could safely and often made my own tea when i could."

It was a small continue of the conversation before what he would get would come up. It would start off as a joke."I don't know, Three plates?"Waylon said casually as a jokes to start with, After all he was offering so if he said no he wouldn't get three plates he's done it before after all he seemed to be a pretty hungry person if he gets carried away with how much he eats anyway."But I have no idea what is generally good here and in general in a stake house either."


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The holy knight merely observed his companion, interested in that fact that he often made his own tea when traveling. It wasn't easy, one wrong leaf and you were drinking poison but with an ambition as big as making your own tea shop he was sure he knew what he was doing. If not, he still knew more about the matter than Amen'ra and that was all that mattered.

Letting out a hearty laugh at the mans joke, he could appreciate a person making light of being treated. Hell, if it were him he would of probably made the same joke and so he merely laughed it off and pointed to different names on the menu. "I recommend the specialty burger, or three of them in your case. "

A small smirk and he was back to pointing to another option. "I hear their sea food is pretty decent too, but i'm allergic. Maybe a nice pasta?"

He didn't really care what he got, considering his funds could more than afford the food but he wanted him to enjoy his food. What was the point of being treated if he couldn't enjoy his experience? Amen'ra was far from selfish and he could tell the person before him had a good heart.

After a few moments the waitress was walking over to take their order and Amen'ra was smiling and laying down his order. "I'll have the medium well 16oz steak with a side of mashed potatoes, macaroni and string beans. I'll also take a bottle of red wine and a side order of corn and that's it."

Suddenly Amen'ra's warm gaze went to Waylon and the waitress looked over with a patient smile as they waited for him to order.

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He seemed to get it so far it was nicer so much more then just eating alone and to himself it had not eaten a meal some one else for so many years he lost track. But as well these moment of peace were good enough for him now days this made him feel normal. It would be why he joined a more social guild even if he had not really met any other of his fairy tail members it was on his to do list.

"Or maybe three different burgers."Waylon said with a joyful smile on his face, which was true it like the options and he had them today even at some one else price which she was still adjusting too, But he was opening up slowly."Then I will avoid sea food, I am more personally bias to fish and chips then anything like that anyway." Waylon mention in a side note manner to him just because it was just how he was, innocent,happy quiet and consent with the simple things.

"So I will not do that, it is polite of me after all do that at least."
Waylon at least knew what he wanted and seemed to figure out what he actually wanted to order, no pressure or limit he almost considering how much he could actually eat. And realizing that in his trailing thoughts people where looking at him for him to order for once he was not nervous, nor did he every suffer spotlight syndrome.

"So...I three burgers seem about nice with their sides as well."
he started off by mentioning." That and just a glass of water." Waylon seemed happy with that much and being as simple simple as it could be, So what else to do but wait and talk.


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Amen'ra could honestly say he was enjoying his time with the other man and even offered laughs at his jokes. He didn't mind if the man got sea food or not as he was only allergic to ingesting it, and didn't want to make it seem like he was forcing the man not to order it.

Watching Waylon order his food, Amen'ra smirked with a small chuckle when he stated he wanted all three burgers with their respective sides. He was almost shocked but then again he was fully prepared from their previous jests, and didn't seem to mind the large order. In fact he was interested to see if the man would be able to finish it.

"Wow, three different burgers? I can't wait to see this."

He expressed with a joyful laugh before the waitress was giggling and taking their menus, leaving them with empty space betwixt them; save for silverware and napkins. So with the orders in Amen'ra would politely make some decent conversation with the man across from him.

"So what brings you to Orchidia? It's safe to assume you're not from around here, and neither am I."

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Such a meal was easy for a man like Waylon it was rather simple but he enjoyed doing that much food he does, Then again he has yet to meet anyone else to ate as much as him."I like food what can I say?" Waylon laughed about it slightly.

"Hopefully three are enough, I do not have any doubts considering where we are."
Waylon did not sound like he had a ego mentioning it he sounded like just a person he like and enjoyed food and ate a fairly large amount of it, He was also just a bit odd sometimes.

"I just often travel to see what is around, I also heard my sister is around in the area and I wanted to go see her for a small amount of time." That was one part of the conversation he continued on with."I don't mind this place it is a nice area, A lot different then Magnolia Or Marigold."It was the two areas he lived in or around after his travels, He did enjoy the area of Magnolia a lot more then he thought he would, maybe it was the freedom of being alone that could be it or understanding his own freedom too as well.

"I am a fairy tail mage and live in magnolia currently.
" He just kind of had it make sure it made sense now, But it was starting anyway."So far it is a lot more interesting. Fairy tail seems a lot more tame then I first thought which i don't mind at all." Waylon said with a light hearted chuckle about it. He seemed clueless to how Fairy tail could be or even was currently he was still just slowly becoming one and that was it for the most part.


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"Nothing wrong with that."

Amen'ra jested, wholeheartedly agreeing with the young man about simply liking food. If there was one expense he wouldn't spare it was his meals, living to a standard where a good meal was never too expensive. After all, when he died he at least wanted to have lived a life where a good meal was never out of the question.

"I'm sure three of their burgers will be more than enough."

He replied, a small chuckle coming out and then he was listening to the man and he reason for being in Orchidia. So he was a fan of traveling just like himself? That was interesting, and he talked about his sibling being in the area and it made him think of his own brothers; the two that made up the set of triplets. It had been some time since he'd gone to visit them, he would have to set that up.

So Waylon was a Fairy Tail mage? That was interesting enough, all the different guilds of the land always intrigued the Holy Knight. Maybe he would of joined a guild if they pressure of his father hadn't weighed so heavily on him but none the less he didn't mind his position now. Maybe he would join a guild when he retired from the Holy Knights.

"Fairy Tail is tame to you? Give it a week or so more, i'm sure that opinion will change," Amen'ra joked before continuing. "They're the rowdiest sons of bitches around but I think it makes them that much more interesting."

With that their drinks were being placed on the table, Waylon's water being placed down in front of him while a wine glass was placed in front of Amen'ra. Quickly the waitress was pouring him a glass and placing the bottle beside it and he was thanking her before looking back to his new friend.

"I can only imagine my life if i'd of joined a guild instead of the Holy Knights. If my dad hadn't of already died he would of died when I told him that."

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It was interesting now."Keep in mind I am new to guilds over all, I have been on one very long." He continued."If anything given my nature, I have don't really meeting any other Fairy tail members for a while. I have only been in the guild for maybe few months."He mentioned so it showed he would learn over time. It would be the first time he heard of the rowiest part."Maybe i might be an odd one in there for the moment." Waylon said for the moment with a bit of chuckle with it about it.

"You might be right about how my opinion could change, We will see who knows even make a bet over it." He mentioned that second handedly but he wouldn't since Waylon was a bit slow minded sometimes or most of the time as his family members could mention if he were to meet any of them.

But the conversation would turn."My mother and father just wanted me to by happy and live life peacefully." That was one part anyway."That and my mother wanted grand kids."Waylon mentioned that too like it was just normal thought to him. it has been over in his thoughts a lot more often when he saw his mother then his father.

"Are the holy knights like the Rune knights?"
Waylon asked him as part of a topic of conversation, he did not know the difference and at this point wanted to know to be sure."My sister is a rune knight and i wonder you might have met her if they are the same in any manner." He waited to see what would happen if would fix this curious mind of his it seemed like a harmless question to him but who knows.


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"If it's anything like the Holy Knights, i'm sure it'll be awkward at first but you'll quickly find your bearings. I have confidence that you will manage just fine."

He spoke to the other young man while raising his glass into the air, swishing the blood red liquid around a bit before partaking in a sip. Letting the dry liquid dance over his palette while smacking his lips together quietly, he would nod approving before placing the glass back on the table.

So Waylon's parents just wanted him to be happy, maybe Amen'ra could agree when talking about his mom... but his dad. That was a different story entirely, he wasn't sure what his dad wanted in the end. Maybe he wanted him and his brothers to be prodigies, born strong... he wasn't exactly sure and he hadn't gotten the chance to ask. But maybe he still could.

"Your parents sound amazing. Though I don't know what my dad wanted in the end, I still strive to make him proud."

Taking another sip of his drink he would raise a brow at the question and then listen to the reasoning behind it. So his sister was a rune knight? that was pretty cool, he didn't know many Rune Knights but they seemed to be decent people from what he had seen. Though he wasn't going to assume anything about the entire faction as their were some Holy Knights he couldn't stand in the slightest.

"They essentially are the same, except the Holy Knights represent the Church of Illumin, and the Rune Knights represent the Magic Council." He simplified. "I'm going to go ahead and say that I haven't met your sister, considering I don't often work with the Rune Knights. Think of the two similarly to Blue Pegasus and Fairy, two light guilds but two different entities entirely."

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He seemed to think for a moment."I hear my guild master is a bit untamed as well, but that is a rumor, i have yet to see."He would eventually whenever it happens for now other things were a bit more important to him since it was in front of him.

Picking up a glass of water felt not his level of cold so he would use hid magic to cool down the water to his level but not too cold either it would be unbarable in some manner as well learning the balance is a good thing for him.

"My mother worries yes, as much as she wants grand kids but she wants me happy, Her wish would be me to live near her so she can help me if needed." It was just how she was."My father just keeps to himself and wants everyone to at least manage and be happy. that is about it." Each one was different in there goals but it balanced out in some manner in a good way."Maybe i just need a stroke of luck for my mothers wishes to happen." He laughed about it even if it would worry his mother.

When it came to the rune knights thing he felt better that he now know the difference."Oh okay...That is useful piece of information for me."He kept that now in mind."I guess I could bug some one else to see how my sister is doing with in the rune knights." He only wondered because he cared. "My brother and sister are not really good at keeping people up to date on what is going on with them." Which is true but Waylon also did not know what a Rune knight or holy knight did on a daily basis.


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"I've heard the same, and i've read some of the reports. Great stuff."

Giggling to himself, Amen'ra would shake his head with a smalls mile, reminiscing on some of the shenanigans the guild often got into. Watching Waylon use his magic to cool his drink was a spectacle in the eyes of someone who hadn't seen it in action before. A gleam of interest struck the hazel hues of the mans gaze, and him talking about his parents kept the spark.

Amen'ra was interested in the mans upbringing and so far it sounded pretty much how he imagined, a normal family. Something he wasn't able to say in return to others when mentioning his own stressful upbringing, and he often didn't.

Staring with a tilted head when Waylon mentioned his sister in a manner that suggested his reason for asking, he confirmed the listeners suspicions in a matter of seconds. The Fairy Tail mages siblings reminded him of himself a little to much and it made the knight blush, rubbing the back of his scalp.

"Sounds like your siblings and I have that in common."

Another small sip after a light chuckle. "Life as a knight has been rather busy lately, so i'm sure they will contact you when they get a chance to relax. Though you might want to contact them, as it can be so easy to forget people while focusing." His tone was optimistic to say the least, but to be honest Waylon would do better to reach out, because as Amen'ra admitted it was easy to leave people behind. Despite his belief in maintaining strong bonds he often did get lost in his own dreams.

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Waylon then kind of wondered in general."Great stuff? I am unsure how great it is, But that might be in a matter of view." Maybe once he finally and kept in mind how Fairy Tail as a guild would be some day he could maybe reflect on this conversation to be sure.

But then again many things were new to people who hid to themselves, since Waylon was like that it was all still slowly happening and catching up to him now, So life was nice and interesting for a person who wanted to learn and was happening to them currently.

"I would like to say so, But I or both of us wouldn't know unless you met either of them. I haven't heard from Regis in fairly long time."
but ideas of time was different compaired to him and some one else like his sister."I do even think I have spoke to that brother in my in almost 2 years." It was a good time frame to show how it could be for either of them.

"Judina i spoke to last month, But she ends up busy with so many things as sell." Waylon did not remember what but he did remember it was an interesting conversation for sure."Maybe aside from that lack of talking I will be sure when i see her again to speak to her, about a few things in general."He seemed so casual about so many things.

But just the moment Waylon did not the positive outlook."I have to keep in mind how busy she might be after all she deals with everything a bit more stubbornly then other people." He could admit his sister was stubborn but they all could be in some manner each being different being stubborn.


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The fact that Waylon let his sarcasm go over his head was amusing and he simply closed his eyes, smiled and shook his head. Another sip of the fine wine in front of him and he would listen intently to what the other man was saying about Judina and Regis, apparently his siblings. Two years was a long time to go without talking to a sibling but Amen'ra wasn't that far off having been around a year or close to it and he wouldn't allow that to happen.

"Sheesh, two years is far too long to lose communication."

He'd express, a concerned look on his face before he was sipping again. He wasn't to concerned with his other sibling not hearing from him for two months, that was normal even with the closest of friends. Amen's expression softened as he listened and he could understand where his new friend was coming from, and he smirked again.

"Judina and I apparently have that in common as well."

The fact that his own nature was expressed between two different siblings was almost scarily familiar to his own brothers. As one out of a pack of triplets he wasn't exactly jumping for joy when compared to anyone else but personality wise him and his brothers were like different sides of a triple faced coin.

"This sounds a little too close to home. I'm one of a set of triplet boys, and despite us all sharing the same face we couldn't be more different. We don't talk as much as we should but at the end of the day if they need me i'm there and vice versa, so don't fret it. All of this will work out in the end, i'm sure of it!"

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It turned slightly depressing."He is not the brother I knew him he seems different now days, In more of worst way then positive." He seemed to at least not linger on about it as he could anyway."I will find him again hopefully sooner rather then later. Not a lot seemed to sour his mood.

Taking his glass of water and taking a drink of it like he seemed to have almost forget he had it...which wouldn't be far off from the truth with Waylon, Not really admitting it outright.

"I am unsure how much my sister has in common with  other knights, She tries to be in her own league and manner."
so he thought he knew Judina would or could be different in some way and he could face some kind of flack from it, He was safe for now, So he was happy for that, For now.

Waylon did want to joke, After all in some way they where the same other ways they were not."Maybe i will be happy, There is not three of me to say." Waylon mentioned to start that off, He did mean it in humor."I am sure one of my me is enough, I already dislike the thought of people confusing my name or thinking i am some one else simply because it could be the case."But that is just how he looked at it for now.

"But since I will never know unless it would actually could left to wonder, Maybe even right it down on a piece of paper to see if it could be a funny story."Which also he mentioned, It almost sounded like a wonderful idea for him and thought it could be entertaining as well, He would just leave it as a thought.


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Saying his brother wasn't the person he once knew, Amen'ra couldn't help but feel like his brothers either felt the same way or assumed that was how he felt. While true, he didn't exactly know every minute detail about his siblings he knew enough to know the difference between a dramatic change in character and simple growth as a person.

Smiling as Waylon mentioned being happy without having three of him running around, Amen'ra let out a hearty laughter at the thought. He would of course just agree with Waylon yet again but he wasn't going to keep constantly relating to the man, it must of been annoying at some point. Laughing at his own though he would simply nod and speak lowly with an amused tone. "You have noooo idea."

Constantly being mistaken was always annoying, but he grew accustomed to it as a kid. "I've never thought to write a book but that's a good idea! Alas, it seems our conversation was the perfect pass time for the food!"

Waiting the waitress come back with their plates of piping hot food, Amen'ra would lick his lips and smile enthusiastically. Now they could get down to business! "Let's dig in!"

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Maybe he did not and even then he seemed okay with not knowing in general, It seemed he managed so far by being that way, But he still enjoying himself even if it is a simple conversation. Then again he would not realize how badly he barely remembered that bother he just talked about.

Maybe it was a sigh for him, One he had yet to pick up on yet because he did not get yet, it never troubled him, Which is what maybe his mind was trying to keep sometimes considering his slightly clueless nature, It was why he was so open and honest.

But as it turned to a different situation Waylon realized he felt quite hungry currently, But after all he was normally quite hungry. But he picked up on the smell of it coming. then again maybe it was every the place over all that smelt like food he wanted to eat all of it. Because he was just that kind of level of eater, He wanted to try everything with out a second thought about it. Then again his mind was always focused on the simple things rather then goals in the future, That was normal of him.

But Waylon was starting to help, which he was happy about. These moment were wonderful to him. But also the food was distracting him now since it was coming really close to him. He would just crack his fingers in delight like it felt almost forever for the food to arrive."Just as i expected." He said generally while they plates were being placed before him. He almost seemed to be going wide eyed over this. A dream come true as so to say, but these moment he live for with a large smiled like he had the greatest moment of life just before him.


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The food looked delicious and Amen'ra was so ready to eat he could hardly contain himself. On the outside he looked calm, picking up his eating utensils with both decorum and patience and slicing off a piece of juicy, steaming steak; the juices dripping sensually onto the place. Stabbing through it with a fork and adding some of his peas to the mix he would take a hearty mouthful and sigh in sure pleasure. On the inside he wanted to wolf down the food and not look back.

Waylon's helpings of food looked almost too good to be true, and he was shocked the man was actually going to eat it all. If he could make it past two of the large burgers Amen'ra would be impressed and the Holy Knights always seemed to impress him, so who's to say the man couldn't complete the task.

Another bite of his own food and he was washing it down with red wine, all the flavors mixing masterfully in his mouth and blessing his stomach. He couldn't get enough of the food and didn't mind the silence between them as he ate to his heart content, simply enjoying the company of his new companion.

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dance like uma thurman
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He seemed to not waste time at all with when the food was in front of him, Maybe he had a problem but he was in company that would not judge him, So with in a matter of a few moments after getting his food."Thank you." Waylon would say and taking a few moment to take it in, And with in moments he would pick up one of them and he would just start off by biting a quarter of it, with in a few moments that, he seemed also a bit relentless about a few moments in, relentless and effortless as well.

and he only seemed to get at the fries just as well did not seem to get spared, He would bite another quarter and with it in his mouth he put the side from another one of his meals on to that plate just to have the plate to put to burgers down on. However he would start moving another part of the burger in his mouth to eat, it seemed almost normal for him at this point. Could think how he managed to breath between the bites of his food, After all it almost seemed like he did not breath between bites.

He seemed to finally pause for a drink at this unknown amount of time, the glass of water seemed to be down by half of what it was when he had it to start with, it was mostly full abd barely touched before this moment. Having no care in the world about this moment for he had food in front of him, it was all he had wished for, that he enjoyed, he had the time of his life and was overjoyed for. Just yet again could he left to wonder how he breathed sometimes.

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