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Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN)

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Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Mon Dec 31, 2018 3:23 pm

The sound of a piano echoed through the coffee shop as the girl at the front played an entrancing melody. Caius sat at a table by the fireplace off in the corner of the room. He loudly tapped his fingers on the table to the beat of the song while he waited for his order. His antics were not unnoticed as the other guests stared at him. They must have thought he had drank way to much coffee to be so energetic. However, the reality was Caius had just done three lines of cocaine in the bathroom. Coffee was just to quench his thirst at this point.

As the song ended, the room stood up and gave a standing ovation to the young woman on the piano. Caius joined them and even walked over to musician as the applause started to subside. He reached in his pocket and pulled out some jewels and added it to her tip jar. He then extended his hand out to shake it "Hot damn woman. You have magic fingers. This tip is well deserved." She smiled as she shook his hand as well. He pulled her in for a hug and though she was taken aback at first, she returned the favor. However, when she was facing away, Caius hatched his plan. Hidden in the jewels was a small pill that was dissolvable. Think roofie mixed with elephant tranquilizer. The pillow dropped in her drink and dispersed without a trace. Afterwards he took his leave.

Caius returned back to his seat afterwards as the waiter brought his small black coffee. Now it was time to play the waiting game. Though the drug was strong, it would take about an hour or so for it to take effect. It would be past closing time so that's when he would make his move. The pianist would make a good servant but the skills might make her sell for a high price. The next song started as he took a sip of his coffee deciding on what her fate would be.


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Tue Jan 01, 2019 7:52 pm

The call for the last song of the night caused Ianthe to perk up. She had been enjoying the wonderfully smooth pianist's fingers dancing across the keys for hours...Or at least what felt like hours. Time for Ianthe was currently melting away as she sipped the coffee that she had spiked with her own special concoction. The plush chair she sat in felt like it was causing her to sink into the ground. She didn't want to leave but soon she would have too. Rising to her feet the mocha skinned, slender, young women dressed in a black one piece get up that exposed her back which exposed the mark of her guild made her way to the pianist. The sweet but passionate music that played caused her to glide pass the only other customer in the shop and sit much closer to the pianist, her back towards the man she breezed past. So beautiful.... Ianthe's words fell out quietly as she took another sip of her coffee, oh why did this night have to end?


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 1:39 pm

Caius spit out his coffee once it touched his lips. They put some type of pumpkin spice flavoring in it. Those monsters. Reaching his hands into his coat he put a small dollop of coke on his index finger. He rubbed his gums to numb the bad coffee flavor from his mouth as went to tear the waiter a new one. However, his eyes widened as a pretty woman passed him with her bare back out. This exposed her Red Hades tattoo. His first thought was "Why the hell are you exposing our dark guild's symbol to the public?" But he was more curious on who it was. Maybe it was a sign to talk? He got up to go find out.

Walking over to her table he politely introduced himself. "Yo mama when I ordered a mocha they didn't send you to my table. There must have been a mistake." Not wasting any time to hear her response he plopped down in the seat next to her. "So hear me out girl. I think we are destined to be together. Check this out. " Caius would then pull the collar of his shirt down to his pectoral to show his Red Hades tattoo. "Look. Twinsies! " he said with excitement. The guild members didn't meet very often. They were free to do what they wanted until they were called upon. Caius didn't know this girl or at least didn't remember her from any past events. Nevertheless the mark meant they were part of the same family. "So now Miss Mocha Latte? What brings you here?"


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Wed Jan 02, 2019 8:25 pm

It didn't take long for her to be approached, not that she was expecting it to happen with one other person in the place. The man she passed had made his way over to her and began to just speak. In her current state not all his words registered and at the end of his seemingly endless introduction all she could retain was that he was also a member of Red Hades. To say she was a little surprised that another member would be here was something of an understatement. Ianthe hadn't met many of the members outside of the ones who somehow got her in. The pianist's music no longer sounded sweet, as every other key was being misplayed. Reality was slowly pulling her back from her high as a kite state but she wasn't out of it just yet. Drinking down the last bit of her spiked coffee she knew she would have to get some more of the drug in her to keep the night going, or she was going to be a very annoyed little camper.

It was the only decent place that's open to test out my Ringmaster's little concoction. News flash, it works like a dream. What about you? It's rare to see another member of the family, my first time seeing anyone outside of the people who bought me in. Turning her attention fully towards the man who she could see now was drop dead gorgeous. This man hit all the right places as far as good features go, but it took a little more than a pretty face to impress her.


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Thu Jan 03, 2019 12:21 pm

The woman didn't remember him either. He figured with his charming personality he might stand out but it looks like that wasn't the case. He was more interested in what she had and how she could help him. "Ringmaster's concoction? Damn woman say no more. We are going to have to bust that out for the victory party here in a moment. But first I need your help. Of course, I wouldn't ask for free so let's help each other. " Caius reached in his pocket and pulled out a some change from his pocket. It equaled to about .5 of a jewel which he laid on the table near them. "There we go. I helped you and left a suitable tip for the waiter there. That's much more than he deserved. So now you owe me a favor. Fair is fair right? Just a tiny favor" he emphasized.

The music in the hall started to subside in quality. The drug was slowly starting to take effect on the woman. Other employees checked on her but she said she was just tired. The rest of the staff started cleaning tables and put the chairs on top. It was about closing time and they were told to leave in a few minutes. Caius leaned his face towards his Red Hades ally and started to whisper. "Alright Mocha. That little lady Mozart over there is about to take a little nap because I may or may not have roofied her. I need you to go and grab her and take her outside. I scouted around and there is a door at the side that leads to the alleyway. I can distract the people in here while you do it and meet you outside. And besides, a man carrying an unconscious woman looks a bit suspicious. Also let's be honest honey" Caius reached over and grabbed her skinny arm and felt up what little muscles she had. "You could use the exercise. These things got no meat on them. So you down?"

Regardless of her answer Caius was going to proceed with the distraction. He was going to cause a ruckus of epic proportions. Think speak to your manager Moms but 10x worse.


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:22 pm

Even though her brain was wallowing around in pleasure mush she was one hundred percent certain that the tradeoff didn't add up. This man wanted her to drag some girl he roofied up outside and all she got in return was some paid fucking coffee? Coffee that she already paid for? Laughing in someone's face was often rude and uncalled for and it nearly took her everything not to do so. Since I already paid for my own coffee you still owe me a favor, but thanks for leaving the waiter a tip, I'm sure they'll appreciate it. Also I'll have you know this body is fine just the way it is... I have all the meat I need, in the right places. Yanking her arm away she gave him a smirk before turning her attention to the pianist who was very clearly fading in and out. This shouldn't be too hard, especially with her guild mate acting like a fool to grab everyone's attention. Ianthe waited for a bit before making her move.

You look like you need some fresh air darling. Sliding over the pianist she tucked herself under the girl's arm and stood up. The pianist hardly put up a fight but she wasn't out cold just yet. " It's ok you don't need to say anything. Just follow me, we'll get you some help. Ianthe chuckled as she skillfully dragged the girl out the exit that led out into the alleyway. Her mind could only wonder what was in store for this poor young girl. She knew it to be nothing particularly good if the girl caught the eye of a member from Red Hades. By the time the two were out the door the girl was out like a light. Dragging the limp body further down the ally way into the shadows, she propped the girl up on a wall and pulled a vile out of the pouch the rested on her hip. Opening up the vile she put it to her nose and took a few sniffs before bottling it back up. The rush from her previous high flared back up causing her to lean against the wall next to the girl, her eyes focused on the direction of the café.


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Sat Jan 05, 2019 1:36 pm

The mocha woman agreed to the plan without too much of a fuss. Now the fun could begin. As soon as she would start to escort the pianist outside, Caius made his move. Standing up, he reached down and picked up the chair he was sitting on. "This place fucking sucks!" He said throwing the chair over the counter. The cashier dodged out of the way but it crashed into a rack of bagels causing them to all to fall over. Caius walked over to the counter and slammed his hands down. “I asked for a black coffee and you numbnuts put in some pumpkin spice holly jolly sorority sister bullshit. Just wait until I review you troglodytes on Fiore Food Review” Caius ended by taking his hands and sweeping them across the counter sending everything to the floor. The coffee shop workers were a bit terrified of the rampaging demon but Caius walked out before they could get a word in.

Exiting into the Alleyway, he saw not one but both girls slumped against the wall. Ianthe clearly was on something. He could tell by looking at the color of her eyes. Caius threw his hands up. “Come on woman. Everyone knows the rule. Complete the mission first. Then victory drugs later. It’s first grade Mocha!” Caius knelt down in front of her and started to give her little mini slaps on the side of her cheek. “Come on snap out of it we got merchandise to move here. I got a lair we can take her to not far from here. About a block away. " Caius extended his hand to lift her up.


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Sat Jan 05, 2019 7:55 pm

Ianthe couldn't stop laughing as she heard the commotion from where she sat. The man who's name she hadn't even got yet was better company the most of the people she had hung around up until now. The pianist had slumped over, face first into Ianthe's lap at this point but she didn't mind. It didn't take long before Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome pulled up and out of the store. Her eyes wandered up to meet his and he went on to say something about first grade knowledge or some nonsense she wasn't one hundred percent listening to.

Hey now, I'm perfectly fine, BUT you are carrying her the rest of the way, I don't do dead weight. Stopping his hand after the first little slap on her cheek she gave him a look that said " you better stop ", before standing up and brushing herself off
Merchandise, I wasn't aware slavers got this creative when looking for items.. Ianthe didn't feel bad for the girl and instead felt a sort of fear from helping someone enslave another. Painful memories began to flash in her mind and she was quick to take another hit of the clear substance from her vial. In that moment those memories began to fade and cloud over, as if they were getting lost in a fog. So, what's your name She didn't want to stay on that topic too long, and was prepared to follow the man to their next destination.


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 3:16 pm

After carefully explaining his plan, Ianthe still wanted him to carry the body. Caius gave her a dumb founded look when he asked the question. Was Caius Kazama going to have to choke a bitch? No he had to calm down. Merchandise was at stake. "Fine woman stick to your nose clams. I'll carry her. Just if anyone asks, have a story ready so I don't look like to catch a predator over here."

He bent over to pick up the pianist and tossed her over his right shoulder. The poor girl needed to eat some doughnuts or something because she felt as light as a feather. Ianthe inquired about his work to which he was happy to oblige. It was his pride and joy after all. "I've been doing this for years and some times you have to mix it up. Sure the easiest way is to go to auctions but sometimes you need that thrill of catching your own. You know when you go to an adoption center and pick any puppy you want? It's like that you know...but with people." Afterwards, she asked his name. Normally he didn't give it out but it was a fellow guild mate. There didnt' seem to be much harm to do it. "The name is Caius. You best remember it. I will run all these streets soon enough. Get on my good side and maybe I'll give you a discount. "

They continued out of the alleyway and along the main road. It was a cold ,windy night so not many people were out in the streets. It was only about a 2 minute walk from their current location. "So Mocha I gave you mine now you give me yours. What should I call you besides partner in crime? "


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Sun Jan 06, 2019 8:33 pm

She had tuned him out, she didn't want to hear how easy it was to enslave people. Ianthe couldn't even remember how she became enslaved and it made her stomach churn to think that it could have been that easy. Darting her eyes to the girl that was now being picked up and carried caused a tinge of guilt to fill her. Quickly directed her gaze elsewhere she was happy to get the name of the man she would be spending probably the rest of the night with. Ianthe, nice to put a name to a face eh?... Where is this place? It's a bit brisk out tonight.

She walked a few paces behind the man in order to follow him. Her eyes began taking in the area around them. The streets weren't too crowded tonight which she could appreciate for once. Being as high as she was she wanted to get in an enclosed space as quickly as possible. Folding her arms across her chest to hide the fact that the wind was doing the most she hopped Caius didn't notice. Looking over at the girl once more Ianthe could only wonder what Caius made his slaves do.


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"Ianthe huh? I like Mocha better but I guess I can roll with it. I'm a gentleman after all. " The two of them finally arrived next to an old abandoned store at the outskirts of Dahila's market district. Heading inside, there was a door that led to the basement. Caius reached out his hand as a purple magic circle appeared upon it. His fingers painted a special symbol which was the security code for the door to enter. Once the symbol was complete, the door swung open. The two of them would then head down to the basement where Caius had his stash located.

What lied in the basement wasn't for the faint of heart. Boxes in the middle of the room filled with drugs. Steel cages lined the walls split into two sections. Once section had males and the other half females. Both sides were in tattered clothes and chained to the wall with little room to move. Screams of horror and begs for mercy could be heard from the weeping slaves. It was like music to his ears. Clapping his hands together he made an announcement looking at his guildmate. "Welcome to the Happy Fun Time Palace! Everyone look alive. We have a guest today! Say hi to Ianthe! He moved to the side and presented her for the slaves to see. While she soaked in the atmosphere Caius tossed the new girl on the table. He reached into a nearby container and pulled out a pink chain collar. Before securing it around her neck he paused.

"Where are my manners? Ianthe you helped me get this woman. Would you like to do the honors and give this girl her brand new necklace ?" Caius said offering her the chain with a smile on his face. He was having fun.


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Mon Jan 07, 2019 3:33 pm

You can continue to call me whatever you like, I don't mind. She really didn't mind and she was starting to like how he called her Mocha, it rolled off of his tongue nicely. Ianthe never had someone give her a nickname so accurate, hell she never had anyone give her nickname before at all. She was enjoying Caius's presence overall despite learning what he did but there was something about him that didn't sit well with her. As the two approached what looked to be some sort of abandoned building. As she continued to follow she took note of certain things leading up to entraining the building, just in case.

Ianthe had seen quite a lot in her life, enough to where some things don't bother her so much. With the being said her churning in her stomach began and she quickly pulled out the vial she had been taking hits from and took a hit of the silvery substance, finishing it off. Until now she hadn't been exposed to the darker side of her guild, it had been all drugs and parties for the most part. She knew of what went on in the guild but having to see it this way, It was sickening. The distraught and terrified faces of the people locked in cages caused her to avert her eyes from them and only focus on Caius.

It would be an honor. Even though she really didn't care for this, she had a part to play and it was one that needed to be on this man's good side. Gliding over to him she ran her delicate hands over the chain collar. It was a really nice color if she were being honest with herself and it took a moment of admiring it before to secured it around the pianist neck.Where will this one go? She spoke of the girl as if she were an item, because at this point she was and it didn't matter anymore to treat her like anything else.


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Caius started to notice Ianthe's nerves around him. Maybe this was too much for her. She kept on sucking up that silver drug vial like a kid with the inhaler. What was worse was that was the last of it. He wanted to use that for celebration! Anyways the hit seemed to have calmed her down as she placed the metal collar over their new slave. Caius could almost shed a tear. Ianthe was becoming a slave trader before his very eyes. "Well Done Mocha! I got it from here." She didn't seem to mind the nickname so he stuck with it per her request.

Walking over to the woman's cages, he opened the door. The other girls instinctively took a step back against the wall to distance themselves from him calling him a monster. Caius smiled and threw the new inmate on the ground. Other girls ran up to check on her while others yelped in horror. "Ladies this is your new sister! Piano girl! I call her that because I don't know her real name but damn does she have magic fingers. And no don't get any ideas from that. Anyways , treat her well and show her around her new cage. It's rent free so I think she will be happy. " Caius then slammed the cage door shut.

"Well now Mocha I said we were going to celebrate after this adventure and celebrate we shall. " Caius walked over to a crate on the table in the middle of the room. He opened the top and pulled out two bottles of champagne. "One for you and one for me." he said handing her a bottle. It might have been a bit to much for her since she was smaller but he figured if she could handle those hits she could keep up with him. Popping off the top, he offered her a toast before he took a sip "Well I say we should call it a day here. I got business tomorrow. If you need to leave the door is upstairs but if you need a extra little cream with your Mocha well.. I'm standing right here"


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She looked at everything but the slaves as Caius moved the girl from the table to the cage. She had to disconnect herself from them, she couldn't start feeling pity not after what she'd just done. Her attention was only pulled back to Caius when he called her nickname with talk of celebration. She almost forgot about all of that, taking the bottle in her hand and feeling the pressure that was place on her. Was she suppose to drink this whole bottle and be ok? Hitting the drugs she had was different, it was to keep her from feeling pain, it was her medicine. She knew she had jumped head first into a rabbit hole and now seeing that this is what being in Red Hades meant she just couldn't see her way out of it.

Slipping her hand in her pouch she pulled out a vial filled with a sort of sparkly purple substance, it was like looking into the milkyway. This was the stuff she had in her cup earlier, the new creation of her headmaster. Since Caius was so kind to share a bottle of champagne with her, she could only return the favor.   Remember that little concoction I was telling you about? The new stuff my ringmaster whipped up? This is it, you put it in food or drink. It's honestly some of the best stuff I've ever had. Popping the top off of her bottle of champagne she took a long drink, stopping only when she felt half of it was gone. The bubbly substance caused her to smile, no longer caring about the groaning people in cages.Mmm, you know, I might just have a little cream before I go... Taking another swig she waited a moment to allow Caius to enjoy the gift she gave him before gliding over to him and putting her dainty little hands down the front of his pants. If she was gonna keep falling she might as well not stop until she hit the bottom.


Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Tue Jan 08, 2019 11:06 pm

He quickly snatched the vial out of her hands when she showed she had more hidden away "Oh shit you had more. Forget the drinks then. Let's get weird with it." Caius dropped the bottle on the ground and quickly uncapped the drug. He shoved have the vial in his nose and snorted like no man has never snorted before.  Caius froze like a statue for a bit after he took the drug. His eyes widened as he stared out in space. Suddenly, he was hit with a sudden Euphoria coursing through his body. When Ianthe's hand went down south that triggered his rush. He quickly scooped her up and threw her belly down on the table. She wasn't going to be able to walk tomorrow.- FTB-

The next day, Caius would wake up on the floor with splitting headache next to her. He put his hand on his head as he rose up to his feet. "The whole vial....too much...never again..kill me" he muttered to himself in regret. The drug must have been super powerful to give him a headache. Usually his demon half would help purge the toxins. However, he was excited about the prospect of selling it. He got dressed and got ready for his next business venture. Heading to Orchida. Ianthe was waking up around this time so before he left he said his goodbyes. He was sure they would meet again. You know the old saying. Once they go Demon they will leave you screaming



Making my way downtown, walking fast, faces pass, and i'm home bound(OPEN) Empty on Wed Jan 09, 2019 9:02 am

Her eyes widened as she watched him take the substance raw, just straight up his nostrils. Now she was sure, she had some suspicions but this confirmed that Caius was clearly not human. But that didn't matter because she wouldn't have time to dwell on what she thought he was. Before she could protest she was flipped on her back and a shot of pleasure was coursing through her. She couldn't think we her brain sloshed around in champagne and drugs, this must have been the best sides of Red Hades, she knew she wasn't gonna be feeling her legs in the morning...

Of course morning came, and with it a hunger she couldn't remember one hundred percent of what went on last night but she could remember the best parts. Caius was up and dressed already, saying his goodbyes as he went. She was sure he was busy so didn't put up too much of a fuss about food, she could find her way out and look for breakfast..or lunch on her own. Quickly dressing she took another look at the slaves left behind and shrugged before heading out into the world.

- exit-

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