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Brunhilde De Rouvroy

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#1Brunhilde De Rouvroy 

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Brunhilde De Rouvroy


Name: Brunhilde De Rouvroy

Age: December 10th, X768

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Tattoo: Bellybutton — Cherry

Face: Mina Tepes — Dance in the Vampire Bund


Height: 5'2'' — 152 cm

Weight: 100 Lbs — 45 Kg

Hair: Platinum Blonde

Eyes: Crimson

Overall: Much to Brunhilde's dismay, her appearance has not changed.

Her facial features are symmetrical, being well fed and taken care of has revealed a strong bone structure with high cheekbones, a solid jawline and a slightly upturned nose that flow into each other beautifully. Skin that is alabaster white possesses a constant look of tiredness and lacks blemishes, freckles or acne. Her eyes take on a stunning shade of crimson which often seem to sparkle in the light. Naturally short eyebrows frame her sparkling eyes, thin and dainty just like her.

A body of dainty and petite nature, not even fit for taking a hit, even a weak punch. Brunhilde lacks any type of muscle mass and is rather frail-looking and have imagery issues, she has visible disgust towards hideously muscular women. She makes it her mission to assure that she doesn’t cultivate such muscle mass.

In terms of style in regards to the rest of her body, Brunhilde seems to prefer the extravagant. The most notable such trait is her hair, it descends well past her shoulder in a blonde cascade, owing to its shine and pristine nature devout religious grooming on her part. The bangs, in turn, are trimmed regularly to remain above the brow, likely to keep them from interfering with her vision.

For formal occasions though, fancy frilled lolita-styled dresses seem to be her favorite thing to wear. And with her doll-like looks, who could blame her?


Personality: Brunhilde is the result of many years of self-confidence issues and abuse. Not so much physical abuse, though there were many hits laid upon her from time to time. But more mental abuse than anything. She no longer has a moral compass, no distinction between right and wrong thus has led her to make many mistakes and irrational decisions regarding the fine line that is morality.

Wind; soft, gentle and warm but the more you fight it the harsher it becomes. Considered the embodiment of wind, she was once earnest and fun-loving, she was very true to her own feelings, she was transparent, even in her confusion and in her anger. However, that did not last long due to the events of her upbringing. The girl grew cold, shutting herself in as her heart turned to stone and as if it was not protected enough, a gale force wind was unleashed around her heart. Bottled up anger and sadness broke free from her control and has ever since, run rampant in her mind. Uncaring and untrusting of most people Brunhilde has preferred to push and even force people away with her harsh words. It's hard to ever get too close to her these days. She has a tendency to just have the coldness act as a cover, really hiding softer emotions inside. Though it all depends on who you ask, as many people also see her in different airs.

With her sharp tongue and fierce demeanor, like all strong winds, she brings chaos in her path. Often leaving those who cross her dumbfounded, similar to an uncontrollable storm, she values honesty and many often take her ruthlessly candid nature the wrong way. However, with every storm, there is always a center, the eye of absolute tranquility. Brunhilde's eye is difficult to find, protected by raging gale winds that tear to shreds those who dare attempt to enter, even these winds subside if you manage to gain the wind maidens trust. A difficult but rewarding task.

While these past 2 years have given Brunhilde the confidence to break away from her controlling sister, Ashe. It also freed a fit of uncontrollable pent-up anger among the world. Though, behind that raging exterior is still that same weak-willed girl who fell victim to manipulation.


  • Recognition: Given her fragile self-confidence, Brunhilde likes recognition for every little thing she does. Albeit her appearance to her magic. She needs others to build up her confidence.
  • Religion: Brunhilde has an on and off relationship with Illumin, but no matter how much he forsakes her and she him, through thick and thin, she still remains faithful. Still praying from time to time, hoping Illumin will answer her.


  • Sweets: Brunhilde has imagery issues, most likely brought about by her controlling father. She will usually try to avoid them.
  • Banality: Things don't just automatically change for the better over time, they become dull, bland, and boring. Brunhilde believes everyone becomes rather lackluster over time, which is one of the many reasons she discards 'friends' so easily.


  • Gone With the Wind: As a girl she never had a chance to find out who she really was, she wants to be spirited away and soul-search. There has to be something else aside from her guild.


  • Attachment: Probably her worst fear, she does not want to let people become close to him in fear of losing them. She only sees it as a way to invite misery into her life, something she feverishly tries to avoid at all costs. Why get close to something death can so easily touch?
  • The Feeling of Defeat: Back against the wall, all options exhausted, in the face of overwhelming defeat and not a single speck of hope to be found. In the last moments where it's only you and your thoughts...That is the absolute worst feeling and on more than one occasion Brunhilde’s father made her feel that way, it makes her sick.


Magic Name: Wind Maiden

Magic Element: Wind

Magic Description: The four Maidens are a part of an ancient legend, long forgotten, these maidens are hosts of a vast natural power that has existed in Fiore for thousands of years. They are said to be the physical embodiment of the four main elements. There are four Maidens in existence at any time, each one corresponding to the four elements - Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

The Wind Maiden allows the user to generate and manipulate wind at will. They can increase and decrease the speed of wind in their proximity, float or fly, and empower themselves with wind. Due to its tamed yet powerful nature, this magic is usually used for its defensive spells but has offensive, supplementary and self-buffs that grant speed as well.



The Tale of Maidens:
Long ago it was said that within the vast green forests of Fiore, beside a massive river stood a small home of an old hermit. A lone wizard. Homeward bound, he feared the outside world and sought immunity from its dangers and distractions. No one knew the location of the wizard's cottage, visitors were unheard of occurrence. But on this very special day, as he peered out of his window, his watchful gaze fell upon a beautiful young maiden. She sat beneath a mighty oak tree, her eyes closed, meditating, she showed absolute serenity. When the wizard asked for an explanation, the maiden proclaimed, "My name is Undine. I am on a journey and I am awaiting my beloved sister's arrival." With that being said, she closed her eyes and sat in silence returning to her tranquil state. The wizard tried to ignore the girl, telling himself that she was nothing but a fool, but the longer she remained in such a soothing tranquility, the more he wished to share such a state the young maiden seemed to enjoy.

In time, his eyes grew weary and he decided to rest his eyes, thinking on the strangeness of it all. Upon opening his eyes and realizing a second maiden had come and graced his presence, beneath his tree. The wizard was perplexed. Vivacious, and spirited, the maiden held a basket with an assortment of fruits and flowers. When the wizard asked for an explanation the girl simply replied, "My name is Pygmy. I am on a journey and I am awaiting my beloved sister's arrival." His hospitality came with reluctance and to show her gratitude, the girl retrieved a handful of seeds from her basket and danced around the wizard's garden, planting the seeds. The old hermit was baffled as he watched the maiden turn once bleak and dead garden into a beautiful garden, from which life would surely blossom.

The man, mesmerized by the maidens capabilities, stared longingly into his once dead but newly resurrected garden. He thought of picking the ripe red tomatoes, harvesting his fully-grown and beautiful crops, something he had not done in years. He would have stared forever had it not been for the unfamiliar and joyous laughter heard beneath the oak tree. A young maiden with a bright smile stood beside the two maidens. The wizard begged for the maiden to introduce herself, and just as her other sister did, she responded, "My name is Sylph. I am on a journey and I am waiting for my beloved sister." Of course, she had said this, thought the wizard. A million thoughts ran through his head but they were disrupted by another chirp of laughter, leaving the old man perplexed; what was so hilarious? Him. The new arrival found the wizard's insistence on staying indoors so very amusing; why chose to view the world through a small window when the door leading out to it was right at his side? It was an argument that caused the hermit to rethink his life completely and after a moment of hesitation, the wizard stepped outdoors for the first time in years.

The warming embrace of the sunlight brought with it a surge of spirit and life. And soon the wizard wasn’t feeling much like himself anymore. He was feeling much livelier. As the day came to an end, the maidens and the wizard all settled down as they prepared a feast. Undine set the table, Pygmy supplied the crops, Sylph prepped the meal, and the wizard was the most exuberant and cheerful he's ever been. But in all the excitement, he nearly almost didn't notice the delicate woman that now graced all of their presences. He smiled and gestured her to join them, asking only for her name. “My name is Salamander” she pleasantly proclaimed. “I am on a journey and I’m here to meet with my beloved sisters. Who might you be?”

"Me?" The wizard questioned as if they could have been talking to anyone else. Suddenly, he came to the shocking realization that these maidens showed a genuine interest in him. "Well, I am but an old hermit, a shut-in, I have lived alone in these very woods for eons and I'm afraid my story is rather dull, as I have no one to love and little to show for my pathetic life." The eldest sister looked up in awe at all that surrounded them. "But sir, do you not see? You have so much." It was true; with their help, it was now clear to see that the wizard had everything he could ever need. The elements. Such a power was not to be taken for granted. The hermit was grateful, but a question still unanswered, lingered, "Why me?" He asked. "Why did the four of you chose to open my eyes to such a beauty? To bestow upon me your marvelous gifts? Why am I so special?" The four sisters looked to one another as if they were speaking telepathically. The eldest sister then spoke, "I beg your pardon sir, but we do not do these things for you because you were special. We do what we can for everyone because we are able." The old wizard was confused at their humble generosity. Never in his years had he come across such kindness. It was in this moment that he knew he too had to give back to the maidens. With a smile on his wrinkled face, the wizard called forth his magic, ever ounce he could muster, and bestowed it upon the sisters. "My gift to you, so that you may do such much more." Now armed with the elements, the founding pillars of nature and the unimaginable magic of the old wizard, the four maidens: Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind promised to continue their journey, however, what they did with them was unspeakable. Although the ending of this tale often varies, one thing remains the same in every telling. The sisters abused their newfound powers and allowed their strength to devour them, causing great calamities across the world; the sisters turned against each other and without balance, their previous great deeds turned to great sorrow, their kindness to cruelty, and Fiore plunged into darkness.

However, this tale has since been forgotten, but the maidens reincarnations are sure to be remembered.

Again, and again, the world seems to conspire to keep Brunhilde stubbornly clinging to Illumin. But her last brush in with faith left her feeling like her precious god had forsaken her for the final time. Her parents had never loved her, growing up in a broken home, she never grew up with the warm tenderness of affection. Born within a storm that never ceased to stop, her windows always boarded, her heart always ached, her body always bruised. Her faith fading as her prayers were never answered. Illumin had abandoned her and left the girl alone in such a cruel and cold world, tainted by the misfortune of her upbringing, Brunhilde had no choice but to strengthen the defenses around her heart to survive.

The family she grew up in required many things, Brunhilde lacked them all. To most, their daughter would be the apple of their eye, their pride, and joy, but to her parents, she was just the opposite. A leech, a hindrance, a pest destined that would never amount to anything. Thus, Brunhilde lacked most human emotions and the very few emotions she did have, self-doubt, envy, they were not always kind to her. Always beating herself up about what she would become and never who she could become.

After a rather brutal beating, Brunhilde had just received, she was in such a state of desperation that she needed the safety the chapel provided her in times past. She felt safe and protected within the walls of the chapel, and so, she prayed to her only god, Illumin. Even though her prayers were never answered, she took solace in knowing that he might answer her one day. And that he did, that he did. She overheard the preacher talking about a legend of 4 women, maidens, who bore the power to control the four main elements: fire, water, earth, and wind. It was prophesied that these maidens upon awakening their power were destined to cause a great calamity. These maidens were not meant to be together and together, it is said they can create a cataclysm. The four elements bring the world together in harmony, this may be true, but they do not work in harmony. Thus leading to tearing each other apart.

Upon getting home at a late hour, she was bombarded with questions and when she told them how she went to the chapel to pray, they called her faith stupid and that her 'false god' wasn't going to save her from her inevitable fate. A wind of fury blew over her and in her rage, she awakened her dormant magic; Wind Maiden. The air in the village turned harsh and the wind picked up at an alarming rate, it rapidly swirled. Soon, a tornado formed in the center of her home, and her parents were gone with the wind- or rather tornado. Managing to make it out of the tornado's path, Brunhilde ran for the hills as her control over the tornado broke and it whipped through the whole village, tearing some of the smaller structures apart, only leaving debris in its wake. The best things are always saved for last as they say, such as the chapel Brunhilde so frequently visited. It was the last to go and this is when Illumin birthed his grudge on Brunhilde.

Before, her life was horrible but it progressively got worse as she stumbled through life, and she had to turn over a life of crime to justify every bad thing that happened to her. Thus this led her to join Phantom Lord.

The past two years have brought Brunhilde nothing but anger and sorrow.  She found out her sisters were manipulating her for her talents just as everyone had before them.  All that pent up anger and sorrow came flooding out and she was blinded, blinded by her sister's manipulation and deceit. Deciding she wouldn't end up as a dog to her owner's, she broke this chain and left the Maidens. Abandoning her duties as a Maiden and as their sister. But only after she and her sister, Scylla, attacked Ashe. With their combined powers they were able to deal a devastating blow to Ashe that would hopefully keep her out for the count for a while. Or so she hoped...

While her two sisters were back together and bonding, Brunhilde was gone. Nowhere to be found. Leaving meant she wouldn't come back under any circumstance. She needed to find out who she was and where she belonged if it was not with the maidens. Fleeing to a remote place. Dahlia, the perfect place for her to seek redemption from Illumin and go off the grid. Brunhilde stayed in a church there, hunting the supernatural entities that dwell there, while begging Illumin for redemption for all of the sins she has committed. Thus, her and Illumin's on and off relationship started back up again.

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