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Priscilla Ivalice

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Priscilla Ivalice


Name: Alisa: Priscilla Laura Ivalica, Real name is Unknown.

Age: 24 to 29 years old, only mentioned she was born on November 2nd.

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Straight.

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian.

Ethnicity, Mother:  Fiorian.

Class: The Rogue

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless.

Tattoo: Right shoulder blade, Dark red.

Face: Kerhlid Hieakangas- Knight's and Magic.


Height: 5 foot 8 inches/176 Cm.

Weight: 135 pounds/61Kilograms.

Hair: Dark purple.

Eyes: One eye is purple, The other is missing.

Overall: Priscilla is often seen in dark clothing, going along nicely with her very pale white skin.  Wearing long black gloves, long black boots with heels stop at her teights, A sleeveless gray shirt that goes that is taliored a bit longer to the starting of her teights, a long leavender purple scarf tied in a knoted around her neck, A leather jacket piece to over her chest that is black. Her dark purple hair seems to slightly wavey and always in some manner covering her missing eye by draping over it almost seemlessly but mixed with it still being a bit wavy to have its own style.

Extra: Priscilla does not have a left eye.


Personality: Priscilla is often very polite and well manner, to the point of like she is trained in it. But often avoids and does not care to remember the names of others or often seeing them at all a any period of time to cover this up she will make nicknames of over and lie stating she has a terrible memory,in her mind, she does not remember another person name often just in case they happen to end in her path while she is trying to achieve one of her plans.

Priscilla will often lie to anyone she needs too just to continue on her way or on to whatever she was doing if her interest isn't with what is infront of her, It is often hard to get Priscilla interested in anything that isn't her current goal leaving her a very determind and goal driven person, Always having something she has planned and doing in some manner that will lead to a plan of hers as well.

But Priscilla isn't against using people, guilds and whatever else she needs too to achieve whatever plan or goals she had in mind, often making herself a loner type of person where she ends up staying at. Priscilla also shows signs of being extremely violent but often like it is strongly control but boardling it as mentalillness, Knowing she shouldn't be as violent as she is a person, Having an unhuman amount of hatred and spite.

Their is a positive side to Priscilla, even if could see or learn of it since Priscilla like to be the in the background kind of person, Priscilla is the first person to protect some one whom is poor and unable to fight back themselves just it ends in a manner that isn't peaceful nor friendly, becoming almost a frenzied monster seeking a bloodbath, But Priscilla can if you spot her be seen, giving some money, food or finding a place for them to stay, But this is often rare to see her to do because she often busies herself with other plans.

But the problem is that frenized states she could go into could be often happen just out of nowhere one day to a random person, Often Priscilla trys to control and covers up these dangerous habits by finding people she deems deserving of it happening too, unless this needs becomes too uncontrolable.

Also shows signs of having Inferiority complex but not right away,A strong belief in Atheism often making it a point to tell some one she finds the beliefs in gods is laughable often finding contept for them and that higher powers seem to have no interest in helping the weak or poor.

Also showing signs of deilliusions since she her opinion who seems rich always seems to change in some manner, It is an overbaring trait of her and also shows Priscilla is judgmental of almost anyone as well this often make Pricsilla hard to work with.


  • Relief: It is normal for Priscilla to want to have to this, even accepting the fact that she has to give in law breaking act that she does to feel an urge a need a disire rid of, Priscilla knows she has a problem, Just doesn't know how to stop.

  • Purple Roses: Even if she is some one whom doesn't like to plant and grow flowers ever since she was young she has had strong liking to the colour purple and since the rose is the only one of the colour purple she has seen she has favored them.

  • Schadenfrede: in otherwords the suffering of others, mostly the ones she is causing suffering of, because of her own disires and plans moving forward within them being sadly in her path, She knows it is not right in anyway either.


  • People/Organization who abuse their power: Either they are rich with large amounts of money, high off of beliefs of gods or any other means, it seems Pricsilla to show disliking towards anyone who is a member of a cult, maifa, religion and to some extent laws and guilds.

  • Being Remembered:Any mage, person, anyone or anything Priscilla does not want to be remembered, She wants to be forgotten for people to move on with their lives and be happy.

  • Smoking:Viewing smoking in a negative manner, Priscilla think its of a sign of some one whom is mostly a target, also having a since she could remember she feels sick around people who smoke with the run off of whatever they smoke.


  • Helping Who She Can: Priscilla knows her actions and what she is doing is law breaking to help so few people, But She seems to mention that people should have better then other, Even if illogical of her being the judge of that and not caring of other peoples opinions otherwise.

  • To Complete Her Goal/Vendetta:  It is her main goal, the over all meaning of what she just has to or more like feels the need to complete is this nearly impossible task. This goal and what is also a Vendetta seems to be the only thing that Priscilla feels like she is here for.

  • To Feel Free: Some day,some how in some manner Priscilla hopes to be a normal mage again, no longer feel such the need to do all this planing, killing and urges that she feels, She truely does not want to be a monster, knowing she can not help it it feels too normal to her, so one day she will be a normal mage.


  • Merinthophobia: The fear of being physically tied down or held down, Pricsilla seems to be nervous about that even happening to her, even then often having nightmares about it and becoming extremely violent when anyone attempts to restrain her, Also starting to be on edge when it seems to cross her mind.

  • Losing Control:  Already having considerable amount of problems controling her mind when it comes to most, she fears that if she snaps into a bloodlust again she will not be able to return to a stable mind or stop herself anymore.

  • Doctors: The only signs of humanity and some degree of fear seems to also lie in fear of doctors or seeking medical help, seeming to often show that current experiences have been too dangerous for Priscilla to even seek out the helps of doctors anymore, Viewing it more of a danger to her then helpful.


Magic Name: N/A

Magic Element: N/A

Magic Description: N/A


History: It seems much like the things left unexplained things of the world, Priscilla and her life seems to be more of the story of rumors then actual facts of who she is,where she is from and various other subjects of her life seem to be left to the tales of rumors and bar tales whispers.

First rumor is that she once a mage in one of the many legal guilds of the area, known what was once the legal name she carried before making up an alias to cover her trail and having a vastly different personality and apperance as well. Often keeping herself busy working and helping her various guild members up until a mission went amiss and she and her group were assumed dead, Were as Priscilla live and had her life change and shape vastly different unable to handle the events that followed became a different person and took a new name.

Second rumor is she is was once a slave some at some point at the starting of her life knowing that she sought freedom and disired it as such learnt darkness magic slowly over time, never coming up with a plain and her mind becoming numb to her normal emotions she broke and murdered her captors and anything assoiated with them in cold blood and a smile, Being left free to roam and does as she will since which has led to various other murders at her hand.

Third rumor. A child who grow up poor who was taught people where always helpful and kind watched as her family slowly went away either dying off or disappearing in some manner, Priscilla under what legal name she had was left to fend for herself, gaining a hatred for the rich or anything in power to help as she grew older she took it out on people who she did not know thus becoming a murderer and a thief stealing whatever money they had but not for herself she would give it away to people who did not have money to attempt to see them live a better life then she had.

Fourth rumor, Priscilla always been a lady with a history of being danger and out of control even in her home town of Dahlia. Anyone whom seem to step in her path they tried anything was met with a slow painful death. Either in public, infront of whatever group of people they with them or just screaming in the streets in the night often leaving some kind message for the people who where sent to killer that the people that hired her would be next, eventually resulting her in being taken to a mental ward, mediated and controled Prisicilla almost was fit enough to be in the better parts of the public and not be a danger but eventually dissappeared and returned to her old habits.

Fifth rumor, Priscilla is some kind vigilante who takes whatever judgement she feels she need upon people for their wrong doings, Having this rumor followed by an account of a woman mentioning she was walking home in the early hours of the even in the streets with her son, just as she was about to give up money a hand gripped one of the mens neck follow by a spike going through his head and dragged away somewhere,for some reason the son did not scream it wasn't until later after the woman ran away did she realize the song had his eyes cover from a purple piece of cloth and told not to look until his mother told him it was safe, the site of were Priscilla murdered the three robbers was taped off for a while having to make sure no one was around to capture images of the disemboweled and blood splatter in the ally way.

But these rumor are and simply just rumors some could be true some could be partly true, ever rumor it believed to have some kind of truth to it, one day some one curious will learn and figure out one way or another, Priscilla herself seemed to know and remember everything but wants to be forgotten and be on her way only the future and fate know what holds her.

Timeskip year 1 rumor:
Priscilla eventually blended into the town of Magnolia with out a word from anyone else or a word from her.  Eventually picking up a job somewhere to try and keep her mind in place. Being between jobs in the market places in Magnolia, The people not knowing what kind of monster Priscilla was seemed to have no worry about her just working in the market place helping some one sell their wares.

Eventually a doctor did pick up on Priscilla needing work and offered her a job as some kind of assistant but not in anything that would make her nervous, But where she ended up working as some kind of pharmacy work she settled into it quickly. Even coming up with a name to be called there the one she lied to the people and the doctor who offered her the job."Ira Halba".  There could be many other rumors but this seemed to be the one that spread the most.

Time skip year 2 Rumor:
The closest thing to a seighting of Priscilla was the conversation of a purple haired one eyes woman walking around Magnolia during evening hours, Even if common for some people to travel at night, She was not traveling she seemed to be stalking the area, It was making a few people nervous  after all it seemed like this woman intended something and no one knew what was going on.

The next morning one of the more populated ally ways of the streets of Magnolia. The public work up to a total of five nearly and almost unidentifiable bodies left blooded in the streets, Some of the towns people complained about hearing screams that evening horrified screaming that they assumed some one else would look into or they were too scared too check, Since then Priscilla has not been seen in Magnolia as far as the people of Magnolia new. But the people who investigated the bloody bodies seemed almost troubled by what was done to them, But the rumors spoke that they believe she was the cause.

Reference: No one, Alt of Judina.

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Ethnicity is a requirement for approval need you to be more specific then rumoured, as for the class it's just a typo but Rogue is to be used.

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Priscilla Ivalice
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This character application has been approved.

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