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I. The Light of... [Kon]

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"Gah!" The Prince of the Malia Kingdom coughed as blood splattered onto the floor. Just the day before all of this he was fine. He was helping the needy and meeting some new faces. He was even able to make headlines around Orchidia. Today though, today he felt like horse shit. It all began when he met Kailette, perhaps her inhuman vibes made it harder for the demon of chaos to remain within him. At first it was only a headache but after his event yesterday the headache pains grew worse. Stomach pains developed here and there and heart pains came and went. It was as if the demon's powers were tearing his body apart from the inside. Today it was even worse. The pain was so unbearable and supernatural that going to the hospital was futile. Instead he needed something else...he needed the power of the being many called "Illumin." Of course his faith wasn't aligned the entity of fire so making his way to Orchidia's church was a sign of ultimate desperation. If none of the priests could help him than he was probably a goner. Still, the church was his last hope. Surely they had some way to get rid of the demon that resided with him. If only he hadn't been lurking around places he wasn't supposed to be back when was in Savannah. His childish curiosity proved to be fatal now.

Kyam struggled to walk as he made his way through the town of Orchidia. He used his hand to wipe the blood that dripped from his mouth to his shirt and pushed through the streets. Some people noticed him for what he'd done yesterday but many gazed upon him wondering what was happening with him. Nobody helped. "selfish bastards." he muttered to himself as his eyes dimmed. His head was pounding with every step, his ribs aching and his heart cramping as if the devil himself had been tightening his grip around it. How did the Wyvern of Lamia Scale manage to rile up the demon of chaos like this? Her; a seemingly gentle woman had the power to fuck him up with a simple glance. Just knowing she had this effect on him only made him want to rip her head off. Could it have been that contract? Could she have intentionally done this? No... impossible. She was a Lamia Scale mage and a trustworthy companion of Shahrbaraz.

Finally he approached the church, forcing his body to walk up the stairs. "M-move!" he mustered as the people making their way into the church moved for him to walk. He was obviously sick- it was all in his face. Sweat dripped down his forehead as he coughed again, finally reaching the doors. The prince couldn't even think about life or death, he only thought about the holy power of Illumin. Hopefully his "blessing" wasn't just another ignorant belief. "h-h-help!" his voice boomed as he used the bit of strength he had left. The Savannan mage moved forward down the aisle until he reached the front where the priests had gathered to receive him.

"Dear heavens!" the high priest exclaimed as he rushed to get holy water. The other two priests caught Kyam as he fell to his knees, lifting his head and using rags to wipe his mouth. The high priest hurried back towards Kyam. He first began by placing his hand on Kyam's head to see if it was actually something supernatural. "Are you sure this is the work of-" "Yes! T-there's a fucking demon...inside of me..." He began to fade in and out of consciousness. The priest nodded, dipping his hand in holy water then splashing it onto Kyam. The water instantly sizzled as it touched his skin.

"Aghh!" he shouted in agony as the pain only grew worse. His whole entire body began to fill with pain, every part of him of was crushing from the inside out. Kyam dropped his head. The priest began to mutter things in some other language. "Oh dear. The demon in him is strong. Quick we need to get ahold of the grand priest. At this rate he'll-" "Don't you dare say it." he demanded as his head shot up. His pupils were dilated and black glaring into the priests eyes. "Get me that priest now! Quickly!" The people in the church watched, some even praying for Kyam's life.


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Seated in front of a vast document littered desk, the Holy Knight went to began his report on his last mission personally evaluating his efforts calculating just how many werewolves he had slain in the Worth Woodsea. It was concerning to see that these beings of the night had become so willing to strike out against the general community, ever since that blasted pretender king rose to power they had grow more daring with each concession the false monarch made. The paper was quite thorough in his deeds from the injuries he dealt, where it was done even the body count. While he didn’t need to write this report in such depth, he found the work cathartic making his actions feel more for the embettering of mankind instead of just the acts of a murderous villain. After finishing off the document he flipped through it once more before signing it off, rolling up the papers and sealing it with his own wax seal before placing it on top of the countless dozen scrolls that rested on a shelf in front of him.

His work now complete he stretched out his arms while rolling his shoulders before lifting himself off the wooden chair that had been supporting him for the many hours he had been on sat there for. As he was about to leave the desk, he draw up a glass that he had poured for himself earlier containing a homebrew of mead that the priests of the church where he was residing had made. Clutching the glass, he left the room which opened into the main inner section of the church. Despite it being a weekday there were quite a large number of people in the building not just the elderly or sickly that relied on the churches aid but also some people he recognised just yesterday in the large crowd in the streets of Orchidia. He hoped that the services of the Church would not be stretched to thin with the increase of those in needed but he couldn’t shake the feeling that this would just be a start of something.

Moving through the church he could feel numerous eyes lingering over him, all desperate for help, he in spite of his holy attire was not there to help the broad community though he emphasised with them his efforts were better put on more impactful events even if he was idle at this very moment. That was all about to change however as a dramatic plea for help caught the attention of all the priests close to the front of the church. It seemed to be that a man had collapsed alarming the men of the cloth enough to call for the head priest. However after going to the man for a closer look it was apparent that they would be able to do little in the ways to help him.

Recognising the man as being Kyam whom he had met just yesterday, he could see that helping him personally would likely be in his best interest for the betterment of society at least for now and it would make him owe Kon a favour. Needing to take over the situation to avoid the priests or anyone else for that matter doing anything that might hinder what would likely be an exorcism, he drew even closer to examine the foreigner. He called forth to the priests. “Father Matthew, Father Peter, Father Lucas, I need you to take this man into the backroom!,” As he began to issue orders he further illustrated his commands by pointing at each of the priests before the door leading to the backroom “This isn’t the sort of something the Grand Priest will be able to deal with, I will be taking responsibility of this”

Raising his hand onto his forehead he went over the things that he would need for the exorcism, everything would be in the back except for one item, a talisman that would be used to hopeful store whatever evil was destroying the man. Being a critical part of this process, he stopped Father Lucas before telling him in a hushed tones. “Father, I need you to find a holy object something small in size it’s fine just make sure it’s been blessed, this is vital if we want to save this man.” Nodding firmly the priest went off in his search while Kon followed after the other priests who were catching Kyam off into the backroom.


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Was it over for him?

His body felt like it was transforming into something that would no longer even be his body. He kept falling in and out of consciousness and his breathing became heavier. He didn't want to die, he had his entire life ahead of him. There were things that he needed to do and if he died today he wouldn't be able to do them. Of course this only made him fight harder against the demonic power inside of him. To think that it was merely a demon in the shape of a butterfly causing all this pain. This was the price one eventually had to pay for harboring a demon of chaos. According to the priests present, a grand priest was needed for him to be cleansed of this unholy spirit but if he didn't come soon then it would be impossible for Kyam to get well. The Prince of Malia didn't even want to think of what would happen if this demon took over him. However, just when he began to lose hope he heard a voice; a different voice. Could it have been the grand priest already? Had time been moving that quick?

The voice demanded the other priests to take yam to the backroom. With all his strength Kyam opened his eyes, the sweat falling from his forehead more frequently than before. Every part of his body felt like it was under the foot of a giant so it was hard for him to do anything without his body feeling like it was going to snap. The Lamia Scale mage moved his pupils until he saw a familiar face. Konstantin. The man who he had only met yesterday. Off rip he knew that Konstantin wasn't any ordinary man but he couldn't quite put his finger on what made hime extraordinary. He felt more at ease with seeing him though, even if he didn't know much about him. The way he spoke was as if he knew exactly what needed to be done to "cure" Kyam. Apparently the grand priest was no mach for Kyam's case. Instead Konstantin would need to handle this himself.

Damn...if I make it out of this alive that's another debt I'll have to pay. he thought as the priests began to pick up his body. another debt... First it was Kailette who was chosen by a "Seraphim", now Konstantin. Looking directly at the man who was going to help him he spoke. "Konstantin...p-please...d-don't let me....die..." Was the only words he could muster before the priests began to carry him off. What could this man do that even a grand priest couldn't? Kyam asked himself. Obviously Konstantin had some supernatural talents. The priests took him towards the backroom to exactly where Konstantin had asked them to do and placed him onto what felt like a bed before strapping his arms and his legs down. Fuck. His breathing quickened as he tried to ignore the pain, grunting every moment or so. At one point it just became too much for him to bare.

"Hurry up and get this shit out of me!!" He begged in a frustrated tone though it was more of a whimper.


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Constant attention was made to the foreign as he went through a terrible, traumatic transformation, through his eye he could identify within his body the conflict that was transpiring. It was truly disturbing with him being able to sympathise almost feeling the tendrils of pain from his own injuries returning to him as he watched him trash in pain. Just before they entered the backroom, their progress was halted by Kyam who pleaded with Konstantin to ensure his safety and his life. Wanting to comfort and reassure the vulnerable man, he clasped his bare hand onto the man’s shoulder and replied. “Fear not, We will get whatever monstrous creation that is harboured inside you, though I must warn you I’ve only done this once before now.” luckily he didn’t seem to notice with him more concerned about living through the next day.

“Right put him on the bed, I’ll need him tied down so it doesn’t stop me mid process and take me over instead, god help us if that happened and then I need you to leave.” It was a real possibility that whatever was inside Kyam would do so there were countermeasures and ways to reduce the chance of that happening such as the cross that was hanging off the Holy Knights neck and his blessed status but if the demon inside Kyam was strong enough neither would matter. And so as the priests strapped the foreign to the bed, Konstantin turned to the table and withdrew a leather satchel from his jacket and unfurled it to reveal a neat line of ancient instruments. Wanting to make sure he didn’t his clothes stained from what was about to happen next, he hassled removed his jacket and rolled up his shirt sleeves before drawing out one of the instruments with the bladed tip gleaming in the light created by the candles dotted around the room and the fire that occupied most of the right wall.

“And so it begins.” He said with a firm, confident tone while a noticeable level of concern lingering towards the end with a delayed finish. Starting the process would be bloody and frankly unpleasant with him drawing down onto the center of his thumb bringing forth the crimson fluid that radiated a golden glow. Wincing at the clean cut he pulled back on the blade before returning it onto the the table. As he drew towards the bond foreign, Konstantin began to speak in Lucian, a language unique to those that were from illumin or influenced by it’s grace. The words were thick with magical energy, each word changing the winds around him while drawing forth the otherwise inherent grace that resided in him. Approaching the man the clash of demon and Nephilim was about to begin as Kon placed his injured thumb onto the man’s forehead speaking even faster as he did so looking away to prevent the demon lingering onto his presence.


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And so it began. Kyam was sweating, hyperventilating, losing consciousness and yet he could feel every thing happening. The priests had tied him down so that he was unable to move and now it was all up to Konstantin to get rid of the demon dwelling within him. Kyam's eyes squinted as he looked at the dark haired Holy Knight cut his thumb. His blood, it was outlined with a golden color? What the hell was he? As the thumb neared Kyams body the winds began to pick up and then it happened. "NOOOO!!!" his voice was no longer his but instead the demonic entity within him. The demon had been fighting the power of Konstantin's magic and once he placed his finger on Kyam's forehead his body started to shake and move all over the place attempting to break free of the straps holding him down.

"GET AWAY FROM ME! I'LL KILL YOU!" The demon shouted towards Konstantin. Kyam's body continued to move back and forth grunting. Although this simply proved to be futile the demon still tried. "AAAAGGHHHH!" the fight began. The priests hurried to hold the young Savannan down. It was important for him to remain still so that Konstantin could continue on. Suddenly, Kyam's mind was his again but only for a brief moment. "Get him out of me!!" he shouted before the demon once again took over him. "NO!!! I'LL KILL YOU ALL, GET AWAY FROM ME!" his words were followed by some strange demonic language.


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The exorcism was truly drawing out the vicious being that lingered within the foreigner causing his body to lash and thrash out against the bindings and at the priests themselves who had also began to hold them down at least unless Konstantin called them off. “DO NOT TOUCH HIM!” The tone of his command could not be overstated with his concern for the welfare on all parties especially the priests being paramount. Wanting to reassure the priests that everything was okay with his free hand he waved at them. “Please, just don’t touch him, now where is Father Lucas with that holy object?!” Kon shouted as the demonic words of the beast within began to seemingly strip the paint from the walls while the interior dove in temperature significantly. Trying to counter the brutal language, Kon continued to speak Lucian with a quickened pace.

Finally Father Lucas carrying a wet cloth bag returned which clanged as he rushed towards them. “Here, I found some nails of Saint Marcus, I blessed them as well in some holy water.” Reaching out a hand in the priests general direction before pointing at spots around the foreigner. “Put those nails all around this man and then leave this room!” With great haste the priests ran around Kyam while they both battled in almost tongues from their pace.

Once the nails were in place and the priests had left, Kon moved further close even hopping onto Kyam’s torso so he could hold him done for the final process allowing him to use both hands, his injured to continue holding down the demon within and the other to form a purging magic seal with the blood that had dripped onto the Foreigner. After slamming down his uninjured hand onto the magic seal and pushing massive quantities of his light energy into the man, the darkness inside the man appeared to become stifled before attempting one final escape from the man’s chest as a shadow. With the nails around them however the shadow was both bound and attained a physical form, Grasping this shadow with his uninjured hand, Kon said a gentle pray before the shadow disappeared, as the being left this plane of existence, Kon rose off from the table and began to untie Kyam. “Whatever was inside you it’s gone for now, it might come back however…”


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Kyam could barely move. His eyes were shut and all he could feel was a pain too strong for him to bare. if he could have cried then he would have done that but alas even his body couldn't manage tears. Konstantin had quickly battled the demon telling his peers to gather the items necessary to make this exorcism run smoothly. Finally when all was said and done he could feel the demon literally being removed from his body. His body felt lighter than ever before as the demon left his body, causing him to shake and foam from the mouth as it happened. When the entity was finally out of him all of that stopped. His body stopped shaking and his eyes shot open only to see Konstantin above him. Slowly the Lamia Scale mage turned on his side and puked on the floor of the church. That's one for the books. Afterwards Kyam rolled back onto his back and sighed looking straight at the ceiling. It was over... his body was finally his and only his. Still he was too weak to move so when Kon finally announced that the excorsim was complete he couldn't jump for glee. Granted the demonic entity gave him the ability to use a black flame he felt at peace. This was no doubt the first step to a new Kyam- or an improved Prince, I should say.

Kyam groaned as his breathing eased down. "Thank you...Konstantin..." he whispered with a smile of relief. "I'm just gonna...sleep right here...if that's okay." Kyam didn't even give the man a second to respond. Instead he turned his body towards the wall and closed his eyes immediately falling into a slumber. Hopefully when he awakened he would feel perfectly fine. Still, even after all of this Kyam hadn't thanked Illumin. It was the work of man- or whatever the Holy Knight was that helped him, not Illumin. It'd take a lot more for him to recognize Illumin as the true god.

~ EXIT ~


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Obviously, Konstantin wasn’t the only one that was exhausted from the ordeal of the exorcism with Kyam becoming like jelly seemingly unable to keep his body up. The drain on his body seemed so severe that he had collapsed only after being able to thank the Holy Knight and requesting that he stayed there to recover. Depending on what would happen next, however, he might be staying there for a lot longer then he might have expected with Kyam being completely drained of his own energy and mana. Fatigued in his own right but wanting to ensure the survival of this man, he collected up once more the cutting instrument and brought it against his entire palm now instead of just his finger before tearing open the man’s clothing revealing his bare chest barely rising and falling with his heart being little more than a flatter instead of a thump. Pushing down his cut hand onto the man’s body he began to speak once more in Lucian pushing forth his own energies into him now hoping that it would be enough to keep him alive but not too much that it would stay with him. A bright glow proceeded to form around between Kon and the man traveling up his arm while spreading out from Kyam’s chest. Barely able to control himself he torn off his hand breaking the bond between them sensing that his safety was all but assured. Hand thoroughly covered in blood he left the man with the priests and began to bind his hand with a firm bandage and began to mull over what had just occurred and most importantly how it had occurred.


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