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Idran Alfius

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#1Idran Alfius 

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Idran Alfius


Name: Idran Alfius

Age: November 14th X769, 18-yo

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Berserker

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Guildless

Tattoo: Left Shoulder, Black

Face: Bakugo, Hero Academia


Height: 5'3"/160 cm

Weight: 157 lbs/71 kg

Hair: White, less explosively

Eyes: Green

Overall: He is a muscular short tan man. He has mildly spiky white hair followed by a slender face over his eyes he has matching vertical dark tattoos over his green eyes. He is as muscular like an extremely active holy knight member, and he normally wears jeans with an undershirt, which is covered by a dark grey cloak topped off with a dirty ragged golden scarf with dried blood stains on the ends of the scarf. The boy cares not for shoes and often wears stolen shoes from his family home, which were once fancy, and worth money; over the years it has grown dull ragged and dirty, with dirty socks to accompany them. The only thing kept in pristine condition is his necklace which bears the family crest. Which is the Celtic knot with an eye in the circle in the middle equipped with four wings on the edges of the outer circle.

Extra: He has dark black tattoos across his eyes vertically, this is based on Asura’s face “tattoos” or “scars”


Personality: Angry Competitive Rash Impulsive Honorable Proud, at least that's the short answer, in truth Idran is one who can and will make challenges out of almost anything. His lack of self-worth makes him determined to do anything to prove himself to others and to him. He values Honor just as much as he values being the best, anyone who lacks honor disgusts Idran and he would rather avoid them. Many would describe him as Idran the Volcano, for his unceasing anger when things don’t go his way, or someone directly or indirectly annoys him too much, many have faced the wrath of Idran, especially his companion Adriano. Idran is exceedingly stubborn, people often let him do what he wants to do just because he will refuse to quit until he gets what he wants. He can be described as a brat, but he knows when he might cross a line and only then does he fold. When it comes to emotions other than anger or respect, he is clueless, his years spent with his family had made him forget true joy and he finds it hard to express them, laughing is one of the ways to get him to warm up to his emotions, but he is rather embarrassed by his laugh and tries his best not to laugh. Idran would not admit it but he is quite the romantic, he will never say so but often he wishes his life would be like his father, traveling around making friends, finding love through his adventures, being loved by citizens and the ones he loved. The best way to describe Idran would be as someone whose goal is to feel that he is respected by his peers, his parents, and his family, and most of all he wants to be someone that he can respect, and he will do everything to achieve that goal.


  • Participating in Competitions: Idran loves to prove himself in challenge events, even if he doesn’t win as long as he puts up a good fight he is satisfied
  • Fighting: Fighting is his favorite activity, there is nothing he enjoys more than a challenge with possible death on the line, it thrills him
  • Watching Competitive events: If he isn’t able to them himself he loves watching and competitive events, if he can side himself with one team he will become one of the most passionate fans watching the event.
  • His parents: He respects his parents immensely, and he adores them like a puppy adores its master. He loves his parents so much it can be seen as a weak link.
  • Honor: His family dictates that Honor comes before anything else so naturally, he adores honor as much as he adores fighting.
  • Winning: Proving himself by winning gives Idran the best feeling, especially in fights against those who are extremely disrespectful and arrogant towards him.
  • Proving Himself: His life goal, proving himself is the main thing he strives for and loves


  • Arrogance: Arrogance is a double-edged sword, as much as he hates arrogance in others he finds it infuriating when some people don't humble themselves (including himself)
  • Bullying: as he was bullied when he was younger he abhors bullies and any sort of bullying, he will tolerate none from anyone no matter their age.
  • Feeling Inferior: His need of proving himself comes from years of bullying, and a majority of feeling inferior in his life, he abhors the feeling and strives to never feel it again.
  • Losing: He prefers to win, he doesn’t hate losing but he feels more content winning.
  • Hurting his loved ones: The worst action, whether verbally or physically, he hates hurting people who don’t deserve it especially if he cares for them.


  • Respect/Recognition: Idran mainly wants to feel that he is respected by his peers, his parents, and his family, and most of all he wants to be someone that he can respect, and he will do everything to achieve that goal


  • Being weak: In a sense where weak is not only in a physical but an academic, mental, emotional, and spiritual way as well, he fears that if he is weak he will be worthless to his father, and to his father’s family. Shaming his father.
  • No Free Will: Idran likes being control of his own actions, to do what he wants, when he wants it, just as his father did when he was young. However when Idran is faced in a situation where he has to bend to someones will and do something he does not want to do he hates it, so much so that even the mere thought of that terrifies him to his core.


Magic Name: Archangel Armor

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: His magic comes in self-buffing, it is seen as a golden magic aura which surrounds certain parts of his body buffing that part of the body. As his power grows Idran will be able to do more with the magical aura and even shaping it and resizing it when he grows strong enough. For now, it is only a golden magical aura.


History: Idran Alfius was born November 14th X769, to Kristoff Alfius, a self-proclaimed wandering hero, and Elizabeth Strainoff, a Village Doctor in a small village near the town of Hargeon. Idran’s father met Idran’s mother after saving her from a giant beast at the expense of heavily injuring himself, putting him in a coma for a month. When Kristoff woke up, The first thing he saw was the beaming smile of Elizabeth and he fell in love. Kristoff spent half a year recovering with Elizabeth and when he fully recovered he felt the need to go off and protect the country, but he did not want to leave Elizabeth so Kristoff went off to complete some very small quests.
Kristoff’s quest albeit small on the surface led to the discovery of a very corrupt system within the town of Nanuq, delaying Kristoff’s return for 3 years. When he did return,  Kristoff found a young child sitting on the lap of the same beaming girl he loved. Kristoff had an heir, and he fell in love just as he did with the child’s mother. That child was Idran, and for three happy years, Kristoff spent time taking care of his newly acquired family and giving all the love he had to them.

Kristoff was the seventh son of Alberius Alfius, one of the top supreme holy knights, each of his children had followed him in becoming a holy knight and each of their sons followed as well. However, Kristoff strayed, figuring that heroes should help the public rather than help the church. His brothers and their sons looked down on Kristoff as a disgrace to the family. They tried to prevent him from leaving but Alberius saw it as a nuisance and let Kristoff leave.

12 Years after Kristoff’s departure, Alberius had passed on leaving his wife Gia as the Matriarch of the family. Gia longed for the return of her venturing son. Gia sent 4 of her children to scour the lands in search for Kristoff.

It took a year for Kristoff’s brothers to find him, but when they did, Kristoff met them with his normal hearty laugh and smile, while his brothers met him with distant and cold gazes. As Idran and his family traveled back to the Family home, they felt alone. Their family did not treat them as what they were, family. Soon they would sit before the Matriarch, Gia Alfius. Gia was warm and caring but demanded that Kristoff move back in so Idran would grow up to be like an Alfius.

Kristoff did not want to displease his mother so reluctantly he agreed.
The years he grew up with his family operated the same way when he first met them, he was an outcast. Idran son of the disgraced seventh son. His parents grew distant as well, Elizabeth was sick of the treatment they got and demanded they leave or Kristoff say something. Kristoff did not want to do either, he knew if he spoke his siblings would get angry, but if he left Gia’s anger would be as terrifying as any of his siblings.

As the years passed Idran suffered from bullying and isolation from his family, and the unceasing fights of his parents. It did not take long for Elizabeth to finally take her to leave of Kristoff before she left she offered the 12-year-old Idran to come with her, but he declined. Idran knew he couldn’t leave his father alone with his family. The years that he spent with his distant family matured Idran, at first he despised his family for treating them like this, he got into fights daily, often losing. Losing wasn’t a surprise, most of the youth were trained in the magical arts known only to his family, and his father had never learned it either, only using his bare strength to conquer his enemies. Idran sought out power, training with his father, he was well on his way to becoming exactly like his father would Gia stepped in, Gia proclaimed that Idran must be taught the ways of the Alfius family.

Idran accepted, but each night he would as his father to teach him more of what he knew. In time Idran created a type of new magic, a combination of his father’s pure strength and the family's light magic. By the time his mother left, Idran knew what he had to do, Idran would prove himself to the world and unite his family and his father, he would show that his father was the most skilled child among Alberius’ children Through Idran’s own skill he would show his family that he was a force to be reckoned with, and that his power was only possible because of Kristoff. He stayed for 5 years learning all he could, then on his 18th birthday, Idran departed. Looking to find a quest large enough with a beast big enough to slay to bring honor back to his father’s name.

The psychological damage from being bullied by his own family turned Idran into a rash, angry, young man. He would fight any battle, no matter what the battle was and he would always come out on top. On his travels, he encountered and bested any who spoke out against him. Until he was lost in a forest he happened upon a boy the same age as him, Idran asked the boy for directions, The boy did not speak he only gazed at him. Idran, being the short-tempered person he is, he got angry and demanded the answer. Again the boy only looked at him. For 5 minutes straight Idran demanded an answer as the boy seemed to only glance at him and ignore his question each time. Idran had enough and challenged him to a fight, The boy did not seem to understand so Idran punched a tree. Hard. The boy seemed to get what Idran was saying after the tree landed in front of him. The boy finally gave him an answer, in what looked like a frantic shaking his head side to side. Idran was disgusted, first, he wouldn’t answer his question next he wouldn’t even accept his challenge. Did the boy think so little of him? Idran got in the boy’s face and demanded he accepts. The boy did not speak but he did not want to fight, after some serious inquiry of just yes or no questions, Idran discovered that the boy was a pacifist. He told the boy that they did not have to fight but they could compete in a battle of wits.

The boy seemed to brighten at that idea and began to set up chess, drawing a chess board in the dirt and using pieces from the forest as the pieces of chess. Idran was confused but he reluctantly agreed to the duel, Idran then proceeded to lose within 5 turns, possibly a new record. The boy, content with his win, figured Idran would then leave him alone. Idran did not. Idran, very upset with the loss, he ripped up the ground where the chessboard was drawn and demanded another challenge. The boy was conflicted, he wanted to be left alone but Idran was very stubborn in staying and having another bout with him. The boy began to draw another chess board but Idran refused to play chess. Idran made it clear that he would win in a different battle, a battle of skill. The boy suggested tree climbing, whoever climbed to the top first would win. Idran smiled for he knew he would win this. Alas, he did not. It appeared that running up a tree would not work because gravity is a thing. He did not get far before the boy sat comfortably at the top. Idran ripped the tree from the ground and placed it back down horizontally. He then stomped over to the boy and once again demanded a challenge. He proclaimed that the boy had cheated on the first two challenges and that he would have to come up with a fair challenge himself, so he decided on bear taming. Surely there was no way he would lose now. He lost. In a fit of hurt pride, he decided to tackle the first bear he saw.  When Idran had won and the bear had passed out, he gazed over at the boy giving his bear a belly rub. Idran, out of pure exhaustion and shock, passed out.

When he woke the boy was nowhere to be found, Idran was once again disgusted that the boy would leave his competitor in the middle of the forest. It took Idran no time at all to find the boy sleeping near the river. When the boy woke the first thing he saw was Idran’s angry face looming over him. Idran demanded another challenge but the boy, who was tired of Idran’s shenanigans, rolled his eyes, got up, and left. Idran, for a third time, was disgusted by the boy's impudence. Needless to say, the particularly stubborn Idran ran after the boy, From that point on Idran had found a rival, and the boy had found a companion. Since then Idran had never left the boy’s side, finding everything he and the boy, whose name he later found out was Adriano Knightingale, did as a competition.

Reference: Adriano, (Rinto on the discord)

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Akira Shimada
Hey there! Welcome!

Your app was a great read and is almost approval ready, just a minor detail that you need to add: The colour of your tattoo.

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Idran Alfius
Ah! my bad. I fixed it!

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This character application has been approved.

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