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Esperia Barone

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Name: Esperia Barone
Age: January 20th, X767
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Homosexual
Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian
Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian
Class: Spellsinger
Race: Human
Rank: B-rank
Guild: Blue Pegasus
Tattoo: Situated on her left upper-leg.
Face: Tatsuta (Kancolle)


Height: 170cm
Weight: 60kg
Hair: Purple hair
Eyes: Purple

The first thing people likely notice when they take a glimpse at Esperia is the fact that little seems to suggest this young lady belongs to a family of so called 'holy' guardians.

Her somewhat smaller and lithe frame has a certain delicateness to it that betrays the fiery nature of the young lady. Indeed, she might be considered fragile or doll-like in looks, her skin smooth yet slightly pale as a result of the lifestyle that left her indoors most of her childhood.

To go a bit further about the details of her appearance, Esperia has long black hair that is often kept in a pair of ponytails, and some larger bangs that cover her left eye.

In terms of eyes, one would no doubt notice the fact that, should both her eyes be revealed that Esperia suffers an unusual case of heterochromia, one iris, the right one being red in color while the other in a color most would identify as a goldish yellow.

For her choice of attire, Esperia is prone to wearing different outfits depending on the occasion. While she might belong to a family of faith, wearing a traditional Uniform but considering her preference she is often seen wearing fanciful dresses and other stylish clothes when she isn't training.

Extra: her left eye is nearly always covered by longer bangs.


To describe Esperia is akin to describing the act of peeling an onion, Every layer tends to display a different story, On the surface Esperia appears as a slightly withdrawn and timid child, While she has a certain air of maturity and seriousness to her that seems a bit misplaced for a teenager of her age, it is undeniable that she carries within her a deeply ingrained sense of devotion, and the ability to pull forth an incredible sense of effort to accomplish the things she desire, Surely she might sound polite to others, perhaps a little bit too polite for a young lady of her age, the politeness also seems to carry a certain distantness in it, almost a cold feeling that tries to make her distance herself from others,

To go further beyond that what appears on the surface, to those Esperia has grown to trust enough to call them friends: Esperia appears to hold a certain urge to suppress her true feelings around others, Perhaps to protect herself, or maybe out of distrust, but to those she opens up to Esperia shows a more cheerful and easygoing nature, a friendly and almost bubbly attitude that tends to be flavored with a naive little bit of innocence in it, She also is prone to be a bit more playful around those she has grown to trust,

Nevertheless, even the purest lakes can conceal darkness, and Esperia is just the same, Esperia is often clingy, borderline possessive of those she cares for, A great example of this is her affection toward the daughter of the family that took her in after the 'Eisenberg' tragedy, Due to having lost her family in such a tragic manner Esperia became incredibly dependent on a certain young lady of the Elestia tribe, While as a child this was even more evident, Esperia never truly recovered from the loss of her family , Having grown up in a way where her involvement in the tragedy often cause some of the people within the tribe to look at her with distrust or even fear, whispering in hushed voices it left Esperia to feel distant toward anyone else even within the her tribe aside from the aforementioned lass she bonded with, Yet, whether this might change or not is something that is yet to be seen

Finally, in terms of her existence as a combatant, While Esperia's personality seems to suggest she is way too gentle to actually commit the act of killing something or someone, past reports state that the girl is able to harden her resolve and kill her emotions for the sake of her survival, but it seems that something 'strange' happens to her during those moments...


  • Dawn: When the world basks into the first days of sunlight the darkness of the night is banished for yet another day, associated to a saying her deceased mother was fond of. Esperia truly enjoys observing the moment of sunrise due to the symbolic meaning it has to her. Her family also believes that Dawn is a moment of cleansing and purification, so she can often be seen praying around those times.

  • Guns: Every self-respecting Eisenberg loves guns, and Esperia is no exception to that rule. The girl knows a lot about guns and the properties of each individual model possesses, to the point she can often perfectly describe the origins of a gun just from sight alone already. There is a rumor that says there is one gun in particular that the girl is hopelessly obsessed with.


  • Humid Weather: Having been raised in a cold climate  Esperia has grown used to the cold and chilly temperature of the land, to the point that she feels uncomfortable around warm climates.

  • Superstition: The victim of her fair share of superstition herself Esperia has grown increasingly agitated by the existence of rumors and superstition, believing that everyone is innocent until proven guilty, and as a result she firmly believes in obtaining evidence and facts before judging someone.


  • Discovering the Truth: Associated to the mysterious raid upon the Eisenberg church by a group of Lycans, the bloody massacre continues to haunt her memory and brings forth both nightmares and one particular question: Why was she the only one left alive by the raiders?


  • The Crimson Moon: Related to the tragedy that saw the end of her family, the Crimson Moon is a term Esperia gave to the full moon that shone that night upon the church. Although it was just a regular full moon, the fact her face was soaked in blood and the traumatizing event itself left her to believe in the existence of a 'Crimson Moon', explaining her discomfort at the eve of a full moon. If she were to see it again the results might become a disaster...

  • Abandonment: Being someone who lost her entire family Esperia's bonds are quite important to her, to the point that she is rather clingy into maintaining them. If one was to risk destroying that bond or abandon the poor girl the consequences might be dire...


Magic Name:
Lily's Embrace

Magic Element:

Magic Description:
While the Eisenberg family has always been attuned to the Light element, it seems that Esperia has been a clear exception to this rule.

For some mysterious reason the girl is able to conjure various aspects from nature, this in general allows her a large variation of capacities.

First and foremost is her capacity to grow special flowers which can enhance a person their capacities, but also sharpened flower petals to impale an enemy, or even tree roots to lash at anyone with wicked intentions.

Meanwhile, the young lady is also capable of more supplementary means in her spells, for example growing platforms of hovering flowers to reach higher heights, or traverse difficult surfaces.

While much more difficult for her to do, she does possess the means to create defensive and healing spells, but those are overal more taxing for her to create.


History: Faith has always been an important aspect of society, no matter what time or age, humanity often has a need to believe in something or someone, the religion of Illumin is such an example.

However, while some use religion to worship, others see it as a calling, and the Eisenberg family were such a family. Belonging to a group of the church who believed that it was their duty to protect the people of Fiore from the darkness the sun couldn't reach. In the end, it was often at night, when the sun was gone that evil stirred and creatures like the damned undead and other nefarious denizens of the darkness reveled in the absence of the sun.

It was for that reason this group had decided to take up arms and hone themselves for a role similar to the Holy Knights, not officially recognized those brave men and women trained their bodies and mind from childhood in order to banish those vile creatures into the abyss they came from!

Situated in the most northern region of the land, the Eisenberg was a family that represented a branch near the lands the Elestia tribe dwelled at. Considering themselves the protectors of the land and the aforementioned tribe the Eisenberg would often hunt the dangerous creatures that lurked in the shadows, and it was amidst this family of holy guardians that Esperia was born.

The youngest daughter of the Eisenberg household, Esperia was given a more mellow upbringing compared to her elder sibling who was from the moment she could walk being honed into becoming a Holy Knight. Despite her clever nature, Esperia was woefully lacking in the martial prowess, and after her parents had seen her use Magic for the first time they made her vow to never use it again in public: fearing the response her tainted light would bring...

However, that's not to say her childhood was bad per say, her mother was a loving and doting parent, and her father while strict was a just man who only wanted the best for his family.

But it all changed five years ago, at the tender age of 14. During a late night on a full moon her sister had just returned from a mission as a Holy Knight when the church they lived in was besieged by feral creatures.

It was the first time she saw those 'monsters', creatures that were neither man nor beast, but something in-between, something more lethal and dangerous than anyone could imagine.

Those werewolves or 'Lycan' as society called them tore through the trained guards of the church like a knife slicing through butter! While the siege was unfolding Esperia was escorted into the deepest sanctuary of the church, a large room where the brazier in honor of the first Divine was burning.

Her sister had just prepared the locking of the door when a violent smash pierced the barricade, a giant muscular Lycan marching over the debris and after letting out a feral howl engaged her sister in combat.

Blade clashed against claw as the two fought, but a stray attack led to the brazier above Esperia to start tumbling down, the flames threatening to immolate her!

In a desperate attempt to save her her sister dashed toward her, pushing her out of the way the brazier hitting the back of her head and making her tumble onto the ground. The brazier fell onto the ground with a loud thud, the flames slowly spreading while the Lycan marched toward her sister, a violent claw impaling her back.

A scream came from the poor girl as she rushed toward the Lycan, attempting to push the creature off her sister, but instead the Lycan merely looked down at her, a clawed hand sweeping toward her head. The creature roughly picked her off the ground, but as he pulled her upwards by her hair her bangs that covered her left eye were revealed, causing the Lycan to look at her with a hint of sheer disbelief, several grunts, and grumbles following as he said something illegible to her before marching out of the room.

Of course, the shock of the event had left her paralyzed, collapsing into the small pool of blood that was forming beneath her sister, whose final words included a reassurance that she was glad Esperia was safe. On the verge of saying something else her sister, unfortunately, passed away, leaving Esperia to grief as the Elestia tribe came to investigate the burning church, finding the lone girl as the only survivor of the Lycan siege...

In the aftermath of the events the Elestia tribe took her in, but things were never the same for her. The loss of her family and the memories of that tragic night continued to haunt her, although one particular girl in the Elestia tribe overcome the hushed whispers and rumors about the events and tried to talk to her.

It was odd how friendly and caring that lass could be, even with how Esperia was prone to keeping her distance, but at times she couldn't help but smile at the girl's efforts to cheer her up. Nonetheless, it was when the High Priestess of the tribe called said girl for a seemingly impossible mission that Esperia's decision was made.

Her house was no more, and her family had perished that night. If her lone friend among the tribe was about to depart on a journey, then so would she.

However, where her friend was on a journey to find the salvation of her tribe, Esperia sought answers and revenge: she wanted to avenge the injustice that was done that day, unaware of the true events that had transpired that night.

Why didn't the Lycan kill her, and what was it that her sister was trying to warn her about? Questions she would someday surely discover!

Season I Timeskip:
A lot has happened since Esperia set out on her journey, but no doubt the most significant aspect of her life would be found in three things. The first was the blossoming of her relationship with Fiametta Barone, a feisty lass she had met in Baska after several unfortunate events led to a heartbroken Esperia.

Through the months that followed their relationship steadily blossomed into something more, to the point they were meant to get married. In preparations for the wonderful festivities, Esperia went on a special training mission with her mentor and senior at the Blue Pegasus guild, Alisa, unaware that tragedy would soon strike.

While Fia was meant to return to Baska to tell the happy news to her family, the young lady had mysteriously vanished, something which set in motion a chain of events as Esperia found herself on the receiving end of an ambush from a wicked demon, one who proclaimed that Asmodeus, the demon lord who she shared her body with was becoming a threat to the demon's master, and as such Esperia was only barely able to keep the fiend at bay before Alisa and Sebastian arrived.

In the wake of those events, and a mysterious message from the demon which told Esperia that to accomplish what she desired, she would lose something precious the demon lord decided to intervene: fragmenting the girl's memories about her time with Fia.

This was an action done for two reasons. Knowing how much Esperia loved Fia, she knew the girl would become too obsessed searching for her missing lover, and with her own personal interests at stake, Asmodeus had chosen a rather risky gamble, relying on the friendship the girl had with Alisa, to distract the girl long enough to start preparing her for the demon lord's grand plan: to reclaim her territory within the Abyss and regain her true power.

It was for this reason that Asmodeus send Sebastian into the Abyss to prepare a foothold for her arrival, while at the same time keeping Esperia confused, her fragmented memories only making her remember herself as: Esperia Barone, but no matter how often she tried to recall where she gained that family name from, only a shimemring image would show itself in the girl's memories, causing a great sense of worry and confusion within the girl's heart.

Would she reclaim that which she had lost, or would Asmodeus have something different in mind for her?

Reference: Alisa

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Esperia Barone MHKs2Uu

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: Reclaim Demon Soul: Asmodeus
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: Refund Four-leaf clover ring (1,000,000)
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: Refund Sebastian (2,500,000)

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 131 (and an additional +30 from untapped potential)

  • Strength: 9
  • Speed: 11
  • Endurance: 40
  • Constitution: 40
  • Intelligence: 61

Other Changes

Epithet: Asmodeus' Vessel
Guild rank 5
Requesting one of the unclaimed BP titles please~ not sure which one isn't claimed yet, I 'think' only Snow and Alisa got one currently?

Esperia Barone MHKs2Uu

Esperia Barone Empty Sun Dec 30, 2018 7:24 pm


This character application has been approved.

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