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Lilith Blackheart

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Lilith Blackheart


Name: Lilith Blackheart.

Age: October 9th, X759

Gender: Female.

Sexuality: Bisexual.

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian.

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian.

Class: Sorcerer.

Race: Human.

Rank: D-rank.

Guild: Rune Knights.

Tattoo: If she had a tattoo, it'd be on her neck, and black.

Face: Stella - 30 Days of Night. (Comics, not the movie.)


Height: 5'11.

Weight: 121 lbs.

Hair: White-blonde.

Eyes: Black irises, black sclera.

Overall: Lilith has the appearance of a demon, which has followed her since birth. She has gaunt gray skin, cold dark orbs of onyx, and teeth like the piranhas of backwaters. Her hair is wild, untamed, and a blonde so bright it is almost as fresh snow. Her nails are unkept and claw-like, they look like they could rip through flesh like fish-hooks. As far as her clothing style goes, she prefers heavy, thick, black clothes and sometimes the occasional long flowy robe, fur also seems to be a fad of hers, usually sporting it as collars or as winter coats.

Extra: None.


Personality: Lilith is supremely dark, but not exactly villainous, resting in a gray area between good and evil. She's sharp, charismatic, and carries herself with a healthy overdose of arrogance that rubs off on her peers. Even if she was completely powerless, she gives the vibe of being incredibly powerful, making someone think twice about facing her. She also carries no guilt, remorse, and empathy, killing is simply a means to an end, and when she's in the mood, a guilty pleasure. She's an outsider since birth, and often stands out from the crowd no matter where she decides to go.

She has a relatively shallow affect, sadness, happiness, and the like are foreign to her, the only thing she actually feels is absolute wrath, and material thrills. Besides this, she's loyal, when you have her word there is nothing to worry about, what's done is done. She is more attuned to her inner predator, her instincts are livid and she can react in situations with cold, calculating, efficiency. She can read into a person and learn all she needs to know before they open their mouth, through their body language, posture, expressions, and the like. Overall, she's a scary motherfucker.


  • Meat: Lilith only eats meat, she loves the flavor, the texture, and the juices. Venison, rabbit, and beef are among her favorite but she'll just about eat anything except poultry. Most of the time, she washes it down with a nice cup of blood.
  • Combat: The thrill of combat sends the adrenaline rushing through her veins like a hot river. It feels even better when she's dominating the battlefield, destroying everything in her path. This need for annihilation shaped the way she fights, and the magic she uses.


  • Heroes Heroes, and blindly "good" people sicken her, in a cringe way more so than a hate way. She cannot understand the purpose for doing good deeds for the sake of them being good, there is no profit. However, this doesn't make her a villain, as she feels the same for the other side of the spectrum, unless of course, it's in the name of impulse.


  • Fun: She is motivated by what she wants, if she doesn't like it, or it bores her she'll quit doing it.


  • Death I mean, not that she'd care if she was threatened with death or anything, she just actively avoids it.
  • Pain[b] Doesn't feel good, she doesn't want it to happen.


[b]Magic Name:
Detonation Magic.

Magic Element: Fire.

Magic Description: Ethernano is compressed into three-dimensional shapes, meaning what appears to be small dots of energy could hold masses and masses of potential force. Subatomic change occurs, turning the Ethernano into a gaseous substance that continually heats up and gains pressure as its compressed. Eventually, it cannot be contained anymore and releases as a large explosion, proportional to the amount of energy and put into the projectiles. TL;DR: Lilith makes red exploding fireballs.


History: Deep in the ghoulish town of Dahlia, there was a large manor owned by a noble family, the Kriss family. On the night of a full moon, the wife of the family head went into a sudden labor, and with every omen in the book occurring (black cats, ravens, four reoccurring, etc.) the child was still born. The child was horribly disfigured, with the appearance of a monster, she was cast into secrecy to protect the honor of the family. Isolated, only  referred to as "the girl," she grew cold. Until the manor was attacked on a winter night.

A lowly dark guild had been attempting to pull a Demon Lord from the Abyss only a few miles from the manor, and with a careless mistake released legions of demons on the land. The manor was ravaged, and the captive child's family were mauled and consumed, but the child's darkness within, and her monstrosity on the outside spoke to the demons. There was no benefaction, instead the opportunity to corrupt and enslave a mortal was a delicious prospect. After their reign of terror garnered the attention of the larger guilds, most, excluding their pet, were cast back into the Abyss.

She mostly did maidly duties, but sometimes fought with imps and other lesser beings in their camp at the satisfaction of her demonic overlords. The magic of the area, and the magic of the demons rubbed off on her, turning the hereditarily inept human into a future mage. As she grew into a young adult, she longed for a life outside of slavery and the eternal boredom of the camp. She slipped through back into society by intercepting the summoning of one of her brethren. Escaping the summoner's grasp, she then headed to West Fiore, where she became Lilith Blackheart.

Reference: Google.com.

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Lilith, good application however there are two issues, the first is your character's lack of fear it is mandatory to include at least one that isn't just "Nothing", additionally I don't think that Rune Knights are truly best suited for your character given the personality and their background with it lacking any offer a reason for her recruitment. Additionally, I will need you to change that the fact she works within the Abyss you could for instance work for them instead.

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Lilith Blackheart
EDITED. EDITED. EDITED. (Needed three words to send a reply.)


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This character application has been approved.

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