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Beach Gym [Quest : Solo]

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When Mia had set out to join a guild with her best friend Sera, travelling across the waters to a foreign land she’d heard nothing but amazing things about from her mother or the imported copies of sorcerer weakly. What she hadn’t learned about was how so much of low level guild work was really just taking menial tasks from people with more money than self motivation. Seriously what even where some of these? Checking out a haunted house? Helping someone clear out a new flat full of junk? Okay some were kinda up her alley, like one seemed to be something close to bouncer work, but it wasn’t in the area and she didn’t fancy leaving Sera on her own while she picked up some menial little job.

For now she picked something a little closer to her alley, though perhaps a little bit out of season. Thankfully it had been posted for a warm day so the beach wouldn’t be too chilly, and it wouldn’t hurt to get out and about meeting the locals surely. Asking about the guild it seemed the guy she was supposed to be meeting was meant to be well known, but Mia didn’t care much for it. Reputations just didn’t settle on her shoulders too well, and tended to be forgotten more often by not. Representing the guild on her first job, Sera helped pick her wardrobe, something breezey enough for the beach but still very much Mia, and flashy enough to give some pride to blue Pegasus. Mia wasn’t too sure if she was okay with the idea that she always had to look her best for this guild, but Sera was plenty happy, she was surrounded mostly by beautiful women, and ya know what, with all the guys constantly looking to better themselves, she had a good bunch of people to help her keep in a fit shape herself. It was definitely a good decision, even if it was one slightly swayed by Sera herself.

Rolling her neck back, she skipped down the stone steps to the beach. There were a few clear body building types around here, some people she’d definitely like to fight if given the chance, but she was here on a job and she definitely had to stick to that. Wearing a sports bra and some casual cargo shorts, it perhaps wasn’t top of the line fashion, but part of looking good was picking what worked for you. Afterall, if she went to a ball, a snazzy suit would fit her far better than a fancy dress, and here, on a job, shorts and a sports bra were more fitting of the beach atmosphere than a bikini or some more stuffy but snazzy attire.

Spotting the open air Gym, Mia made her way over, looking easily like she belonged with her more toned, if borderline bulky state. She only realized after a few moments of mindless wondering she should have perhaps asked what this guy looked like from the people who supposedly recognized the name. Luckily, she was more recognizeable than him, as her blue Pegasus logo had her sticking out so proudly displayed on her arm, a hand on her wrist drawing her attention to the muscular man she’d be working for today.

“Oh hey! You must be the girl who picked up my request! Name’s Jay Holiday!” Despite the bright grin of the man she’d be working for, Mia could only come out with one response thanks to her limited memory for names.




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Absorbing the mildly stunned look on the man’s face, she was soon met with a cheerful chuckle as he seemed to shrug it off anyway, Mia a little bashful in a way, rubbing her shoulder as she tried to take in the fact that this guy seemed to shrug off an embaressing moment better than even she could, though she was doing pretty well herself given the fact she was the one forgetting his name. “Sorry about that, reputations tend not to stick in my head so well. Anyway, I’m here to be your spotter right? Best we get to work rather than leave your muscles without the attention they deserve.”

“aaay I like your style lass. Come on lets get to work yeah?” Moving over to the bench press set up, Mia waisted in time in helping out, lifting up some of the heftier weights and sliding them onto the iron rod resting over the equipment. There was a brief look of caution from Jay, but Mia shot him a sly smirk and shrugged it off. “Hey, if I can handle this, a big guy like you can. Don’t go whimping out just cause I layed out a challenge.”

He seemed to be good natured enough to allow for such a bit of cheeky communication, Mia making sure to get into position for him and resting her hands under the bar as he began to lift. For the most part she was just holding her hands there, ready to take it should the weight fall to her, but as he got to the end of his set she grasped the bar to make sure she was even more prepared to take the weight of it. Jay looked to her like he needed something, Mia returning just a confused look for a few moments as he struggled to push up his last rep, but refused to let go when she assumed he was finishing a little early.

“Er…c-come on mate? You can…do it I guess?” Jay clearly wasn’t impressed, but pushed through the last rep anyway, letting out a light grunt as he did and pushing the weight up into the air, letting its weight slam back down into the equipment’s scaffholding. “You ain’t usually someone elses hype man huh?” “Not so much…but I’ll work on it.”

A few more sets after that, Mia gradually got better at the encouragement, loading him up with a bit more weight each set and making sure he could push through his limitations on that last one. Why the last one was always the most difficult despite the weight increasing supposedly making it more difficult anyway…well that wasn’t something she was likely to understand too easily. Either way she did her job, and by the end of things she was petting the sweaty gym rat on the back with a smirk, chuckling a little. “I’d joke about making you spot me next, but I don’t think I’ll be getting paid if this turns into a buddy buddy agreement yeah?”

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