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TO tier list (Beast and Animal only)

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TO tier list (Beast and Animal only) Empty Sun Dec 30, 2018 3:47 am

This was for fun pls dont roast me

The demon takeovers are all based off of a spell, so I will exclude them from this list.

The ones in each tier are in NO PARTICULAR ORDER. Meaning even if I list x before y, if they're in the same tier they are even.


Beast Soul Harpy: This one may seem odd, but think of it this way. Flight has always been a very useful ability in any situation as it allows more movement options, and the fact it can go up fifteen damn meters while also giving you a buff is pretty dank.
I can't think of a funny joke for this one. Please help.

Beast Soul Phoenix: You literally get two lives compared to one. It's literally just the old LS passive. It's just so useful to have that second chance.
One times two is two, so two is two times better than one.

Animal Soul Scorpion: Yea, I didn't get the hype until I saw it does DAMAGE EQUAL TO RANK PLUS STRENGTH WITH A 2 METER RANGE ON TOP OF NORMAL ATTACKS. Hot damn my boi who made this. This is crazy. Assuming you can get up close and personal, even people at like B-rank or even C-rank or something will get just so much damage in.
I had that Celestial Spirit when I first joined this site, actually!


Beast Soul: Sasquatch: The absolute unit. You may make the target bigger, but the fact your buff is increased is very nice. Balances out nicely. Besides, you can find a use for big size in some ways.
Yeti vs Sasquatch: Top ten anime battles. Read the tier list more though and you'll see who wins.

Beast Soul Raiju: Speed buffs go down in mana cost by 50% which is huge at higher ranks. It's simple but very effective, especially if you invest in like Berserker or something.
Gotta go fast

Animal Soul Wolf: I like this one. Smell is a good detection tool as it is hard to be concealed (as opposed to hiding behind a wall with visibility, for example.) The range is nice.

Animal Soul Eel: Literally the exact same as Wolf but replace Smell with just straight up detection.
Eel joke.


Animal Soul Polar Bear: It's like Sasquatch, but kinda weaker! Still good though. Cheaper too I guess.
He cute.

Beast Soul Dryad: Yeah, I like this one. Usually if you're using a binding spell you're probably gonna be closer anyways, so ranking it up at the cost of range is worth it every day of the week.
The image of this takeover is the only person on the forum with a larger chest than Alisa. Prove me wrong.

Animal Soul Pirahna: Very good for tracking, and useful for water environments. Nothing special, but good to have. I like it.
No this isn't the Pirahna from Smash Bros everyone is talking about.

Beast Soul Slime: This is another odd one. The pure utility of having a hype flexible body is a bit underrated, as there are a lot of things you can do with it, and I'm certain it is useful. I just think it's very situational. But in those situational moments, it may be a lifesaver. This is the one I'm most unsure of. We'll see how it goes.
You guys been watching that slime isekai?


Beast Soul Pixie: Smaller hitbox? Alright, cool. Flight? Sounds good! But when you think about it, being a little smaller (still 3 feet) doesn't help much as you're still human-sized, and harpy gives you far superior flight anyways.
Remember that little guy from Pirates of the Carribean? This is him now. Feel old yet?

Beast Soul Bastetia: Situational is good, but in the end often you're going to always choose one over the other. Still though, perhaps it can still help in some matchups, making it worth at least a peek.
It may have Beerus on the cover, but you won't be any kind of god with this one.

Animal Soul: Mantis: Yea it's alright, worst of the detection ones though. I dunno, smell and just detection are a lot more useful than being able to see, especially when invis (and walls) exist.
Remember when Seth Rogen played the mantis in Kung Fu Panda


Animal Soul Armadillo: Do you like Guile in Street Fighter? Well, you may be turtling up, but this guy ain't gonna score you a win against Daigo, that's for sure. You may be unable to be hindered in your shell form, but from my understand you can still be hit, meaning you're just kinda leaving yourself open. Might be a better idea to just get your arm hit, bro.
I appreciate you used the dude from HxH.

Animal Soul Lion: It's not bad or anything, it is just that its usage will only come once every blue moon. When it does, it will help a lot. But it will not come often.
He ain't no Aslan


Beast Soul Yeti: Your arm is hindered. Don't worry, it'll come back though! But by that time, the fight will likely be over. And even if you stayed alive that whole time, I mean, do you really need that arm?
It reminds me of that Yeti guy from FF6! He sucked though.


Animal Soul Leopard
We'll save him for another day.

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