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Ashe Vermilion

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Ashe Vermilion


Name: Ashe Vermilion

Age: April 7th, X766

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Bisexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: The Sorcerer

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Phantom Lord

Tattoo: Upper Back — Black

Face: Cinder Fall — RWBY


Height: 5'7'' — 170cm

Weight: 52kg — 115lbs

Hair: Ashen-black

Eyes: Amber

Overall: Ashe's appearance went through a drastic change. Her hair is much shorter. She wears a black mask that appears to be made of black glass over her missing left eye, and the scarring from said injury extends into a slight x-shape over the bridge of her nose, as well as having deformed and degraded the tissue of her left ear. She wears a long, dark red dress with one long, wide sleeve hiding her left arm which has been mutilated and transformed into that of a vile beast, though it still fully functions as her own arm and despite her greatest efforts gives no combat advantage OR disadvantage. The edges of the collar and the opening for the right arm are gold-colored, and the upper chest and left sleeve are decorated with golden designs.

The right side of her dress is open from the hip down with two gold-colored straps made up of interwoven ropes connecting the front half to the back half of her thigh. Under the dress, she appears to wear black pantyhose. On the right hip, the dress has a black rhombus-shaped gem set in a gold-colored metal of the same shape, with feathers of varying shades of blue extending from the bottom of it. On her right arm, she wears a long, gray glove, the top of which has a gold-colored metal ring with curvy branching extensions going up her arm. Her right ear has a new, ring-shaped earring higher up than the dangling black gem earring.


  • Her left arm is no longer "human" looking, as it looks like a black beasts arm due to it being mutilated and almost demonized

  • She has a scar the shape of an X on her left eye, this eye has been rendered useless


Personality: Confident in herself, Ashe is truly an enemy to be feared. She is ruthless and cunning, determined to do whatever she may have to in order to get the job done, even if it means killing everyone in her way. Confident and bold, she rarely questions herself or her plans, instead of requiring almost blind devotion to the cause from her allies. She is far from stupid, showing a level of intelligence that gives confidence to not only herself but her allies as well. She values power above all else and relishes in it.

Despite her arrogant and rather megalomaniac personality Ashe almost always maintains a calm and collected demeanor but also is content to fight anyone when it is deemed necessary. Although Ashe will refer to her partnership with her guildmates as "cooperation" she is prone to taking the leadership position in order to show her superiority, often only telling them bits and pieces of her strategical plans, keeping them in the dark as if they were undeserving of her genius tactical decisions. Many times purposely sending her teammates to their inevitable demise so that she may come out of the battle unscathed. She is completely antipathetic and intolerant to any form of failure regardless of the circumstances with a tendency to threaten and lash out at all who fail her.

Ashe is also deceiving and manipulative hypocrite, her continuous obsession with megalomania and the lengths she has gone to obtain power, she detests being called out on it. Seeing herself as being beyond judgment or the moral codes of others, feeling that no one has the right to pass judgment on a superior being such as herself, often claiming that she is amoral, seeing no point to limiting herself or her ambitions based on a useless code of ethics. This further proves that she is willing to do anything to achieve power, even forsaking her own humanity, seeing herself already as being beyond human, a goddess among man.

Recently however, Ashe has begun to realize that she is not the only goddess, treating her fellow maidens with the respect they deserve.


  • Sahudenfraude: She feels experiences of pleasure, joy, and self-satisfaction when learning, witnessing, or causing the troubles, failures, or humiliation of another. In fact, nothing makes her happier than others misfortune. As a dark mage, she feels the need to wreak havoc and cause destruction wherever she goes in order to strike fear into the hearts of Fiore and thoroughly enjoys doing so.
  • Destruction: As a fire magic user and the proclaimed Fire Maiden, she has an affinity towards destruction. Fire is known to be uncontrollable, leaving patches of scorched earth as it devours and consumes all in its blazing path of fury. She likes destruction for many reasons, it is merciless, gluttonous and most importantly, powerful.


  • Failure: Believing that people should not think, but simply obey, she does not take such a crime lightly and will lash out at those who dare disobey her. Seeing blatant disregard of her harsh and often dangerous commands, in her eyes, as an unforgivable act of treason. An offense that can never go without punishment, as her word is law.
  • Defiance: Believing that people should not think, but simply obey, she does not take such a crime lightly and will lash out at those who dare disobey her. Seeing blatant disregard of her harsh and often dangerous commands, in her eyes, as an unforgivable act of treason. An offense that can never go without punishment, as her word is law.


  • Power: Not surprising, considering how obsessed she is over it. Physical power, materialistic power, mental power even - she must have it all. This works in conjunction with her fear of being weak. She may be tolerant to pain and suffering, but she doesn't like it one bit. Needless to say, she will do anything to obtain any kind of power.


  • Weakness: She's stubborn, incredibly so, and for good reason. It's a cruel world; only the strong survive, so she will make sure she's strong. For every loss she suffers, it agitates her and she relieves the frustration by blaming herself, then training and pushing her limits, if not to become stronger then to at least prove she's trying to. When her plans backfire, and she is at the end of her wits, she snaps.
  • Intimacy: The concept of intimacy in general is foreign to her. Displaying such affection would be unthinkable because it would allow others a chance to prey on her. She'd never know when someone could turn on her, and it's troublesome having to maintain the relationships. Besides, love is a weakness. Despite that however, Ashe does love her sisters, the other maidens.


Magic Name: Fire Maiden

Magic Element: Fire

Description: The four Maidens are a part of an ancient legend that is now long forgotten, these maidens are hosts of a vast natural power that has existed in Fiore for thousands of years. They are said to be the physical embodiment of the four main elements. There are four Maidens in existence at any time, each one corresponding to the four elements - Fire, Water, Earth, and Wind.

The Fire Maiden allows the user to generate and manipulate fire at will. This is also extended to ash manipulation.



Long ago it was said that within the vast green forests of Fiore, beside a massive river stood a small home of an old hermit. A lone wizard. Homeward bound, he feared the outside world and sought immunity from its dangers and distractions. No one knew the location of the wizard's cottage, visitors were unheard of occurrence. But on this very special day, as he peered out of his window, his watchful gaze fell upon a beautiful young maiden. She sat beneath a mighty oak tree, her eyes closed, meditating, she showed absolute serenity. When the wizard asked for an explanation, the maiden proclaimed, "My name is Undine. I am on a journey and I am awaiting my beloved sister's arrival." With that being said, she closed her eyes and sat in silence returning to her tranquil state. The wizard tried to ignore the girl, telling himself that she was nothing but a fool, but the longer she remained in such a soothing tranquility, the more he wished to share such a state the young maiden seemed to enjoy.

In time, his eyes grew weary and he decided to rest his eyes, thinking on the strangeness of it all. Upon opening his eyes and realizing a second maiden had come and graced his presence, beneath his tree. The wizard was perplexed. Vivacious, and spirited, the maiden held a basket with an assortment of fruits and flowers. When the wizard asked for an explanation the girl simply replied, "My name is Pygmy. I am on a journey and I am awaiting my beloved sister's arrival." His hospitality came with reluctance and to show her gratitude, the girl retrieved a handful of seeds from her basket and danced around the wizard's garden, planting the seeds. The old hermit was baffled as he watched the maiden turn once bleak and dead garden into a beautiful garden, from which life would surely blossom.

The man, mesmerized by the maidens capabilities, stared longingly into his once dead but newly resurrected garden. He thought of picking the ripe red tomatoes, harvesting his fully-grown and beautiful crops, something he had not done in years. He would have stared forever had it not been for the unfamiliar and joyous laughter heard beneath the oak tree. A young maiden with a bright smile stood beside the two maidens. The wizard begged for the maiden to introduce herself, and just as her other sister did, she responded, "My name is Sylph. I am on a journey and I am waiting for my beloved sister." Of course, she had said this, thought the wizard. A million thoughts ran through his head but they were disrupted by another chirp of laughter, leaving the old man perplexed; what was so hilarious? Him. The new arrival found the wizard's insistence on staying indoors so very amusing; why chose to view the world through a small window when the door leading out to it was right at his side? It was an argument that caused the hermit to rethink his life completely and after a moment of hesitation, the wizard stepped outdoors for the first time in years.

The warming embrace of the sunlight brought with it a surge of spirit and life. And soon the wizard wasn’t feeling much like himself anymore. He was feeling much livelier. As the day came to an end, the maidens and the wizard all settled down as they prepared a feast. Undine set the table, Pygmy supplied the crops, Sylph prepped the meal, and the wizard was the most exuberant and cheerful he's ever been. But in all the excitement, he nearly almost didn't notice the delicate woman that now graced all of their presences. He smiled and gestured her to join them, asking only for her name. “My name is Salamander” she pleasantly proclaimed. “I am on a journey and I’m here to meet with my beloved sisters. Who might you be?”

"Me?" The wizard questioned as if they could have been talking to anyone else. Suddenly, he came to the shocking realization that these maidens showed a genuine interest in him. "Well, I am but an old hermit, a shut in, I have lived alone in these very woods for eons and I'm afraid my story is rather dull, as I have no one to love and little to show for my pathetic life." The eldest sister looked up in awe at all that surrounded them. "But sir, do you not see? You have so much." It was true; with their help, it was now clear to see that the wizard had everything he could ever need. The elements. Such a power was not to be taken for granted. The hermit was grateful, but a question still unanswered, lingered, "Why me?" He asked. "Why did the four of you chose to open my eyes to such a beauty? To bestow upon me your marvelous gifts? Why am I so special?" The four sisters looked to one another as if they were speaking telepathically. The eldest sister then spoke, "I beg your pardon sir, but we do not do these things for you because you were special. We do what we can for everyone because we are able." The old wizard was confused at their humble generosity. Never in his years had he come across such kindness. It was in this moment that he knew he too had to give back to the maidens. With a smile on his wrinkled face, the wizard called forth his magic, ever ounce he could muster, and bestowed it upon the sisters.  "My gift to you, so that you may do such much more." Now armed with the elements, the founding pillars of nature and the unimaginable magic of the old wizard, the four maidens: Fire, Water, Earth,  and Wind promised to continue their journey, however, what they did with them was unspeakable. Although the ending of this tale often varies, one thing remains the same in every telling. The sisters abused their newfound powers and allowed their strength to devour them, causing great calamities across the world; the sisters turned against each other and without balance, their previous great deeds turned to great sorrow, their kindness to cruelty, and Fiore plunged into darkness.

However, this tale has since been forgotten, but the maidens reincarnations are sure to be remembered.

Ashe had always believed that she was destined to inherit the fire maidens powers, that it was fated for the power to be transferred to her. After all, the fire maiden was her mother, but this all changed when her sister was born…

The fire maiden was Ashe’s mother, she was her firstborn daughter and was treated with love and care, treasured and loved by her mother who most certainly spoiled her. Ever since Ashe was born she was renowned for her extraordinary strength, everyone saw potential in her including her mother, who trained her and taught her fire magic in hopes of Ashe being her successor. She was a loving mother and a great but strict teacher. She knew, one day, that Ashe would become the Fire Maiden and so she was trained to be flawless; perfect. One mistake resulted in punishment. It was her mother's brutal training that inspired Ashe to never fail and always try her best. She showed her the advantages of being the Fire Maiden and the extremities and responsibilities of its powers.

Ashe had never wanted anything so badly, she wanted the strength of the Fire Maiden. Therefore she trained day and night, she dreamt of overpowering all and incinerating anything that stood in her path. She started fights within her village knowing that she would win. Her bad habits soon turned to a life of crime, she committed many unlawful acts, mainly arson and stealing all whilst bragging about the powers she had yet to receive.

Her mother noticed the changes in Ashe and how violent she’d become, she believed that Ashe would take advantage of such a power but unfortunately, she had no one else to give it to. That was until her Ashe’s sister, Ember, was born.

Years passed and Ashe continued down the path of cruelty while Ember, the path of kindness. It was this that convinced Ashe’s mother, on her deathbed, to transfer the power to Ember instead of Ashe. Furious, Ashe threatened Ember’s life and when Ember refused to give Ashe what she had wanted, she followed through with her threats, murdering her sister and obtaining the fire maiden power she had always wanted. Unlike Ashe, Ember was not suited for the fire maidens powers. She had never enjoyed fighting and rarely trained. Ember just did not want this strength to fall into the bloodstained hands of her sister yet failed to protect it and lost her life in the process. In Ashe's mind, it was pathetic and she showed no remorse for the blood she had shed. Having killed her 'beloved' sister, Ashe then set her previous house aflame and it combusted in a blaze of glory, uncontrollable and unstoppable the fire began to devour everything surrounding it. One spark led to another and soon the entire village began to burn. This was not Ashe's intention, it was not even in her power, as she was new to the craft, but the fire raged wildly. However, she did not care who had died in the process, and in the end, it had erased the past so that she would never have to speak of it.

Now, with her newfound powers of the Fire Maiden, which she received after absorbing her deceased sisters ethernano, Ashe ventured through Fiore in hopes of finding a suitable guild that would allow her to continue her carnage. Eventually stumbling upon the dark guild Phantom Lord, Ashe joined their ranks as a dark mage.

Over these past two years, Ashe has lived up to her title as both the fire maiden and a member of phantom lord. Though committing many crimes and wreaking havoc, one of the two notable events over the two years being the fight with her sisters. Tired of her manipulating them and holding her superiority over them, they rebelled. Attacking Ashe they took her left eye. This caused a separation between them, and Ashe left them with a plan of revenge. This is when the second notable event takes place. Lost in a world without her sisters, she was vulnerable. This led to her almost being turned into a daemon. In an attempt to regain her left eye, she was tricked, and instead, her left arm became something of a beast. It worked the same as her other arm, but her beauty was taken from her, one of the things she loved most in the world.

Ashe saw no need to be beautiful, maintaining her appearance was no longer a necessity, she burned off her own hair and her once luscious long locks became short and burned. When she finally reunited with her sisters only a few months ago, for one of the first times in her life, she cried. She had learned her lesson, as each sister had learned something over the two years, and was welcomed back with open arms.

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