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Mia Kearney

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   Name: Mia Kearney

   Age: 20 --- 16 / 12 / X767

   Gender: Female

   Sexuality: Homosexual

   Ethnicity, Father: Savannan

   Ethnicity, Mother: Caelese / Fiorian

   Class: Hunter

   Race: Human

   Rank: D-rank

   Guild: Blue Pegasus

   Tattoo: Side of left arm, placed at the bicep. The Tattoo is aligned at a 45 degree angle with the head aimed towards her chest. This way, it can be seen as half-correct when Mia has her arm lowered or raised. The Tattoo is a dim royal purple.

   Face: Yang Xiao Long - RWBY



   Height: 5'11 (180 cm)

   Weight:175lbs (79.37 kg)

   Hair: Blonde

   Eyes: Purple

   Overall: Mia is a strong girl, with somewhat broad shoulders but a still decisively feminine build overall. A life of fighting and wanting to improve herself has led Mia to have a very strong physique, with a hard set of abs she proudly likes to flaunt, and faintly rough skin from her constant love for a bit of combat. Her golden hair is often left to grow long and wild, like a mane of fire flowing from her head. She likes to dress in ways that can show off the work she’s done on her body, or generally enhance a ‘badass factor’ she likes to give off, usually achieved with flowing coats, boots, fingerless gloves and the like.

   Extra: ---



   Personality: Mia is a very rambunctious person to say the least, tending to act before she thinks, but having such a strong sense of her own actions that she’ll never act ‘wrong’. Or so she likes to think. Sure her actions can be a bit stupid or misguided from time to time, but she’ll perform them with gusto and confidence till she faces the consequences, and even then she’ll face them without a sense of fear.

Longing to always increase her sense of self worth, Mia could easily be described as egostistical, but she would never over-inflate her own ego. Sure, she’d happily hype herself from time to time, but when faced with her limits she’ll admit them outright rather than try to hide or disguise them. Pushing through limits is one thing, denying them is another.

She’ll never take someone’s reputation at face value. Typically, when faced with someone she should know from reputation alone, she’ll often be ignorant. Legends, tales, rumors, all fall on deaf ears with her, but show her, face to face, a display of your talent and the power that earned such a reputation, and she’ll respect it without any snide remarks, at least none that can’t be taken in good humor.

Those who earn the most respect are her friends. While the most important person to her may easily be herself, Mia will put her own reputation on the line to help a friend, or more importantly, family, get out of a rough situation.


  • A challenge: Mia will face a challenge with glee, even those she doesn’t for a moment feel she can truly conquer. So long as she can live to fight another day, no challenge is a bad experience, so long as she feels it was fair, and in time, she can find herself conquering it.
  • Classy women: While very much a rough girl herself, Mia’s taste in women is somewhat the opposite, but in some ways the same as herself. Someone strong willed, soft skinned, holding their nose up at the world. Something about a woman who screams ‘femininity’ but also has the sense of self and will to stand their ground. A woman she could never conquer and instead could worship as they deserve.


  • Liers: Mia despises liers and show boaters who can’t back up their words. You done something great? Fine, hype it up and tell the story all you want, but the moment it tips into a tall tale you lose her respect, and you earn the sharp blow of her knuckles if you do it to her face.
  • Tricksters: Mia will always prefer a fight of might vs might. While she won’t knock the argument that brains can outdo brawns, coming up against someone with the brains to counter her brawn will always be an infuriating experience, and one she may briefly tantrum about should she fail so harshly in the face of them.


  • Ego: Mia has a strong sense of her own Ego. She can both let it get away from her, and control it when the time is right. It is her strongest motivation and perhaps her greatest floor all in one. She strives for fame, glory, moments to tell others, and personal perfection all for herself. Sure, fame may come with women, fans, and rewards, but so long as she knows, in herself, that she is the greatest she can be, she can hold a sense of pride and accomplishment.    


  • Open Water: Unable to swim, Mia has a fear of being out on open water. Being inside a boat is fine, but pushing herself near the edge of a boat or putting her on a small raft instills her with a sensation similar to vertigo as her body repels the idea of being so easily pushed into the water and suffering from her inability to swim.
  • Being Forgotten: One thing Mia doesn’t want to be is ignored by history. The idea that all her efforts don’t leave so much as a footnote in the records of history is a fear and a motivation force that pushes her to new heights, though to lose everything she’s worked for may be a debilitating experience.



   Magic Name: Flaming fury

   Magic Element: Fire

   Magic Description: Flaming Fury is a type of fire magic primarily focused on enhancing the users melee output, through direct application of offensive magic delivered through the fists, to bolstering their own power through fiery ‘buffs’ and small supplements.

Very much the magic of a brawler like Mia, she will typically use it to apply a coating of fire to her fist or full arms, facing her opponents head on and charging them with rapid attacks and harsh blows.



   History: The union of Mia’s parents is perhaps not one to be expected. While Mia shows primarily the traits of her father, a man taught to work hard for his livelihood in the country of Savannah, and a mother who didn’t have to work a day in her life thanks to her heritage, but would have been more than happy to for those she cared about. Her father’s history is minimal, at least in the scale of it. He could tell you tale after tale about numerous members of his family, from the time great uncle Jack got his head stuck in a rabbit hole as a kid, or how his Grandma could re-strung an old violin and learned to play it from scratch. As for her mother, Mama Kearney came from two wealthy lines, Fiorian on her mother’s side and Caelese on the father’s, married as part of an arcane business dealing between the families in a time gone by.

As her parents fell in love, and Mia’s mother considerably ‘married down’, she was disowned by her family in Fiore, though maintained a strong connection with her family in Caelese, even receiving an offer to move in with them over the seas. A tempting offer for sure, but the idea of a quiet family life with the man she’d fallen in love with was far more appealing…though quiet was perhaps a subjective term when it came to Mia’s father and his own family.

As the years passed by, Mia herself was of course brought into the world. One of three siblings, an older sister Karla and a younger brother Mark. Wile her siblings tended to lean more in taking after their mother, perhaps not the brawniest of people in their own right, and not having the ‘grit’ of their father, Mia was definitely a daddies girl from a young age, growing up, she found herself in more scrapes than either of her siblings, always wanting to prove she was the biggest kid in the playground, even bigger than the kids who were actually bigger than her.

It was perhaps in part due to the fact Mia could find herself making more rivals than friends that her family tended not to spend their summers in Savannah, and instead opted to travel to Caelese to spend time with their family on her mother’s side. The richer lifestyle of her distant relatives was not something she’d knock by any means, but it also wasn’t something she favoured. For a fair few years these summers had been rather boring, or as boring as anything COULD be for a child so young.

A certain little pinkette changed that though.

While the two didn’t get along so much at first, a child of a family friendly to her relatives was a ray of sunshine during Mia’s summer’s abroad. The girl was younger perhaps, but vibrant and full of life, if appearing somewhat…’tamed’. Each summer this tamed nature seemed to almost be ‘revitalized’, but before long, Mia would always wear the wall down and see the vibrant little girl underneath that she always longed to enjoy. From her second summer with her friend, Sera, she was almost craving summer each year just for the chance to see her distant friend.

Years going by, Mia perhaps wasn’t the best student, and conventional schooling didn’t have many long term effects she could benefit from. Dropping out of the school system entirely, she worked for a short while with her father, and more solo as a simple helper with the odd job hither and dither. Similar to low rank guild work, or so she was told. It wasn’t quite enough for her, but it helped pay the bills with her parents. Yet still she longed for something a little more. Guilds existed in countries outside of Fiore sure, but to Mia the tales that came from Fiore were always the most grandiose. Tales of guilds locked in rivalries and combats. Powerful mages, wizards and witches, and, once a week, proof of the amazing babes present in that country, courtesy of sorcerer weekly. Her mother’s own words about what the country was like weren’t exactly a deterrant, leading the young blonde to want a bit more adventure, and starting to put her savings towards a nice little bit of pocket change to go along with a ticket to the country of Fiore.

Just as she was making plans to go to Fiore, a bright spark of pink ended up keeping her homebound. Her long time friend Sera having moved in with them. She’d always known her home life wasn’t the most pleasant, but when her father started to suggest Mia was a bad influence, Mia’s mother offered comfort to the dear Sera all the more, until eventually, she’d moved in entirely. For a while Mia forgot all her intentions of leaving as she wanted to be sure, with her mother offering some security to the runaway Sera, that she was also there to offer her own…but instead, a different idea came. Sera wanted to be away from her family? Great. They’d both get away. The two of them. Sure, Mia had no qualms with her family but the craving for adventure was still there. She offered it to Sera, a ticket to Fiore with her, the promise of joining a guild, the adventures they’d play out as children and the freedom both of them would both be ecstatic to get their hands on.

A trip across the seas was all it would take. The two of them ran off together, season friends turned traveling companions as they travelled to Fiore. A long boat ride gave them plenty to discuss that they didn’t think to even talk about before. Mia had many guilds that sounded promising. The comradery of Fairy Tail or the ambitions of Holy Knights, but Sera herself made a compelling case for her own favoured guild from Mia’s retellings of their tales. Blue Pegasus. At first, Mia didn’t see it. The guild didn’t sound like a place for her, but when Sera oh so kindly reminded her it would be full of beautiful women, she supposed there was a case to be made…~

Of course, beautiful women couldn’t keep her around forever, but the companionship of Sera, her fashion advice, and the Guild’s own ideals of self-betterment resonated with her, making Mia a proud member of the Blue Pegasus guild.

   Reference: Alissa

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Hello, and welcome to the site, you have a good application so far however there are a few additionals that I'll need you to include firstly add the colour to your tattoo and lastly, include the metric measurements for your characters height and weight. Additionally, unfortunately, your face claim is already in use so you will need to pick another one and you will need to remove any mention of Sabertooth as it is not canon to the site's lore.


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This character application has been approved.

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