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Alisa Vollan

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Name: Alisa Faye Vollan

Age: 22 (Born November 28th, X765)

Gender: Female

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Icebergian.

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian of Minstreli descent

Class: Hunter

Race: Human

Rank: S-rank

Guild: Blue Pegasus

Tattoo: Right side of waist

Face: Scathach - Fate Grand Order


Height: 1,84m / 6ft

Weight: 70Kg / 154lbs

Hair: Black

Eyes: Wine Red

Overall: A tall, statuesque woman in her prime, Alisa's figure belies her true strength as an agile martial artist and wily mage. She wears her long raven hair in a neatly trimmed hime cut, since her hair is naturally straight, she takes less time with her hair than most people might assume. Her outfits, although fashionable as a rule, tend towards the sporty side, being typically comfortable and easy on the wearer as much as the beholder. This isn't to say her fashion sense is absolute, since she can just as easily be prone to odd fashion statements in a attempt to push the boundaries of style. She frequently grooms her hair and clothes to keep them neat and perfect, and every artwork or fighting technique also strives for the same standard of dazzling, visual appeal. All in all, she carries herself like a cool beauty, with an ever present preoccupation with the latter.

Casual Alisa

Work Alisa

Extra: She has a puncture scar underneath her Guild Stamp, usually only visible upon close inspection. It resulted from a near fatal injury, missing her liver by an inch. She has another odd shaped tattoo in her left spaulder, with a crystalline shape to it, seemingly scorched off into a white shape


Personality: An honest, aloof and straightforward woman, Alisa follows her own path unfettered by bonds that could hold her back or get in the way. Even though vengeance is a quest best taken solo, she does feel lonely sometimes, and its at timeslike those she finds herself back in her Guild Hall... However, she's not single minded enough to say all she lives for are the dark mages she wants to kill: Alisa doesn't deny her love of art, and just fighting for the hell of it; a good fighter should consider her fighting style as an art, after all. She likes powerful opponents who can give her a thrilling battle and push her Magic to the limit, but is also smart enough to avoid throwing her life away with a hopeless fight. Her hatred for the villains who killed her mother make her more likely to simply try to kill those enemies when they're weak than waste her energy on a real fight: Unsighly mongrels could never appreciate her art anyway. With time and experience, she stopped seeing the world in black and white, resenting the incompetence (or corruption) of the Magic Council in finding and punishing those responsible, and eventually learning how some Dark Mages embraced the title not out of a love for selfish slaughter, but simply for finding themselves in a similar situation to herself, with the so called "good guys" secretly exploiting those below them.

Though she's not the kind of woman to go out her way and risk her life for a stranger, she has enough kindness to help those with no one else to turn to, and displays surprising honor and faithfulness towards those she calls her friends. Regarding romance, Alisa's love is shallow and unpredictable. She might suddenly go after someone she finds beautiful or inspiring, and could easily change her mind the next day out of the blue. But her blunt honesty often gets in the way of potential romance...

Often regarded as a prodigy, she's especially strong for a mage so young, thanks to an intense passion to get stronger and surpass both her foes and her own weaknesses. She awakened this drive around the same time her father left her to seek vengeance, determined to go after him and ensure he didn't meet the same fate. However, she suffers from her own inexperience and at times, overconfidence. She usually carries herself with a cool, collected and playful demeanor, and even in battle it's hard to ever see her worked up even when talking about killing people: She takes a very lighthearted approach, often smiling and referring to fighting as dancing.

Alisa is incredibly vain, and naturally chose to learn a magic, art and even fighting techniques she deemed the most beautiful. And thus, favoring beauty, she has a natural instinct to preserve it, both in herself, her sculptures, and even her enemies as well... With every enemy she defeats she's left with a decision: Is it beautiful enough to preserve in crystal, or should she just shatter and be done with it? That's her favorite method of killing some of her targets, and usually serves as proper evidence of her deed to collect the bounty. Despite this vanity, she goes to great lengths to ensure she doesnt grow famous, often operating in secret when it comes to dealing with high profile enemies or incidents.

Towards her guild members, however, Alisa's overprotective side blooms in full. Now more than ever she seeks to strengthen them to face the coming threats, valuing it almost as much as her own power, as much as the experience she needs to put that power to use. And if the time comes when she must neglect her own training to keep her guildmates from getting killed, she might need to take the shortcuts she always disliked, and look for her own power in source she'd ordinarily shun. After all, she has never forgotten the pain of losing her loved ones to an untimely death, and thus an attack on them usually brings the aloof, roaming cloud back home to her new family; ready to strike down with great vengeance and furious anger those who would attempt to poison and destroy her brothers.


  • Gems: And other shiny things. She grew up surrounded by them, and now uses them as both magic and pasttime.
  • Sculpting: A relaxing, soothing hobby, and the reason for her fame as an artist.
  • Sunglasses: Cruise control for cool. But even with cruise control, you still have to steer.
  • Beauty: It heals the soul and reminds her how there are things in this world worth preserving
  • Training: The stronger she gets, the harder she trains. To Alisa, there are no limits, only walls to overcome.


  • Loud Noises: The only thing worse than not being able to hear herself think is knowing that grating noises of specific frequencies can mess up her crystals.
  • People averting her gaze: If the eyes are the window to the soul, then what are you hiding? She does accept that some people are just shy, not unlike her own dislike of crowds.
  • Crowds: She avoids crowded places like the plague. People purposely crowding around her might be seen as an offense.
  • Dark Mages: Dark Mages killed her mother, though she's outgrown her previous belief that all Dark Mages are trash who should just disappear, she still dislikes it when the not so scummy ones wear the title with pride.


  • Slaughter the Dark Guild "Black Sun": After digging around for every lead she could find, she now has the name of the Dark Guild responsible for her mother's death. If she finds and kills them all, she hopes to finally be at peace.
  • Being the strongest: Its hard to balance her love of a good fight with her desire to remain under the radar, which led to her developing her second greatest desire.
  • Finding a muse for her art: Like any artist, Alisa is constantly searching for inspiration.
  • Training her guildmates: Alisa is a selfish woman at heart, wanting to protect her guild without being there most of the time. For this purpose, she'd have them all become strong powerful to stand on their own two feet.


  • Big Crowds: She never got used to them, her hometown was small and she lived mostly by herself after leaving it. Being around more people than she can keep track of make her paranoid
  • Needles: More specifically, she fears needles piercing her skin. A troublesome phobia whenever she needs to take a shot, and as a rule she'd rather be unconscious for that. But while she can somewhat keep calm if she needs an injection from the doctor, its much harder in battle and is the main reason why she has so many full body protection spells.
  • Destruction of Blue Pegasus: As much as she feels she's gotten soft, Alisa likes the idea of having a home to return to, and fears losing it and the closest she yet has to a family.


Magic Name: Crystal Magic (結晶の魔法 Kesshō no Mahō)

Magic Element: Earth

Magic Description: Users of Crystal Magic can produce and manipulate crystal for offensive and defensive spells, such as creating crystal around her fists or shins for more powerful melee attacks, creating armor, or projectiles. Small, sharp crystals can slash and pierce, while harder, sturdier crystals being better suited for blunt damage. Some spells can also restrain opponents, or crystallize them entirely, making this a highly versatile magic. For more creative options, she can crystallize her surroundings in various manners for supplementary uses, or employ her connection to the earth for sensory techniques. Crystal magic also has several uses for speed boosting, protuding crystalline rods towards the opposite direction that she wants to move and exploit the reaction force.
The color of Alisa's crystals typically varies with her mood: Though purple or pinkish is a common color, a cold mood will color them towards blue and anger redden it. Advanced spells are colored white regardless of her mood due to being flawless Diamonds.
For melee combat, she can coat or harden her limbs with crystal, or even directly crystallize opponents via touch, which deals damage comparable to being frozen solid. When clashing spells with an opponent and winning, some spells of this magic have the unusual trait of converting the vanquished spell into a crystal sculpture - like Ice magic would do - with the same happening to slain enemies.


Early Life: Alisa was born in a small town of Northern fiore, as the daughter of goldsmith Ingmar Vollan and his wife Amélie. She'd been fascinated by gems and crystals for as long as she can remember, which would ultimately determine her choice of magic. As a child she was no different from the next girl, wishing to be a princess and live in the castle, clad in the very same jewels she saw her father sculpt every day... Even though her family wasn't really wealthy (her father used most of his money to buy raw materials for his next work), it was still an attractive target for robbers and as such the young Alisa training unarmed combat and swordsmanship with her paternal uncle Gottfrid, an soldier and former Rune Knight.

Yet all this preparation would do nothing: She lost her childish innocence the day she came home to find their jewelery robbed and her mother dead. All the Rune Knights could discover was how the culprits were dark mages... Ingmar never forgave himself for this inability to protect his wife, and as a former adventuring mage, left on a crusade to atone by finding the culprits, leaving Alisa in her Uncle's care... The Veteran Soldier would give her all the training and protection she could ever need, and Igmar had learned first hand how dangerous his art could truly be. But even with his hopes the girl, he forgot to account for was how similar his daughter was.

Instead of living out her life in peace, Alisa didn't give up until she learned her own magic from books, coupling it with Gottfrid's training. Those slow up until that point, once the secretly passionate girl had such a powerful drive within, she trained with the kind of intensity she'd never experienced before, all but revealing herself a genious. Thus, by the time she was 14, she had just enough knowledge of magic and martial arts to survive on her own quest, and though she was too weak to challenge strong demons or dark mages, she carefully picked out quests her own level and slowly grew in power, killing off low level criminal mages as she encountered them. Though hateful and confident, she was also wily and knew that until she found her father and completed her quest she was not allowed to die. Though normally a fair fighter, she believed Dark Mages deserved no such favor from her and fought mercilessly, as underhanded as she had to reach overwhelming victory.

And when she wasn't hunting down some Dark mage wannabe, she was training so that she could one day crush stronger foes. At that time she was stone cold and always serious, with a mean look on her face. But as time went on, she began to yearn for feelings other than anger and hatred - Spending time honing her magic by shaping sculptures became a refreshing hobby - and as she opened her soul to make art, Alisa felt some of that weight lifting for the first time... Life suddenly started to feel better. Though Dark Mages still bring out the worst in her, Alisa's come to a point where even just fighting became fun. Beauty became the medicine for her heavy heart...

After wandering across the land, learning from different teachers and facing new foes, she came to miss the feeling of having a place to call home. It wasn't even three years ago that she first set foot on the Blue Pegasus guild, finding its elegant, classy envoiroment to the only place for her. She shared her power with them and earned a new family in return, but even now she cannot refuse her nature as a lone, wandering cloud, roaming from place to place.

It was only after joining Blue Pegasus that she came to understand that not all Dark Mages walked that path in search of wanton slaughter, and finally lost much of her teenage hatred and edge. The secret passion behind that cool visage, is all there still...

Season I Timeskip:

After the Civil war though, everything changed. The monarchy suppoesedly keeping them safe had been rotten and corrupted, as bad as the very enemies of the state who wound up taking power. Now more than ever Alisa grew attached to her guild and family, even with the lack of any Black Sun members to hunt down, she felt an equally fierce drive to train others as well as herself, prepare that family she'd come to love to survive whatever turmoil would soon threaten to swallow them whole. And if she herself happened to like the necessary strenght, well... She'd do anything to achieve it.

She started off in her usual fashion, secluding herself from the very people she wanted to shield, holing up in the mountains, in a lone log cabin. Despite her desire to be alone, all too many people joined her, friends and acquaintances she made over the last couple years. Nobody she'd feel any pressing need to expel, yet she looked obviously uncomfortable at feeling her small house constantly crowded, and yet, no subtle cue of Surely, the guests want to leave now." got her point across...

That didn't stop her appreciating their company more often than not, when the time came to train out in the lone, frigid mountains. A wide variety of training partners provided the sculptress with a whole breadth of experience, a sharpened power she'd bring back down from the mountains as her training came to a close, ready to share most of it with the fellow members of Blue Pegasus. That newfound power took many shapes, the most starking of all being a new magic. Alisa declined to comment on why she'd finally replaced her signature Crystal Magic with an stronger Earth element variant, clearly not optmized for the usage of Crystals as her natural magic had been... While it could arguably make her weaker, Alisa knew she'd in time learn to derive a greater power from this choice, accepting the kind of shortcut she'd so often declined.

There was far more to overcoming one's limits than simply becoming stronger at all moments. At times, fulfilling one's ambitions means choices one would normally deem ill favored...

Reference: Google

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Refunds & Reclaims

  • Magic: NA
  • Weapon: NA
  • Off-Hand: NA
  • Head: NA
  • Body: NA
  • Relic: Refund (Four Leaf Clover Ring - 1 mil)
  • Race: NA
  • Companion: Refund (Lampent: Litwick Rare evo - 200k )

Attribute Reallocation

Total Points: 630 (123 Str + 214 Spd + 126 End + 67 Int + 100 Human booster)

  • Strength: 121
  • Speed: 241
  • Endurance: 86
  • Constitution: 121
  • Intelligence: 61

Other Changes

"Femme Fatale" Aura (Keeping if possible)
"White Empress" Epithet (Keeping if possible)
Guild level 5 (755 posts on socials alone)

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"Would you like a glimpse of real beauty, Guest?"

Alisa Vollan CyhFjWA

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