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Underwhelming Champion [Quest - Shin Sekai]

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#1Shin Sekai 

Underwhelming Champion [Quest - Shin Sekai] Empty Fri Dec 28, 2018 10:51 pm

Shin Sekai
It was yet another wonderful day in good old Magnolia as Shin woke up to the blinding sun with a massive headache from the night before “Way to many drunks in this guild.” he muttered standing up from behind the bar I better not have a black eye or any bruises, the guild hall was just a mess with tables flipped over other members passed out in god only knows what and a lot of damage. After a quick shower back at his uncle's place he made his way back to the guild took the quest to help out some kid with something. Even though he could hardly remember the events that happen the night before he felt like he played a big role in it some how but careless so long as no one was in need of medical attention or need to be bailed out from jail because that is a lot of money and paperwork they would need to go through if the guild master didn’t just scold them about it later. As he walked out he couldn’t help notice that some of his books were scattered about the guild it would have been fine if it was some of the more common books these were his more personal books. He rushed to pick them before anyone else woke up Hopefully they clean up and make the repairs this time, he thought placing his books behind the bar. He tried to rack his brain as to how they got to the guild if they never leave Uncles room What was I even doing last night? a good question that he no one could answer as they were still picking themselves up for what ever really happen last night.

Shin meet up with the Tyler to get the full story behind this request This kid is something else, “So you want me to fight this guy for payback? Lucky for you I’m here.” the boy seemed to really dislike this champ more than he was letting on but that was his issue to deal with. The Red-headed mage took a moment to get everything go through everything in his head before signing up for the match. The whole thing seemed to be easy enough to get through all he needed to do was make sure not to get hit and done Then again I guess that would mean I can’t use magic either he thought to realize that this would be a normal slug fest unlike what happens in the guild where their drunken fights include being pelted with random magic from every which way. The more he thought about it the more he realized that he would not be able to last very long if he needs to throw a punch back he started to rethink taking this request. No you can do this Shin you spent all that time training and now it's time to put it use, He thought as he meet back up with Tyler. Fighting without magic was something that he really didn't want to do but then again their might come a time when he is unable to even use his magic in a fight, just didn't think that it would be today.

He signed up for the exhibition match with Tyler's help This kind reminds me of that one time I made that open fight in Crocus he thought thinking back to the days when he thought he was hot a big shot, ho the good old days. Shin entered the ring, people cheered for him even though he a nobody in the ring but hey maybe he’ll get some fans after all this “My own Fan club.” he muttered resting his back on the turnbuckle. As Shin was in the mists of daydreaming the champ walked into the ring with a cheer that loud enough to snap Shin out his dream. The champ told the crowd he would end this in 60 seconds to which Shin responded with “Don’t get ahead of yourself their Champ.” The red-headed mage looked back at Tyler and gave him a thumbs up, I’m so gonna die…, the two meat in the middle of the ring for the ref to go over the rules and what he expects from them. Oh boy this is gonna be a rough day he thought to himself as he sized up the Champ he could swear that something about the Rodric just seemed off almost like he was hiding something up his sleeve but that didn’t matter cause the match was about to be underway. Tyler went over the game plan with Shin one more time just to make sure nothing went wrong and by that he means that magic was involved with the out come.

Rodric started off with a wind up for a left jab which was easy enough to douge but with the amount of force that went behind the blows Shin would have been on his ass drooling That was close a second lated and I would have never lived this down! He couldn’t help think of the mess that he signed up for. The ref tried looked at him in shock that he was able to even move out the way of the punch, the crowd went silent for a moment as the champ looked at Shin then his fist “Ya sorry bro gotta make you work for it.” he said in jokingly though it seemed that Rodric didn’t see it that way at all, he charged in at Shin with another left Wow he must rely on power to win he thought jumping back into the ropes by just seconds. The fact that he was even able to start the round off like that showed that he has had more than enough experience in the ring fighting all kinds of opponents which in turn could help him learn how to fight and dodge without the use of his magic this time around.The Rose mage could see the excitement on Tyler’s face while he stood in his corner but there was still three more minutes to the round. Shin had started to pick up on a pattern that the champ was going with which made seeing the next hit a little easier. Shin saw the attacks coming and realized that Rddric is a lefty so most of his punches we with his left while his right was sitting there so like any good fighter Shin made a note to that.

As the round came to a close Shin walked back to his side of the ring “Your doing great just three more rounds!” those words drained the life from his body. The ref walked over to them to see if he was alright to keep going, mentally he wasn’t but physically he was ready for this next round at the least. The break lasted about ten more seconds before the next round started I thought this was a one and done type of situation he thought to himself wishing this would end already. Shin thought back to when he was younger and his Uncle took one of these type of matches and how they lacked any kind of excitement to them “Tyler how long are each round?” a simple question to which shocked him when he heard the answer to it four minutes fights! Who made up the rules for theses fights!? He asked himself though he did start to think that his training in the woods really did day off his reflexes have gotten way better compared to how he was two years ago but with all the thinking the break had ended.

The second round had just begun and Rodric addressed the crowd telling them the first round was just a warm up to which Shin bounced on the ball of his foot “Hey champ you gotta relax..all this...stress is gonna give ya grays...haha” he managed to duck and move out the way of most of the punches. The champ didn’t really like being made fun of as he started to put more and more power into his punches to which The rose mage responded with more jokes about the affect that stress has on the body “Oh come on Champ you gotta relax.” this really made getting through the second around as the champ started missing more of his punching required less dodging and more poking fun. The ref called for a break allowing the champ to rest a bit while Shin composed himself “This fight would be done a lot faster if we both had magic!” he mumbled. Tyler gave him a cup of ice water, admitally he needed that water during round two but hey don’t look the gift horse in the mouth right.

As the fight went on Shin felt this was going on for a bit longer than he would like they sat on their sides of the ring waiting for the next round to start “I can see why he’s been champ for so long and judging by the way he’s moving the one mistake I’m done for.” Tyler nodded in agreement as the next round started. Come on Shin you can do this just make sure to block and move at the right time he though as Rodric came charging at him getting ready to bust out a secret technique that involved putting all his power into one last punch, This does not look good he thought as he tried to think of away to avoid getting hit by it, so he sidestepped the punch with only seconds to spear. Shin backed up to the ropes as the crowd had started to cheer for him to win You have gotta be kidding me this took way too long for my taste he thought seeing that the champ taking deep breaths must have been a good thing. Shin used the ropes to launch himself at Rodric punching him in the body and then elbowing him to the head putting him to sleep for the night.

Tyler hugged the Rose mage tightly from their epic victory “It was nothing Tyler just another big shot who’s all talk haha…” on the inside Shin was crying his heart out that it was finally over. The crowd was pumped to have a new champ, some people cam up and hugged him others wanted his signature which was new as he never expected such a out from the crowd that seemed to love the old champ. “Okay guys lets not get too crazy I can’t be your champ...So I’ll leave it to my buddy Tyler to find someone to replace me.” by the time Shin was able to leave the building it was already the afternoon which was surprising to say the least as he never didn’t think that it would take soo long for the fight to end. Tyler later found the mage and gave him his reward for all his help, Next time I hope this kid can fight his own battle. he thought as he headed back to the guild to help with the clean up and do some work on the bar as it seemed to be the only part of the guild that never gets damaged at times, Maybe if we had less drinks stuff like this would never happen as often, he thought to himself as he moved his bangs from his eyes. When Shin arrived back at the guild he was happy to see that most of the cleaning had been done and all he needed to do was fix up the bar and make sure that they had enough inventory till they get a new shipment. Shin decided to hang out with some of the guys at the guild and have some drinks though he may have made them a bit too strong for them as they never made it past their second cups. “Com-come on guys it's not that...strong..or is it?” he said still with half a cup of the mix “Guess...that makes me the CHAMP!” he raised his arms up and fell backwards to the floor. No one can ever say that Shin doesn’t know how to party or at least get a party started right?


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