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Forever Changed [Daiko]

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#1Káilètte † 

Forever Changed [Daiko] Empty Fri Dec 28, 2018 1:55 pm

Walking down the isle towards the alter she gazed up towards the glistening glass that shined light. The long dress she wore dragged behind her as the lace stayed in tact. The dress of white was lined with gold designs and against her chest was V-shaped yet covered in thin see-through lace. Her hair was fully down with a hairpin on the right-upper side of her head. The pin was a moon flower with the holy pendent in the middle. Slowly, she walked further up to the alter till her soft hands brushed against the oak wooden alter made by whomever as she didn't know.

Kia had her eyes closed during the small walk from the door to the alter, but opened them up slowly once she stood in front of it. Her heart was beating slowly as she felt close to the Holy one at this place. 'Pray... All you can do right now is pray, my child.' she heard the holy womanly voice as she bowed her head. 'Shall none taint my love for the Holy one. Shall one become one with my soul - as I feel two is already there. May you give me a sign of where to look for these two. Shall you not, I will continue on being yours, my Holy Prince.' she prayed in silence that is in her mind. She knew the new guild leader was going to send her and the rest of the members to some adventure. Who will be her partner for this trip? Hopefully, it'll help her mind.

#2Daiko Flayme 

Forever Changed [Daiko] Empty Sat Dec 29, 2018 9:10 am

Daiko Flayme
Hah… and already after that long, Daiko felt home again in Orchidia. It wasn’t weird, because Worth Woodsea wasn’t that far away, and Orchidia was the wildest town in his eyes. Imagine moss and vines perfectly accompanying buldings, homes and roads like a symbiote that spreads fresh vegetation and all the photosynthesis for the delightful… yet rough types of people inhabiting the town. The Fire Wizard had gotten used to it by now, but it wasn’t a stretch to say that Orchidia housed many strange types of people.

A single walk across the main road proved that; some strange booths erupted voices calling to passers-by like him, offering him spicy products for surprisingly reasonable amounts of jewels. Despite so many weird tools that Daiko had never seen in his life - as in tools dedicated to the wildlife - he managed to reach to the middle of the town after a long walk with only a fresh apple in his hand.

Coda escaped his shoulder and began basking her wings, flying straight for the church. Were birds religious? He had never asked himself this question before, and as adept as he was in bird language, he was never able to truly communicate with Coda as if she was a human being. Her peeping and clicking never turned into fully understandable words for him, and he had learned to live with that.

Flying through an opening in the roof, the bird perched on one of the bench lines pointing towards the altar where two figures appeared to be praying or admiring the work. Daiko entered the church afterwards, curious to Coda’s sudden enthusiasm in attending to churches.

“W-Woah, the church is larger inside…” he spoke up - yes, surprise, he had never entered this place before today.

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#3Káilètte † 

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She silently prayed at the alter with her hands collided together and wrists against the wooden part where a book can be held or page. Softly taking a soft breather she wondered if it was ever going to be her time. Her time to see the Holy One himself, but it was not up to her when that'll happen nor if it'll ever happen. As the doors were suddenly opened, her heart jumped and her head tilted up. Her blonde long hair flailed back due to the cold wind that escaped inside. Strictly her eyes gazed at who came in, but kept a goddess-like sweet smile. Her hands left each other and fell to their own designated side.

''May I help you, young one?'' she questioned sweetly and walked down the small set of stairs and then in the middle isle towards him. She stopped as soon as she was two meters away and gazed at him with a gentle motherly look. She was patient...

He came here out of boredom obviously. Who - in the right mind- would come here, other than you.

He could be cold and wished for shelter.

Sweet! Company.~

She stayed silent as she listened to the voices within her head. Her white and golden dress stayed in tact, no winkles and the such. What does the young man want and why does he seem familiar? Finally, she heard the doors close itself since they weren't closed by the one that opened them. The wind can do mysterious things...

#4Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Well, well. He couldn’t stay too quiet, or quiet enough to not interrupt the lady and her smaller company in whatever they were doing. As widespread in cultures as Daiko was due to years of travelling, he never knew that houses like these were built for worship. He simply found the act of worshipping as a more personal affair; lack of growing up with society could be blamed for that. And now, he entered a church all on his own, simply drawn towards its unique, non-vandalizing atmosphere and scent of peace.

Coda was drawn to the church too. It was likely an instinct of hers, since birds had a fine, grey area between rational thinking and following hunches… and your stomach. She gently caressed her feathers in delight when the tall lady turned around to ask Daiko if he needed help. Having entered the church so randomly made him stand out.

“O-Oh, I’m just… curious,” he decided to answer, simply sharing his curiosity with her, “Last time I was here, there was no large tower-like castle like this one.” He just wanted to see what this place was all about, perhaps remembering it since it was in Orchidia and he was among the defenders of this town if you asked him.

“… What is this place, again…?”

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#5Káilètte † 

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The young man was curious about this place, but he seemed to be from here. Right. He was from the same Guild she was. Her golden eyes scanned him again as if searching for answers to find none. Her right hand reached out forward towards him and then brought it back to her heart. ''The place, young one is one of many Churches for those who need shelter, to call Sanctuary and to pray and hope for the future that comes.''. Peacefully she speaks with a motherly smile. Her hands leave the mid-section of her chest and slides it against her side. He seemed lost.

Let's manipulate him into your cause for Divine.

We should see if he needs anything.

Ask him to hang out! Stop being a loner.

She swiftly brought her right hand against her soft cheek and chuckled as she scanned the bird. ''That's quite a friend you have there. How'd you become acquainted with another?''. She had hoped to someday find someone or perhaps an animal friend like his own to accompany her throughout life. After his answer she turned around so her back was towards the boy and his friend bird. Her head slowly tilted up to look at the Holy Window with designs of the Holy Father and colors alike all around. It made her feel safe and warm within the Church and if they needed her arms to fend, she will do so. Kai made a small smile as she took a soft breather. ''This place is all I have of who I am. My parents are all away in a different Country. I hope someday that I will at least remember the ones' who pluck the strings of my Lyre when I see them...''. Whispering softly she then turned around to look back at the boy with both of her hands behind her back holding each other. ''Any questions I am happy to answer!'' Finally she spoke with happiness and Hope. Such optimism...

#6Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Ah, a church. Daiko did know about those… a little. They were places of worship and prayer, things that Daiko had rarely done. He remembered praying with his mother back in the old days, but that was a fleeting past. At the very least, whenever he prayed now and then, her face did show up in his thoughts and made him yearn to see her again… despite how childish that was.

Either way, the lady seemed curious about Coda. The ladybird joyfully flapped her wings by being referred to, and Daiko smiled. “We’ve been together for as long as I remember,” he replied to her, “I found her as an egg so long ago, so I took her in and raised her. Now, she’s all bratty and mischievous as a goblin.” The bird didn’t really like being compared to a goblin as she landed on Daiko’s shoulder, furiously beginning to peck his head with her beak. Unfortunately for her, Daiko was unphased by the sudden assault - his head barely rocked by the impacts.

“She also has a short temper.”

Sufficient to say, Coda was a wild creature. He hadn’t truly tamed her yet. The tall lady looked back at the previous position of hers, turning her back from him and Coda as she mentioned that her parents were in another country. They were out on a journey without her? “Oh… well, I hope you’ll see them soon,” he commented, “… Hey… my name’s Daiko. Daiko Flayme. If you haven’t noticed already *showing the Guild Crest on the back of his neck*, I’m a wizard from Lamia Scale.” He was happy and proud to proclaim his guild, and he was also oblivious to where exactly the church lady was from.

“It’s been a while since I was here in Orchidia. As much as things changed, the guild stays the same - loyal and ready with service to Orchidia’s citizens.”

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#7Káilètte † 

Forever Changed [Daiko] Empty Mon Dec 31, 2018 12:10 pm

Kai patiently waited on him to speak and after he did, she smiled simply. Her eyes had a light of hope, but then she heard him talk a little bit more. To her understanding he was from Lamia Scale too, but acted as if he didn't know she was from there. It was easy to not know she was from there because of the location of her tattoo. No one ever thinks to look inside of someone's mouth unless they do the impure thing. Her eyes studied the bird who was his friend and nodded. ''It's nice to meet you, Daiko. You may call me Kai, short for Káilètte.'' she started and walked slowly towards the door and stopped mid-way to twist enough to see Daiko.

Her hands held each other in harmony against the mid pelvis. ''I too am from Lamia Scale. Perhaps we'll see each other again... Both of you.''. Her smile was welcoming as her blonde hair shimmered, eyes shined like jewels and her lip was heart-plucking. With that she continued on her walk with the motion of her large hips to bump into the door to slide out. Slowly while walking away from the Church Kai wondered about what the Guild Master wanted. It was sure awhile ago since she was a Guild Master, but it was for the best that she now isn't. Her heart felt pain when she thought of the guild in general. Why? She didn't know at all.


#8Daiko Flayme 

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Daiko Flayme
Ah… Kai was… a weird name. He wasn’t one to say such things, though, being named after a vegetable; yet here he was, wondering about the name Kailette… or as she pronounced it, ‘Káilètte’. It sounded foreign to him. Maybe she was from another country like him; he did hail from Savannah through his mother, and not everyone was from Fiore here. It was likely that she had a similar story compared to his.

Wait, she was a Lamia Scale Wizard too? That came from nowhere. “R-Really? That’s awesome…!” he commented in surprise, “That means we’re guildmates, hahah…!” He scratched the back of his head as Coda tilted her head. Kai seemed to have business, and so she left the church with a quick ‘see each other again’. He waved, standing inside the church for a while longer before going back to his present room.


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