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Amen'ra Belova

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Name: Amen'ra Belova

Age: 22 | May 14th, X766

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Pansexual

Ethnicity, Father: Fiorian

Ethnicity, Mother: Fiorian

Class: Spellsword

Race: Human

Rank: D-rank

Guild: Holy Knights

Tattoo: Left bicep, gold

Face: Kuroo Tetsurou - Haikyuu!


Height: 6'2" (187.96 cm)

Weight: 200lbs (90.7185 km)

Hair: Black

Eyes: Hazel

Overall: Amen'ra is a what most in Fiore and it's surrounding lands would consider a 'handsome lad'. His well defined jawline framing his angular face, full pink lips sitting below a well placed nose. Long full eyelashes surround his amber gaze and sharp arches of raven hair rest ever so slightly above. Strands of midnight are woven into his round head, styled to be spiked and 'messy' on any given day.

While he sports a 6 foot 2 inch tall and slender 200lbs build, he is not lacking in masculine development; boasting a set of defined abdominal muscles and pectorals. A man in his prime, he admittedly wishes he wasn't 'mostly legs' even if his build is well maintained.

Having his own unique take on his armor, he wears red chain mail underneath his black armor set. His helm having a pair of white wings on either side of his cranium and his back draped by a long red cape, held on by a latch at each shoulder. The armor has gold accents on the trim of each plate to distinguish it and has a gold emblem of the sun engraved in the center of the chest plate.

Extra: Amen'ra has a plethora of black steel piercings in his body, about 12 in all; his nipples, his lobes, three in his upper left ear, and five in his right ear. He also has a tattoo of the sun in the middle of his upper back, and  an ankh on his right forearm on the same side as his palm.


Personality: Amen'ra is someone who cannot be described through some marvelous quote or a song, and is a rather difficult man to pin down. Confidence irradiates from his being, yet he is more warm than condescending; taking people as they simply are rather than creating false images in his head. Hell, he doesn't seem to mind how you interpret him- if you do so at all.

Often times standing at his full height, with his arms crossed and his face expressionless making him seem inapproachable; this is hardly the case. His confidence is actually an act to ward off any potential drama and upon speaking to him you'll see he is kind at heart, taking on a calm and genuine tone in his words. This has lead others to mistake his kindness for weakness, though he isn’t ALWAYS as sweet as people think, being someone who is brutally honest and remorseless-ly so.

Mainly so that he isn’t emotionally conflicted, but also because he feels like everyone could use a bit of harsh reality every once in a while. Not to blatantly hurt someone’s feelings, more so to get them off their high horse, which even he needs sometimes.

Trying to stay in control of his emotions at all times, he is someone you can be assured will not react to any given situation or person with aggression. Though he may often indulge and give his opinion over things that don't concern him, he actually has no interest in petty debacles over trivial matters and if challenged will simply shrug you off with a snide or sarcastic comment. Resorting to a tempering tone before actually physically harming someone, often choosing to cause environmental complications for foes before actually hurting them. Showing that even with the possibility of outright overpowering his opponents he shows self restraint.

Despite this thoughtfulness, once he is provoked and angry you will wish you hadn't angered him as he becomes more aggressive and shows far less restraint. Not to the point where he would obliterate an opponent, but to the point where his main goal is to take them out as quick as possible. He didn't become a Holy Knight by being a naive sweet heart after all.

Being a Holy Knight however has made him a bit insecure, unsure if he's truly worthy of the title after many years and often times trying to prove himself to whomever he meets. Though Amen'ra isn't exactly loud mouthed when doing so and it's more in his actions while on or off the battlefield, as he's protective over his comrades or anyone he holds dear. With the death of other mages and knights he has grown close to taking a toll on him, he often times will offer to give up his own life in order to save his allies or at least buy them time.

Family is essential in Amen'ra mind, despite his constant need to out do his brothers, it is important none the less. The desire to be loved by a man or woman and build his own family is powerful for him and this can lead to his romantic tendencies to be manipulate. While strong and self-reliant in other aspects his heart can be easily wounded. This also makes the warrior incredibly protective over his friends and family, and any wrong doing toward them is taken VERY personally; usually resulting in Amen'ra's wraith being summoned.

Amen'ra's most prominent trait however is his ability to think and strategize in the heat of battle, seemingly always having a plan before facing an opponent. Often time staying back and observing to study his opponent, saving him from severe injury and causing his opponents to second guess who they're up against most times. Being a 'tactical and analytical genius' from what others say and capable of leading a victory plan against opponents who outrank himself and his allies.


  • Competition: Amen'ra has what you might call a zealous spirit when it comes to contests. Be it tournaments, races, fights and so on he is a huge fan of competition. Believing people do best when being contested and reveling in the fire it lights underneath even the most mundane people.
  • Traveling: Seeing all the world has to offer is something Amen'ra can't get enough of. Ever since he was a kid he enjoyed running around finding new things, conquering his fears and the overall thrill of exploration; and those traits still stick with him. It wouldn't be a surprise from any of his close friends if he decided to pack up and climb a mountain one weekend without telling anyone.


  • Clutter: What purpose is there behind a mess? It's disgusting and it doesn't make for a welcome residence. Amen'ra is no stranger to yelling at others to clean up their messes and doesn't tolerate much when it comes to someone being uncleanly.
  • Bullies: If there's one thing the young fighter cannot stand in all of the world, it's a bully. They are the scum of the earth in his eyes, picking on those they deem weak in order to make themselves feel strong, it lights a wrathful fire underneath him.


  • Peace: Despite his love for combat and all things related, Amen'ra is a clear advocate of peace. He does what he does to protect the innocent and to rid the world of darkness one beast and baddie at a time. While he isn't going to be caught dead waving signs to 'Save the whales' he would be more than happy to slaughter any challenger playing for the wrong team.


  • Failure: Amen'ra can't shake the presence of his father from his mind. Constantly being pushed to not be a failure and his dad passing before he could ever say he was proud of his son has left an empty hole in the man's heart. Constantly trying to be filled by validation from other 'father figures' in hopes of some sort of peace. He is deeply afraid of failing others and takes each unfortunate failure personal, no matter the scope.
  • Enclosed Spaces: Amen'ra is not a fan. Not at ALL. He doesn't even like to be in small bathrooms for more than 2 minutes and usually ends up having panic attacks when in dark, crowded rooms or caves. Its not something he's proud of but he can't help his fears.


Magic Name: Prism Magic

Magic Element: Light

Magic Description: Prism magic is a unique form of light magic, which utilizes multicolored light for heavy offense, and self buffing. With volatile blast of light energy used to burn or melt, as well as solidified constructs for blunt and piercing damage; it's uses are quite frightening. Making a magic that may not seem dangerous or lethal to onlookers quite the opposite.

Amne'ra's use of his magic is more so based on adapting to his enemies, using projectiles when dealing with someone who relies on close range, and vice versa. Making his magic what he likes to call a 'hybrid' style, perfect for combat situations against opponents used to only defending or attacking. Of course he has no method of defense and relies on counterattacks or outright offense while on the field.


History: Growing up, you would think Amen'ra had it easy being a member of a wealthy family; living it up under the sun of beautiful Fiore. Well, you would be half right. Amen'ra, even as a child, never felt like he fit in within his own household as he was the youngest of 3 identical brothers; it was a miracle if his parents even called him by the right name. Often he wasn't even given his own identity, always grouped up with his siblings even if they weren't always on the same page.

He always felt like what he did and said didn't matter and so he slacked off, in school, in social encounters, even in life. He just didn't care and he almost fell into a complete self isolation if not for magic. Introduced to the art when he was around 12, he found it gave him something to be passionate about and to express his inner anguish.

If he couldn't stand out in his parents eyes then he would merely outside his brothers with his magic. So he practiced, each and everyday he practiced but he could only do so much under his own tutelage. Amen'ra father was his biggest critic however, and no matter how much he and his brothers attempted to they hadn't ever felt like they measured up in his eyes.

A powerful mage looking down at his sons, weaklings, it was a sad life. On a trip with his mother and brothers the young man bore witness to the power of a Holy Knight and decided he would stop at nothing to be just like the man he'd seen. Deciding early on that he would take on the job of holy knight.

As he got older, Amen'ra began making friends with multiple girls because of his skill and looks, becoming rather popular. Not that he really cared, given his brothers were just as popular and if he wasn't standing out he wasn't interested in the attention. Instead he concentrated on his studies and magic with the motivation to stand out by any means.

At 18 he pursued his dream of becoming a Holy Knight, and being accepted helped him to avert his focus from standing out from his brothers and discover his true self. Hoping to make friends and build bonds throughout Fiore, Amen'ra dove head first into being a Holy Knight.

That was until after his acceptance his father passed away during a hectic battle. It shocked him, it shocked his whole family, but it mostly stunted his pursuits. If he didn't have to do this for his father anymore what was he doing it for?

It took him time, about 3 years to simply mourn and find what he wanted in life. However all signs pointed him to becoming a Holy Knight and so now with his focus on moving up through the ranks, Amen'ra will stop at nothing to bring peace to a chaotic world.

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